Part 17- The Envelope Part 3


Riza’s plans excited me a lot! I genuinely loved all my friends and they were a very big reason for living. I honestly hoped that I would have been paired with Aara because ever since she started working things just haven’t been the same between us. I get it, she grew up but in all that I seemed to have lost my best friend. She has always been that one girl who stood out, a rebel, fearless and yes stunning as well. Campus was different now Aara is so mature its almost as though she doesn’t have time for me. She would kill me if she heard me say this because we do meet up, we talk and I cannot expect her to be at my beck and call 24/7, but there’s so much I wish I could tell her. A part of me was scared but a part of me also wanted to share it with her. I’m currently single, last relationship I was in was just like all the others. They were all lacking something and half the girls dated me because of my money. Or dads money rather. I had 4 siblings I hardly ever visited or heard from. My parents bothered when they needed to, when the red alert was on which was usually me trying to get some attention. Holding this envelope in my hand gave me a chance to spend some time with someone I genuinely cared for. Maariah. As sweet as her name Maariah was also very pretty, hazel eyes, fair with brownish hair, also extremely sensitive and a couple of times I played a prank on her she usually ended up sick *hide*
” The two of you have a special task, one of giving and one of receiving. Share in someones loneliness and receive the gift of life”
Attached was a leaflet of an Old Aged Home…


The leaflet in the envelope brought tears to my eyes. Riza. I knew he had found the person I was so desperately searching for.
I kissed the leaflet while tears ran down my cheeks. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to go with me. Naeem as much as he was the way he was he also had a heart of gold and he knew too.
I got dressed quickly and waited for Nemo, my heart pounding, my eyes still moist.
The day I had been waiting for all these years had finally come…




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