Part 9- Riza’s Masterplan

Now that everyone was present and already tucking into Maariah’s sinful lasagne..all chilled out in Riza’s lounge, our wonderful host picked this as the perfect moment to start his surprise. Gosh I loved him. And tonight he looked like a little boy who has been keeping a secret for way too long.
He switches the overhead projector on and Pretty Woman is blasting in the background. Suddenly Nemo appears on screen with his guitar singing along to the song. But wait, this was Nemo 5 years ago! Permed hair, colourful broad headband, blue sunglasses, ripped jeans and a Bad Boy t shirt! I turned to look at him and his mouth was just hanging wide open! LOL! Nemo now and Nemo then what a huge difference! Everyone was in fits of laughter remembering Nemo and his singing days. Then Aara joined him, mike in hand, guitar strung across her, ripped black jeans, bob marley sleeveless tshirt, long curly hair open and tons of coloured rubber bands on her wrists. Even Zoheb was laughing! Aara had her face in her hands and her cheeks had turned pink. And the camera moved along to a pretty girl in the crowd…o my word! Zainab! Zainab had become so glamorous over the last 3 years that we forgot how geeky she used to look. There was Zainab in the crowd, black spectacles, hair in a bun, loose dress and black jersey. Arshad choked on his lasagne. He didn’t know Zainab back then. Lol I looked at Zai and she looked almost embarassed*hide* the camera then zoomed to two girls standing on the benches and cheering. “Maariah that’s us!” I let out involuntarily. 5 years is not a very long time but looking at how we have all changed it seems like ages ago. Maariah in her short shorts and sleeveless shirt, blonde hair and neon sneakers. Me in a short,sleeveless summer dress, short brown hair and red tinted sunglasses. O MY WORD this was so embarassing! Then the camera is turned to face the person holding it. Riza. ” One day you’ll thank me for this” and he winks. Next are pictures of us doing stuff together. Bowling, surfing, running, studying, eating, movies …the good old days. Then starts a mini video of Arshad running hysterically out of a room. Shiny oiled black hair, thick glasses and seemingly high waist pants. We were in splits! The person holding the camera here was Nemo and Riza jumped infront saying ” this is why Arshad never became a doctor! He flippin ran out of the room when he saw his first dead body!”
Zoheb was really enjoying himself at our expense when the smirk was wiped off his face as well…
Zoheb and Riza in a bowling alley. Riza has his turn…and then its Zohebs turn. Zoheb holds the ball, runs forward like a hero and then…goes flying with the ball straight down the bowling alley!!! We laughed so hard our tummys hurt! I could see Nemo grinning at Zoheb who was clearly very embarassed. Trust Riza to do this, the guy doesn’t even know us and there Riza goes and shows us his most embarassing moment.
Then pictures of each of us come up on the screen, then and really slow motion.Wow, what a difference!
Nemo- from rockstar to a suave playboy
Riza- from a clean shaven cool guy, to a rugged looking sexy artist
Zoheb- well he looked the same except more muscular now I guess
Arshad- lol from total ugly geek to a smart and confident gentleman
Maariah- from carefree hottie, to mature and elegant businesswoman
Zainab- from freaky geeky to sexy glamour babe
Aara- from hippie chick to modern, sophisticated journo
Me (Laeeka)- from carefree hottie as well (lol) to mature and reserved designer
And we hear Aara’s voice in the background as the pictures play on screen..”Guys imagine us 5 years from now” and Nemo chipping in ” hey we”ll all still be cool dudes and best buddies and life will be as carefree and chilled as it is now” and the video ended. Everyone reminisced about those days amongst each other when Riza grabbed our attention by climbing onto a footstool in the centre of the lounge. ” Date night has always been a way of escapism for us, from our daily routines and dramas. But life is moving way too fast, 5 years has zoomed by so quickly and look at how we’ve grown and changed together, before you know it we”ll be married, have kids and yep they”ll probably be best buddies like us but is our youth over? Are our carefree days gone? I know we have careers and responsibilities now but what about US? Another 5 years and we”re in our 30’s, more responsibilities”. ” Where are you going with this Reez?”, Arshad chipped in. “It”s time to relive our glory years people, and there”s no better time than now” and he switches on the projector once again and there’s images of different places in Africa. ” This is where we are off to, a 4 week party, a 4 week adventure. We always said we”d do a roadtrip and we just forgot about it, its time for a little change..time to stop existing and start living!”


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