Part 18- The Envelope-Part 4

”I loved you then, I love you now, I will love you until I die and even after that. I am, because you are”

I’m going to make all your wishes come true- one dream at a time—-ALL MY LOVE—>RIZA ๐Ÿ™‚

there truly is no better feeling than love. to love someone and be loved in return, selflessly, whole heartedly. I often wondered what did I do to deserve having such a wonderful human being in my life in the form of my love. Riza was so excited when he came to fetch me!

Riza: we’re together for so long and we haven’t done this yet- the first of many firsts’
Laeeka: so are you still going to keep me in suspense?
Riza: babe it would totally blow the surprise
and he pouted, that cute Riza pout. I looked at him, his soft eyes, his stubble, his hair. he was never a difficult person. sometimes in life when you find ‘the one’ its best to just ‘be’ with them. let your soul dance with theirs while you’re sitting in silence. whenever I thought of Riza and me, the image that
came to mind was that of two colours mixing. picture it, the way they slowly but steadily mix into one another and transform into a different colour…
I was from a very sheltered family, had the perfect everything–even the perfect guy.

Riza: “okay we’re here”
I looked up to the sign ahead of me .
Laeeka: “Reez I’m confused’
Riza got off the car, came over to my side and opened my door. he held my hand n his and said something I had said to him like 2 years ago. he hadn’t forgotten! I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. it didn’t matter that we were still ‘local’ what mattered was that my silly wish mattered to him.
‘I love you ‘ I whispered into his ears as he held me tight, our feet on the ground…


Riza: one impossible thing that you think I cant do for you?
Laeeka: hmmmm that’s easy…I’d like to be in two places at the same time while holding you *wide grin*
Riza: huh?
Laeeka: I told you, impossible *wink*

*Back to present*

Where were we? At a provincial tollgate. lol. Riza had verified with some official that the other side of the tollgate was another province so we had stood on the side on the cut off line. one leg in A and one leg in B . you get it. and there he was holding me in his arms infront of so many people passing by. People hooted, some cheered. My heart was just bursting with joy and love for this incredible man who worries about my smallest things and thoughts. “Thank you”
Riza: ” I’m not going to give my lady love only a visit to the tollgate!’ and he laughed “there’s much much more in store for you today”
Laeeka: ‘I cant wait! ”
I was really so excited. if he could remember my small things I just melted at the thought of everything else I had told him.

‘What did the others get in their envelopes”

‘ Life, Love and Destiny’ Riza said with a smile straight from his heart




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