Part 7 – NEMO

So the Dude made his appearance finally! A synonym for Nemo was LOUD. Everything he did was loud, he was your typical bad boy, he had a foul mouth and all the money in the world to match it. Except Nemo was dashing, he was a casanova, a charmer, a ladies man. He qualified as a lawyer ( how I really wish I knew) but spent his days racing,sleeping,eating and partying. Wait, lol, its not Arshad writing this, the journal got passed onto me! Back to Nemo, real name Naeem Moola, we were all on campus together for a while. Nemo disappeared to Durban for a year when his parents decided they had a son they needed to care for. Sometimes I don’t blame him for his attitude and sometimes I wish he would use his talent and money for something worth living for. Nemo was somewhat a singer on campus, he went through the whole bad boy rock phase too and then he had Aara for company. While Aara grew out of it, Nemo was still stuck, he thought he was still 19! Nemo wasn’t very kind to strangers and greeted Zoheb with a questioning look even though Riza introduced them and asked “So what are you doing here”. “All in good time Nemo, but for now please phone Aara and check where on earth she is”. Riza was getting impatient. What was this surprise anyway?



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