Part 13- When we think too much..

I hardly slept that night. Riza’s plans forced me to use my journalistic instincts. Was there something more to this big road trip? And so I bbd him

Aara: why do I have this nagging feeling that there’s something you aren’t telling me?
Riza: hmmm that’s coz you eat sleep and breathe work?
Aara: a question with a question how typical of u
Riza: perhaps you’re secretly hoping there is something
Aara: *rolls her eyes*
Riza: ya ya you will see soon enough don’t worry 🙂

Then I bbd Nemo

Aara: what do you think about tonight?
Nemo: hahaha first Maariah then Zai then u! Girls just learn to have some fun man!
Aara: so everyone’s asking the same question and don’t you even wonder why?
Nemo: errr no…should I?
Aara: agh
Nemo: what?!
Aara: nothing. Should have realised I’m chatting to a pea brain
Nemo: *ouch* 😦
Aara: lol as if that would offend you
Nemo: ride the wave honey, you getting a chance to be you again don’t look too much into it
Aara: where are you anyway?
Nemo: if I tell u then I’d have to…
Aara: …kill me?
Nemo: I would never *shock* you are my other half *drool* I promise you if you’re still single when you’re 30 I’ll marry you!
Aara: in your dreams! And be your what 4th wife
Nemo: *thinking*
Nemo: *thinking*
Nemo: *thinking*
Aara: don’t sweat it dude that’s not your strong point you’ll end up with a headache
Nemo: hai
Nemo: clearly you’re having a bad day. Does Mr. Tomatoe have anything to do with it?
Aara: lol! Did you see his face??
Nemo: priceless *wide grin*
Aara: this guys so not going to gel with us hey
Nemo: yeah and he has that slap me face too
Aara: *bust* 100%
Nemo: both his big eyes were stuck on you though
Aara: I noticed
Nemo: hmm
Aara: wonder what Reez has planned for tomorrow..
Nemo: whatever it is, enjoy it just let yourself go a little. I miss you
Aara: awww how sweet
Nemo: I know I know what can I say
Aara: ok bye now
Nemo: just like that
Aara: yep cya
Nemo: mwah

Group Chat:
Maariah: I can’t sleep
Laeeka: me toooooo
Arshad: hey man go chat on pvt, its so late
Zainab: put your phone on silent
Arshad: you would never think of it but what if there is an emergency?
Zainab: errr we have your landline and your whole familys cell numbers so ya
Arshad: in my profession I cannot afford to do so
Zainab: you’re a paedatrician not a brain surgeon that someones life depends on u
Nemo: wahahahahahahahahaha
Arshad: atleast I am something
Laeeka: *ouch*
Zainab: that was low even for u!
Laeeka: I really hope this isn’t starting again…
Arshad: well maybe if she screws her head on right she’ll be able to focus on something!
Maariah: Arshad please. Not now okay
Arshad: I’m sorry but I’m quite shocked that Zainab used to be the way she was and now she is the way she is
Nemo: isn’t this a bit deep for group chat?
Arshad: can you even think deep?
Nemo: wtf…what’s up with you?
Riza: all of you go to sleep. Enough now, not a single word more.
And here I was reading this lame chat. I’m on this group for like an hour now and no one has even bothered saying hello, and now it seems there’s a fight brewing. Mr. Hawkeye, Mr.Idiotic and Miss.Barbiedoll . No word from Aara though. The audacity of that girl! Not even an apology!
And Riza the headmaster. What a bunch of lunatics. First impressions are lasting impressions and I didn’t want to be a part of a group of weirdos with issues.



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