Part Ten – All planned out

Riza looked at everyone for a response. As predicted, Nemo jumped up in excitement” Game on Bru I’m in!”. Zoheb looked confused ” Reez I can’t, I don’t even know you all and 4 weeks is long and besides you know how it is with me and work”. “Shut up Zoheb, it’s your company you don’t have to answer to anyone and I’m not taking no from you, you’re in as well” . Laeeka smiled at Riza, ” I’m in babe, I am where you are”. Riza jumped off the stool and hugged Laeeka and kissed her on her forehead and turned to look at the rest of us. Zainab stood up ” I’d love to but I really don’t know if my dad will allow me to, I mean you all know I have no career and a holiday would be like asking for a bar of gold from dad”. ” Sorted Zai, I’ve already spoken to your dad, you’re in” . Hmmm Riza had been doing more than just planning behind our backs. I caught Zoheb staring at Aara and if his silence could speak I’d bet a million bucks that he was hoping she would come too.
Aara, Arshad and Maariah- lol the way everyone looked at them was hilarious! “I’m in” Arshad finally quipped ” I wouldn’t want to be shot down by the main man”
Maariah looked very uncertain and started to explain that she was training new staff and it would be impossible for her to go on a holiday now.
“We aren’t leaving tomorrow Mari so don’t stress I’ll meet you tomorrow and we will work out dates so yeah you’re in as well”
“And before you even start sister, I’ve already spoken to your editor, you have leave pending from last year still, your dad is over the moon Aara because you work way too much so no comments you’re in too”
“You can’t do this Reez, I really am blown away by all this but I have commitments”-Aara wasn’t very happy.
“What if I said I was dying and this was my last wish?”
The room fell quiet.
“Then you’d come wouldn’t you?”
“That’s not even funny Riza” snapped Aara.
“Then why wait for something to happen and live with regrets? C’mon Aara is this really you saying this?you’re Aara, impulsive Aara. Do this for me please?”
Riza had a wide grin across his face.
Ladies and gentlemen, while we have all agreed voluntarily or not let me assure you that we are going to have the time of our lives. You will receive your first package tomorrow. O and Zoheb I’ve invited you to our group chat, get to know everyone a little and guys get to know him as well, he’s a good guy.
Riza smiled. And I knew there was much more in store…


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