Part One – The Beginning…

Madness, Impulsiveness and Vibrance- three words most associated with youth and,it described us perfectly- well most of us! I always believed that inside every person is an alter ego of sorts, too scared to be unleashed to the world at large but a big fan of the bathroom mirror. But life is short and unpredictable AND also too wonderful to waste and I, Riza Ahmed lived on a permanent high and I was about to bring it upon my group of best friends! I had it all planned out- the perfect road trip to unleash all of our hidden emotions and fears and bring out all our imperfections…just one small problem though…..I haven’t told anyone yet *hide*

Every one of us has a story, including my friends, including me, but this story begins here…because this is where it started…the journey of a lifetime…this was our LIFE story 🙂

Tonight’s date night was going to be very, very different. The seven of us met every Wednesday night as a group to unwind and catch up. weekends were weekends but ever since all of us have started working things have changed and not everyone has the time we used to have. so every Wednesday night, 7pm, at a new venue. Naturally my one and only girlfriend and love of my life Laeeka and I didn’t have to wait for a week to see each other-never ever – I would die!

Tonight, the venue was my place and boy were they in for a surprise!



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