Part Two- Arshad

”I don’t quite like being here so please make it quick’. I look up into the eyes of a 4 year old in astonishment and then at his mother who just shrugged. ”Okay little man, this wont take a second, I said as I tried my best to bandage his leg and quickly and gently as possible. ”There, all done”. ”Thanks Doc”, said the boys mother ”and we will see you again in two days”. and then the little boy gave me that look that he’s been giving me ever since he had hurt his leg and had been coming to me to have his wound cleaned and bandaged. I smiled to myself, this is what I do and love. pediatrician par excellence as everyone would say. Okay no, not really, that’s something only I say…over and over. Date night has been on my mind since Riza called to say date night was at his house tonight. Strange. We never had date nights at any of our homes, it was always something different, a new place, the night part of a day night match, never home. I cant even say he’s being lazy because lazy and Riza just didn’t go together at all. with that thought in my mind I walked out of my spotless surgery and got into my car. I still had to fetch Zainab. If I ever had to have an alter ego it would be her! Jekyll and Hyde! I sometimes still cringe at the thought of her even though she could be very sweet at times. I knew the reason behind it though, my life was sheltered and orderly, even close to perfect. Rebellion was something I neither needed nor wanted and I never had the desire to act on impulse. I even had a pre planned weekly menu for breakfast lunch and supper!
Zainab was already waiting outside her gate. ”How many times have I told you not to wait outside the gate?’ I asked her and she could see I was clearly very annoyed. She knew it would spark this reaction and still she did it! “Arshad”, she replied coolly “this isn’t the bronx’ and she fastened her seatbelt. I didn’t bother replying. I hate it I hate it I hate it! ‘so how was your day?’ she asked while she fiddled with the radio. ‘Stop touching my radio!’ I screamed in my head as she tuned into one of the radio stations that blasted a really tacky song. Aaaaarrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!


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