Part Three – Zainab

”I love you dammit!” And I repeated it a zillion tmes daily as I stood infront of my huge bedroom mirror. Self love is the best *wide grin*
”Mom im going to be leaving in 5, please will you check with Dolly if my top is ironed yet”, I bellowed out to my mom, well not exactly bellowed but my room is upstairs and mum was probably busy downstairs in the kitchen cooking up a storm. ever since she joined this baking and cooking class shes been at it every sngle day. Not that mom cant cook but ths is some fancy pancy healthy gourmet cooking thing. I sighed. My mum, always trying to be the ‘best’wife and ‘best’ daughter in law. She also thought it would be great if I joined the samoosa run since ‘im not doing much’. okay so I took a year off from dentistry and well never went back. I considered Law, I considered BCom, I considered Pharmacy and… okay you get it. I just cannot seem to find my calling though. it doesn’t help that my friends are already steady in their careers and carving out a name for themselves somewhere. I am 22 years old and already on the shelf according to my grandmother and I still didn’t know what to do with my life! To pass time I helped my best friend Laeeka in her boutique, my dad had enough money so the need to work was never there but still, I knew something was missing and how desperately I hoped that I would find it soon. I was not however holding my head and hoping for a miracle. I would find my way:)

Tonight was date night and was also another opportunity to irritate Arshad! LOL!


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