Part 15- The Envelope

Pushed under my door was an envelope. I was scared to even open it. I don’t remember wanting to be a part of this. I came back “home” to get away from London. I needed some time and I needed to get my head around things. For a moment Aara distracted me and I felt free. Feeling that hormonal rush of excitement was definitely awesome but I was on a rebound, or was I still? Its only a few months that I’m in S.A but it feels like ages. Sitting now and looking at this envelope I had a feeling I knew what Riza was trying to do. I don’t blame him, he doesn’t know what happened but the last thing I wanted was to get involved again. I didn’t have the energy to start a new story and I definitely didn’t have the time to run after another woman. I wasn’t going to open that envelope. Anyone could think whatever they wanted to. All I could think of right now was HER and I didn’t want to. That anger that I tried to lock away was starting to resurface. I closed my eyes but her face was infront of me. Yet none of this was related to her in any way at all. I closed that chapter but I didn’t realise that with it I locked away a part of myself too.
Why was I not even moving from my couch?
I don’t know how long I had been sitting there but I was shaken out of my daze by my doorbell. “Go away” I said in my head. And it rang again. I lived in a complex so it had to be one of my neighbours or so I thought.

She had her back to the door and was on her cell. And when she finally turned…


“Hi” she said as she ended her call. ” I was instructed to meet you here, not that I’m liking any of it”
The damn nerve. Who did she think she was?? “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I still stood at my door and didn’t invite her in.
“The envelope” and she opened her handbag and took out a green envelope with a note in it reading
” He won’t come, you”ll have to go to him. Open his envelope for instructions”

“I’m not up for this crap”
Aara looked at me in surprise” well even though it is stupid, if it means something to Riza it means something to me” and with that she barged inside my flat and plonked herself on the sofa. Wtf. “You are not just annoying, you are also rather rude”
“Where’s the envelope?” She asked completely ignoring what I just said
I handed her the green envelope or well rather I tossed it on the sofa and stood there disinterested.
“Okay”, Aara sighed ” supper tonight at Aunty Rukaya’s 7:30pm don’t be late it”l be worth your while, get together and make something don’t come empty handed!”

“That’s it?” I asked, “somehow I expected more or something different”
Aara laughed. “Trust me Aunty Rukaya is a piece of work this evening is going to be rather eventful”
Zoheb-“Who is she anyway?”
Aara-“Riza’s aunt and there’s like 12 people in one house”
Aara-” Are you hard of hearing?”
Zoheb-“Are you always like this?”
Aara-“I could asked you the same question”




Aara – “what?”
Zoheb- “I didn’t say anything”
Aara- “okay”
Zoheb- “okay what?”
Aara- “gawwwwd …listen I’ve got to go, I’ll bb u. Think of something to make for dessert I’ll go and get the ingredients later”
Zoheb- “do I look like I even know how to cook?”
Aara- “no but u look like you eat and you look like you know how to use a pc. So come up with something I’ve got a press meet in the next half an hour I’ll chat to you bye” and with that she walked out.

Where the hell was I?? Just a little while ago I was depressed about what I ran from and now I’m going to be looking for ideas on what dessert I’m going to be making with a girl I don’t know!

Leave any Aunty Rukaya this Aara woman was a piece of work!




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