Part 16- The Envelope-Part 2

Arshad and Zainab..


The note in my envelope read as follows
“Dreams are like cotton candy,delicate and fragile but when you indulge in them the feeling is overwhelming and you can’t help but want more…spend a day in Arshad’s world for an experience like no other- you will be surprised beyond what you expect”
Big problem Riza. Arshad hates me like hates hates me! I always try and play it cool but his comments sting and if it weren’t for my mascara I’d be bawling my eyes out each time he opened his mouth! When we’re all together he’s so different and fun to be around but its as though he never runs short of things to say to run me down and make me feel bad. I’m younger than him surely he could have some sympathy. I really wonder why he dislikes me so much. I heard my phone ring but I didn’t want to answer. I knew it was probably Arshad. I didn’t know if I wanted to put myself through a day of Zainab bashing 😦 “Zai pick up the phone in the hall baby, Arshad is on the line” that was my mum. Did he have to call on the landline??
I walked to the phone psyching myself up to be cool, play it cool, nothing he says will affect me..I keep telling myself that.
Zai- “Hello”
Arshad- ” did you lose your phone?”

Agh man there he goes again!

Zai- “no”
Arshad- “did you get the envelope?”
Zai- “yes”
Arshad- “what’s wrong? Are you ok?”
*wow there was actually a hint of concern in his voice!*
Zai- “nope nothings wrong just don’t know what to make of Riza’s note”
Arshad- “hey is it such a bad thing to spend a day with me?”
Zai- *laugh* “no it isn’t or well I hope it isn’t . It’s just, you can be so cheeky sometimes” (I should have told him he can be a mean hurtful cow)
Arshad- “ok sorry. I’ll try to not be cheeky ok?”
Zai-” really?”
Arshad- “yes really. I’ll pick you up on my way to work- in half an hour ok? And please Zainab, don’t wait outside your gate. When I’m there I’ll phone you and you come outside”
Zai- *cringe* here we go again.” Ok”

Gosh what do I wear at a paedatricians surgery? Will he make me wear a white coat?


When I opened my envelope I didn’t expect to read that I would be entertaining Zainab for a day! What would I do with her from the time my surgery opens till the time I close? I didn’t want to look like a baby but I called Riza almost immediately but what he said shocked me.
“You need to go a little easy on Zai anyone can see that she’s almost terrified of you. She respects you a lot you should give her a chance.”
Terrified of me?? I don’t even look scary. So I tried calling her and it just rang non stop. Grrrr Zainab! Try again. No answer.
I’m a patient person I keep telling myself as I try her landline and finally get a hold of her. I was upset I won’t lie. The tone in her voice…she was uncertain about spending a day with me and very cutely said that I’m cheeky. Had I hurt someone I care about? I couldn’t help but think about when I was on campus and people laughed at me. Was I doing the same to someone else? I did care about Zainab but there was something about her that used to really irritate me. Shoot me, I’m only human!


Okay blue jeans and white top it is. Oh and a scarf. I grabbed my handbag as I heard Arshad hooting outside. Wasn’t he supposed to call? Grrrr

“Good, so you can follow instructions” said Arshad with a smile
I gave him a questioning look. ” You didn’t wait outside your gate man”
“Oh..yeah well I was still getting ready”
He didn’t say anything else while I used his car mirror to put on my lipgloss.

I was so nervous that I dropped the lipgloss onto his car seat!! I immediately looked at Arshad who shot me an”if looks could kill”look. Riza what have you gotten me into!!!



2 thoughts on “Part 16- The Envelope-Part 2

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