Part Four- Laeeka

”Always the one with her head in the clouds”. I looked up at my boutique door at my simple tagline. Sky. That was the name of my quaint boutique in Sandton. This store was my dream come true and despite having a wealthy background I did this all on my own. Dad would be so proud. Riza always said I was the one with my head in the clouds and that’s what he loved the most about me. Riza—–I really wonder what he has planned for tonight. he has been acting way too weird lately. Extra busy, extra edgy, extra everything! And even though we had dinner together last night he never said a word about why date night was at his place tonight, even though I tried many timehitcs to get something out of him but nope. He wouldn’t budge. I do like surprises but this was going to be a group surprise and we were a group of different personalities. I hit speed dial quickly. ”Girl where are you?” ”Hey Laeeks I’m going to be running a little late, still chasing deadline’ . ‘Babe Riza is not going to like this, he has something planned and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to let us into his flat without all of us being there together”. And she laughed. ” I’m going to try my bestest”. ”Okay then but hurry up already!”. That was my best friend, my sister, my mother, my teacher my all in one. Aara. Unpredictable, very intelligent, vermy moody at times, sometimes weird dressing sense and always ultra busy. I smiled to myself- Riza had told me that he had invited a friend of his who had just moved back to South Africa and that it was about time we hooked Aara up with someone or she would realize when she’s way past 50 that she should start dating now. And Riza treats Aara like a sister so if he has someone in mind for her he would really be a gem. My Riza, always so caring and always so sweet. 5 years together and still going strong. I wonder when this man will be ready to pop the big question though…


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