Part 12- Riza

My turn with the journal. All alone here in my lounge, I switch on the projector again and once more the video plays. I smile. None of them see it yet but they will. One day. Life isn’t just about succeeding, while its all good to become someone, make a name, prosper in our careers, there was something missing. My plans were not to simply be carefree on our trip but mostly to learn something from it. Perhaps it was my “artist’s eye” that made me see things differently but those things needed to change. Aara knew it too. I had so much of faith in that girl, for reasons she knew and for reasons she didn’t.
Nemo had to do something. He had so much of talent in him yet he was just wasting his days away.
Arshad was doing great as a paediatrician but his life was too structured and orderly. He was such a good guy, he deserved something awesome to make him LIVE.
Maariah is a sparkling star, she was a rainbow, an energy force who was so determined and strong yet behind that smile were tears, lots of them.
Zainab is so intelligent I cannot understand why she can’t decide what is it that she wants to do. She rebelled I got that, but now she doesn’t know how to stop it even though she wants it to.
Laeeka my Love has a heart of gold, she is like a soft and delicate butterfly who isn’t afraid to fly. I know what she wants and I’ll give it to her even if its the last thing I do..
Zoheb has become hardened. Something changed since we last met. He used to be fun to hang out with and used to be very friendly. I just hope I’m doing the right thing bringing him into our group.
Aara..aara is dynamite, explosive by nature!lol. Seriously though. Sarcastic,athletic,perfectly cut out journo and also extremely good at projecting a tough side even though there was something deeper to her. An inner child if you may call it and a Gemini to the hilt. Laeeka agrees with me here, Aara needs the magic touch.

Zoheb and Aara – this is going to be very interesting..

Who am I to channel my friends lives? Just a guy who cares 🙂



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