Part 5-Maariah

Wednesday nights even though they clashed with one of my busiest nights of the week at Chilli&Cheese, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! To have a day of campus once a week was the coolest thing ever seeing that we were now “adults” and campus seemed like a distant memory! I actually studied two years of Law before i decided it wasn’t for me and i headed on to pursue my then hidden dream of becoming a chef. Best decision of my life so far! New people everyday, mouth watering food and the chance to try something new at the drop off a hat. But i missed the carefree lives we once lived,now we were supposed to be responsible, we had bills to pay,targets to meet etc. I know i sound like a 40 year old lol but our campus life was so awesome I cant help but feel it got over too quickly. And wednesday nights was a chance to relive it.Gosh i was so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends. Riza,Laeeka,Aara,Arshad,Nemo&Zai. I was too blessed to be stressed! As i cleared up the clutter on my table i remembered Riza’s call 3 days ago. “Yo dude, so Wednesday nights date night is at my place,bring yourself and some of that devine lasagne along with you coz its gonna be one helluva night”. This guy had something big planned for sure, even Laeeka said he was being so tight lipped about it with her! Laeeka and Riza were together for a long time now, I am single now for the past 8 months *sigh*. The relationship wasn’t exactly worth remembering so yeaaah. Zai was on her own beat doing her own thing, which was nothing really. Arshad well Arshad was Arshad. Aara was by far the busiest of us all but i know her profession demanded that, Laeeka was doing so well in her boutique, Riza charmed the socks out of a gallery owner who then went on to exhibit his entire art collection ( he is a graphic designer by profession but art was some hidden passion we didn’t know about until a year ago).Nemo eish absolutely no comment…


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