Part 14- Let the Games begin!

It was the perfect day, warm yet breezy and I woke up with a fuzzy feeling in the pit of my tummy. The best part about being a restaurant owner was that I never had to rush in the mornings. We only opened at 10am and were a strictly lunch and dinner spot. My chain of thought was interrupted by the door bell.”You”ll receive your first package tomorrow morning”..Riza’s words rang in my head and I jumped out of bed like a 4 year old who was expecting Santa at the door. Oookay. So. Here’s this little box and inside is a glass bottle filled with jelly beans and along with it a yellow flower and a note. “Because you are so sweet and innocent”. Next thing I hear my phone beeping. Group chat and I’m guessing everyone else received their package.

Nemo: Dude I love you! You know I love jelly beans but why’d you send me this awful Protea?
Riza: lol! If it’s awful then so are you..patience patience…cmon people I’ve received notification that you all have received your packages so stop thinking and start chatting
Riza: by the way its a King Protea Nemo
Zoheb: so I have also received a bottle of jelly beans and a white flower but its a stem with a head of little flowers. Bro I am confused
Maariah: Reeeez I take it we’ve all received the jelly beans:) I have a, if I’m not mistaken..a lilac?
Riza: correct Mari:)
Zainab: pink rose like flower but its not a rose..
Laeeka: a pink daisy πŸ™‚
Arshad: you’ve got me here, normally quite good with flowers but I have no idea what this is, but its a deep purple
Aara: purple and white stunning flower! Where did u get this I love it!
Riza: smiles for a change today that’s nice. Flowers always change our moods no matter what. These are different.
King Protea- symbolises “daring” aka Nemo
Lilac- innocence aka Maariah
Lisianthus – outgoing aka Aara
Queen Anne’s Lace- sanctuary aka Zoheb
Anemore- anticipation aka Arshad
Ranunculus- radiant aka Zainab
Daisy- fidelity aka my Laeeka

One word. You guys can figure out the rest.
In your jelly bean bottles you will find a piece of paper. Please remove and let us know what’s written on yours

And within minutes…

Zoheb: ummm mine says Aara
Nemo: Maarriiiiiii ok no it wasn’t written like that
Laeeka: riza πŸ™‚ lol u don’t say
Maariah: Nemo
Zainab: Arshad
Arshad: Zainab
Aara: Zoheb..

Riza: now I’m sure you all emptied out your jelly bean bottles very eagerly, yes Aara you can admit it thank you. The person who’s name you found inside is just like the bottle of jelly beans, different shades of personalities and character, but take away even one colour and the jelly bean bottle wouldn’t look or be as exciting. So, over the next few days all activites (I will let u know what) will be carried out with your new partner. You will receive tasks and you will have to give the other person a chance. This is the build up to the road trip guys we can’t go on a holiday if were still our fussed up selves. Let go and enjoy!

Aara: this is so rigged
Arshad: and silly
Nemo: as long as mari doesn’t make me wash dishes I’m good πŸ™‚
Riza: laterz guys, your first task has been pushed under your front door..don’t forget to post up what’s written in there *wink*

Fasten your seat belts and let the games begin!




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