Date Night

Riza’s lounge looked like a make shift cinema tonight. 8 bean bags on the soft fluffy black carpet. An overhead projector had been set up and the lights were dimmed. It was a wonder he let us in because Aara and Nemo still hadn’t arrived. ‘Why 8 seats Reez?’, asked Zainab as she fluttered about the kitchen helping Maariah warm up supper. Oh I had been given the task of secretary tonight. Apparently I was the only one except Aara who would note things down in detail. Reactions, suggestions etc. Why, now that was something I didn’t know yet. so here I am sitting on the staircase looking every bit the part with my spectacles on. Riza had come back in from his smoke out on the balcony and rushed to open the front door and within minutes entered someone none of us knew, and we didn’t know then that those moments were life changing for all of us.

”Guys”, Riza called out aloud, and very soon Laeeka, Zainab and Maariah were in the foyer with me. ‘I’d like to introduce you to my buddy Zoheb…Zai you asked why 8, well here’s your answer” Silence. And we aren’t normally like that with a new person but this guy didn’t seem like us at all, infact he looked bored out of his wits. ‘Salaams Zoheb its so good to finally meet you, Riza’s told me so much about you” and that was Laeeka breaking the ice. Soon enough Zai, Maariah and I also exchanged greetings with Zoheb and I also noticed Zainab looking at him a little longer than she should have. Im not gay but this guy looked a lot like one of those actors. ‘ Siddharth Malhotra’, said Zainab as though she were reading my mind…’and hes so cuuuuutttteee’, she gushed. ‘Please woman, control your emotions’ I said as I covered her mouth. Zoheb sat in the lounge with Riza and the rest of us followed soon enough. He didn’t look like a man of many words, slightly arrogant and I really got annoyed when he looked at his watch and said ‘ 7 o clock Riza, and two seats are still empty, seems your friends aren’t very punctual’. ‘chill dude’, said Riza in typical Riza style.

A hoot, then a hoot again and then a melody of hooting. ‘damn you man I live in a complex’ said Riza to himself as he got up from his seat to meet Mr Know it All downstairs.

Nemo had arrived!



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