Part 11- Tomatoes and the Note

And one by one everyone got up to leave. Riza walked us all downstairs to our cars. Except for Nemo everyone was quiet. Tonight was going to be a long night for everyone.Arshad and Zoheb’s cars were parked next to Riza’s in his garage so they walked in first while we girls chatted to Nemo. Suddenly we hear Riza and Arshad laughing so loudly and Riza comes running out and grabs Laeeka’s hand and brings her into the garage. Naturally we all followed. “You’ve got to see this guys” Riza chuckled as he pointed at Zoheb’s backglass. O MY GOSH!
Two tomatoes taped down with brown buff tape and a note!!
Zoheb gave a killer look to Aara as he removed the note, read it, put it into his pocket and jumped into his car. This guy had issues!
He seemed to drive off angrily lol and once he was gone we all just burst out laughing. Nemo high fived Aara ” Good going A he damn deserved it, where did you find this guy from anyway Reez?”
“Cmon Nemo he’s a good guy give him a break..hehe anyone would be super mad to have that stuck onto their M3″ lol! ” Aara you never seize to disappoint!” Arshad said as he continued laughing.
” Even if I knew it was his car I would have still done that, no use driving a fancy car if he doesn’t know how to park it!”
“What did you write in the note anyway?” Zai chipped in
Aara smiled that Aara smile, didn’t say a word more except whistle away to her car.
I step back and watch my group of friends. What a group we were 🙂


3 thoughts on “Part 11- Tomatoes and the Note

  1. Lol please write at the beginning of the post who’s the one writing in the journal caus its really hard to understand who’s point of view this is from..


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