Part 8- She’s HOT!

‘really, I don’t want to do this’…’ Well, you’re here now and you are now a part of our group. don’t worry, no one will read what you wrote YET so just feel free and write whatever comes to your mind about any of us until Aara comes’ Riza said as he walked across the lounge and whispered something in Laeeka’s ear. This was so boring. I was here for almost an hour and it still hadn’t ‘started’ yet. I told Riza that this wasn’t a good idea, I didn’t need any friends my life was much too busy. But no. And here I am. I’ve known Riza ever since I was 14. Our parents were friends so even though he was a few years younger than me we got along really well. Even kept in contact when I moved away to New Zeeland to study and finally bumped into each other in London last year. Riza has definitely changed! He was always talkative and full of energy, but this man now had a spring in his step and a sparkle in his eye. I’m sure the brown haired, doe eyed Laeeka had much to do with that. It’s now two months since I’m in South Africa and Riza has been on my trail like a bloodhound. Yeah bro I hope you read this! Smart mouth even convinced me to come for this ‘date night’ its more like ‘ late night’ coz this idiotic guy Nemo rocks up late and this chick Aara is still not here. I hate it when people aren’t punctual. Suck it up, its the last time you guys are going to see me haha. Okay I’m seriously contemplating ripping this page out of this journal if only Mr. Hawkeye would stop watching me as though he were waiting for me to commit a murder! I’m not that bad hey.. I stand up to tell Riza that I’ve got to be somewhere when suddenly the door opens and in steps this smoking hot chick! I didn’t have to ask her name because everyone said ‘ Finally Aara!’ So her name was either just Aara or Finally Aara but I’m thinking its the latter. Ofcourse I sat down:)

So this was the fashionably late Aara with a huge shopping bag in her hands and quickly Mr. Hawkeye Arshad woke up to relieve her of this burden. Seriously now. It was all so goody goody. ‘One hour late’..finally Riza spoke ‘this is not on Aara, this is important and you know that’. ‘ I’m sorry Reez, I stopped to get us some tacos and this jerk parked his car so close to mine I couldn’t even open my boot and when I finally did I hurt my fingers” and she lifted her left hand to produce two bandaged fingers. She sounds as hot as she looks! ” and when I stopped at the pharmacy to get the bandages I got a parking ticket but all that aside I splattered two tomatoes onto his back glass and taped it down with a note. ‘ No ways!’, everyone roared with laughter ‘ where’d you get tomatoes from’ squealed idiotic Nemo. Aara sat next to Maariah and explained that she had done some grocery shopping earlier so they were in her boot. Nice. I’m impressed. ‘This day has been going all wrong and it’s so unlike my daily routine’ she sighed. Finally Laeeka speaks to introduce us. ‘ By the way hun this is Zoheb, Riza’s friend ‘. She stood up and walked towards me, extended her right hand and smiled. ‘I’m Aara’. This was something at first sight! Whatever it was, all I could see were fireworks and electric eels and lightbulbs bursting! Don’t ask. And with that her fingers reached forward to my cheek n wiped off something. ‘Guys, come on you all sat here and nobody told him he had grease on his face?’

I what????


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