Part 19- Frosty Strawberry Dessert

What did she mean when she said “you look like you eat”??? Was she implying that I was fat? I stood infront of the mirror in the washroom of my office. From no angle did I look fat hell no! I turned from side to side and had a frown on my face, when the door suddenly opened and in walked Timothy. He looked at me weirdly and asked ” is everything okay Sir”
“do I look fat Tim?” O goodness did I just ask another man if I look fat!
“Not at all Sir” and Tim just stood there
“Good, try and find me some quick but delicious dessert recipes will you and mail them to me”
Tim gave me a very very questioning look which turned to weird once I walked away.
I couldn’t help but grin, he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else and I knew that for a fact. Everyone in my office was somewhat terrified of me. Good, that’s the way it should be. I settled at my desk when the red light on my Blackberry caught my attention. A new message.

Aara: Hi. Any luck?
Me: Hi. Yes my staff will forward them to me shortly and I will forward them to you
Aara: *raised eyebrow*
Me: now what
Aara: why couldn’t you just do it yourself?
Me: because I. Am. Busy
Aara: okay sorry
Me: what are you sorry for? Sorry for barging into my flat?sorry for irritating me? Or maybe you’re sorry for taping tomatoes onto the back glass of my car?
Aara: ℓ☺ℓ. No I’m not sorry for any of the above. I’m sorry for disturbing you,you said you were busy
Me: by the way none of that was meant to be funny
Aara: do u hate me?
Me: no
Aara: do u like me?
Me: no
Aara: *bust*
Me: ……
Aara: take down my email addy, driving now. I’ll leave the office at 2. Meet me at my place
Me: driving and typing-not good. Yes sure. Bye
Aara: laterzzz

I wanted to be punctual to prove a point. So here I was outside Aara’s flat waiting for her. She lived alone, her family was from Durban. 15 minutes had passed before madam finally made an appearance.

Me: “I see punctuality isn’t one of your strong points”
Aara rolled her eyes at me and ushered me into her flat. Smart,very smart infact. The lounge had deep blue curtains and her sofas were white leather. “We’ve got to be there by 7 so we have enough time” she called out from the kitchen. “So are you coming or not!”
“Duh isn’t the invite for both of us?”
“To the kitchen zoheb” and she came out of the kitchen and stared at me.
“Where do I begin”
“First take off your coat, roll up your sleeves and wash your hands!”
As I followed her instructions I looked around her kitchen. Not bad for someone who I hear is hardly at home. “So what are we making?”
” I went through all the recipes and I really liked this one..Strawberry Decadence it looks simple to make and sounds devine”
I looked at Aara while she took out bowls and other utensils. She is so beautiful. Not your typical blonde hair blue eyes but dark brown eyes, fair but not snow white, her hair was a rich and glossy dark brown, she had a very athletic figure and she was tall. A part of me wanted to get to know her more, a part of me wanted to stay away. I was given the task of mixing up some of the ingredients while Aara busied herself cutting up the strawberries. She popped one into her mouth and closed her eyes as if she was savouring every single drop. “You’re gorgeous” I said to her in my head. She turned around to offer me one as well and seeing my hands messed she brought a strawberry closer to my mouth. I hesitated, I admit. “I promise its not poisoned” she laughed. And I welcomed the gesture with a smile. ” You have dimples!” . “Errr ya Aara”
“You should smile more often” she said as she got back to her cutting. Did she just compliment me?
The hour that was spent preparing the dessert went by too quickly. I expected to be annoyed to death and end up having an argument but instead it was such a pleasure to do this with her. We didn’t speak much about anything other than the dessert but the ice was breaking and we found ourselves laughing occasionally and eating way too many strawberries. I didn’t even mind when egg yolk splashed onto my shirt. Howcome I never did this with HER and I could almost see the hands of the clock going backwards. Stop that thought.

“Are you going back to work because I could drop you, I didn’t know we lived so close to each other” I asked Aara as I washed my hands.
“Nope I’m going to complete the rest of my article from home” she said
“Oh, okay” …why was I disappointed?
“But you can fetch me if you don’t mind…around 6:15?”
She caught me off guard.
“I don’t mind” and I actually smiled
“Dimples”. She smiled back ” I think we have a new name for you Zoheb! Now everytime I call you Dimples you will automatically smile”
“That sounds like a girl please no”
“We will see” and with that she walked me to the door and we said our “goodbye” and “see you laters”
I got into my car with a smile still on my face. Who would have thought. I had really given up hope on finding a friend, yes a friend not a girl friend, given the fact that I had so many issues.
“Dimples” I said as I smiled to myself. I probably look like a fool right now- but I was one happy fool alright ! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Part 19- Frosty Strawberry Dessert

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  2. Reading this blog for the second time from the beginning (cos thats just how amazing it is) .. different feelings and emotions come back. After knowing what happens ..reading about Zoheb and Aara from the start.. just dont want the good moments to end ♡.. You’re super talented Shaz 🙂


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