Part 25- Best Girls :)

It was Friday. We had invited ourselves to Zainab’s house for lunch. Just us girls:) Arshad had told me what had happened with Zai and I just felt that the four of us needed some “girl time”. So Aara fetched Maariah and I and we made our grand uninvited entry into Zai’s house. Her mum was always too happy to have us over and gushed over us to eat this and eat that. β„“β˜Ίβ„“ not that we ever complained though, she made the tastiest eats! So after a hearty lunch,Maariah told us all about how glad she was to have her Nana back although we felt so bad for her that he didn’t remember her or any of her family members. “Its better than not having him at all”,she said with a smile.That was Maariah for you, always calm and optimistic. We plonked ourselves onto Zai’s bed. She spoke normally, acted normally but it was so evident in her eyes that everything was anything but normal.
“So”, Maariah began “spill”
Zainab: same old story Mari nothing to really spill
Aara: if it’s the same old story why is it hurting you so badly this time?
Zainab: (covering her face with her hands) is it that evident?
Aara: yes it is love…
Zainab: I don’t know really I just don’t know. Arshad. I don’t know. You know, he never cares and I bared my heart out to him. He’s not like Riza or Nemo. I don’t know I’m just regretting ever telling him anything. I’d much rather he thought of me as a bimbo with no ambition other than a campus drop out who changed from nerdy to barbie doll!
Laeeka: so that’s the real problem! Hmmm you aren’t concerned that you are thinking about the past you’re more concerned about what Arshad will think!
Zainab: YES! And I don’t know why either…also that Faseeha character reminded me so much of Maahera it just wasn’t funny!
Maariah: wait hold it…who’s Faseeha?
Zainab: o ya you guys don’t know..Arshad is seeing girls can you believe! She actually introduced herself as his “prospective bride”
Aara: what the….when did all this happen? He told us you were upset but he never mentioned any Faseeha!
Laeeka: this guy seems to have a hidden side to him!
Zainab: now you see! There I was just moments after telling him everything and in walked this girl who by the look on her face, clearly didn’t like the idea that I was there. All I could think of was get out now zainab nowwww
Maariah: o my gawwd! That must have been such an awkward situation Zai I’m so sorry ( and she leaned over to hug Zai)
Zainab: plus you know what, Arshad compared to all of us is someone you really look up to. I felt as though he were staring into my soul!!
Aara: woman you need to do something about this. You can’t keep letting it get to you because you’re worth much more than that Zai. No Arshad no Faseeha no anybody is going to make you feel bad anymore!
Zai: hey don’t blame Arshad he was actually unusually sweet even ditched Faseeha and came and fetched me off the road *blush*
Laeeka: (whistiling) woohoo errmm is there something ELSE we should know???
Mari: wait, u walked out like really walk walked out???
Zai: yep on my feet maripops
Aara: (jumping on the bed) you rock!! I’m gonna smack you for feeling down what you did took guts!! You could have sat there and felt like the last ant on the earth buuuuut Zai u walked away( all the while doing the mexican wave lmao)
And Arshad just by the way he rocks too!! WOWeeeeeee
Zai: (pulling Aara down) hey leave that now, what’s going on with you and Siddhart Malhotra?
Aara: errrr sid what? Who’s that?
Maariah and Laeeka were beside themselves with laughter.
Zai: Zoheb man he’s like sinfully cute! And he does look like Siddhart Malhotra no doubt
Maariah: you’re so right! I didn’t really take notice but now that you’ve mentioned it he does!!
Aara: please man Zoheb is okay I guess, I barely know him but ok ok he’s cute and he has the most gorgeous dimples I’ve ever seen!!!
Laeeka: oooo even we didn’t notice the dimples ( tickling Aara)
Aara: ladies you don’t know what I know but I’m soooo gonna tell u
Maariah: he asked you out???
Aara: (hitting Mari with a pillow) no man. “Our” note in the envelope was to go and have supper at aunty rukayas house!
Maariah: o my frikking word u can’t be serious!!
Aara: aha! And if you thought all the times we went there was crazy, this was crazy multiplied by a zillion! Zoheb sank into “the” sofa!
Laeeka, Mari and Zai were clutching their stomachs because they laughed so hard!
Laeeka: remember the time Nemo sank into that seat!!!
And remembering that we all laughed more!
Maariah: he like sunk in and sprung out at the same time!! Gawwwd he was horrified!
Aara: and aunty ruks pulled his cheeks and hugged him he was so mortified! And wait guys the cherry on the top! At supper Dadi sat next to him and her false teeth flew straight onto his lap!!!
Zainab spat her mouthful of coke onto Maariah! *choke choke*
Aara: (bursting with laughter) yes Zai exactly like that! (Before falling off the bed)
Zainab: maripops I’m soo sorry ( wiping mari’s face)
Maariah: (still laughing) I ..I.. (And she burst out laughing again)
Laeeka: ( by now with tears running down her cheeks and red with laughter) that must have been a kodak moment!!
Aara: he was even more horrified when Dadi smiled at him with just her gums!!! She even asked him to pass her the teeth!! I was so bust I couldn’t control myself but he was so sulky the rest of the evening and he didn’t even speak to me the whole way home as if it was my fault!! Although occasionally I would start laughing just thinking about it and he would shoot me a killer look
Laeeka: shame he must have been so embarrassed!
Aara: yeah I guess but still man he’s such a big baby! And you know the strangest thing happened when I was still at Aunty Ruks, Nemo phoned me and asked where I was because he had something to tell me, and when I told him I was with Zoheb he was like “oh is it” so I asked him what did he want to tell me and which girl is the reason behind it he cuts the call!
Mari: Nemo’s probably jealous of Zoheb. He’s that type you know, and doesn’t really like new people especially new boys
Aara: you’re right. And I’ve actually been meaning to call Zoheb. You know what, he’s totally unlike us like total opposite and Reez like just threw him into the deep end!
Laeeka: so what are you waiting for call him now and put it on speaker(giving a wicked grin)
Zai: yeah Aara do it call him call him and bug him like chew his brains!
Aara: oook (pulling out her cell phone and dialing Zoheb)

Zoheb: yes Aara
Aara: well aren’t you a bundle of sunshine
Zoheb: what do you want?
Aara: I just phoned to see how you doing
Zoheb: I’m fine
Aara: are you sure?
Zoheb: errr yes why
Aara: I’m so sorry about last night by the way
Zoheb: sorry about what, taking me to that awful house with those awful people and that crazy old lady??!!??
Maariah and Zai had shocked expressions on their faces
Aara: aww cmon it wasn’t so bad
Zoheb: oh really, well you didn’t get teeth with dhaniya stuck in it on your pants now did you?
And everyone burst out laughing!
Zoheb: bloody hell! Aara do you have me on speaker???
Zai,Laeeka,Maariah : Hiiiiiiiii Zoheb
Zoheb: err hi girls
Aara: don’t cut the call please…
Zai,Laeeka,Maariah: oooooooooooo
Aara: cmon
Zoheb: I take it you girls heard all about last night? I bet you Aara didn’t tell you how she was gorging on the steak haha
Aara: did not!
Zoheb: did to!
Aara: why were you looking at what I was eating?
Zoheb: didn’t have a choice, your stomach kept rumbling right next to me!
Roaring laughter again!
Aara: oh I get it, payback hey
Zoheb: oh no not yet. Your payback is gonna be sweet
Aara: (smiling that mischievous Aara smile) well I guess we will have to wait and see
Zoheb: I guess we do
Aara: okay bye now
Zoheb: lost for words are we?
Aara: never
Zoheb: bye ladies
Zai,Mari,Laeeka: byeeee Zoheb

Aara: you guys are lucky. You’ve got each other and I’ve got to put up with this newbie agh!
Everyones phones beeped. Email. Riza

“Truth or Dare -Sunday @ HillPark, bring along a picnic basket and dress casual”
And almost instantly Aara’s phone beeped. Message from Zoheb…which she showed to all of us.
“This is going to be SO much fun…”

“Jerk” Aara said as she closed the message and didn’t reply.

Laeeka: a jerk you like, you’ve got to admit
Aara: in your dreams
Laeeka: well my dreams consist of Riza so that’s kinda impossible ( with a smile)
Maariah: speaking of which…what did you get upto?
Laeeka blushed a dark shade of crimson…
Zai: well?
Laeeka: I was saving this for last…
Aara: laeeks cmon tell us!
Laeeka: he proposed! We’re going to get married!!!
“O my word”—alll in unison
Zai: wow babe I’m so so happy for you(hugging laeeka)
Maariah: congrats sweetheart I’m so so so so happy for you too ( hugging laeeka on the other side)
Aara: you’re getting marrrrriiiiiiieeeeed congratulations baby girl ( and with that Aara squeezed herself into the group hug)

We had all laughed and cried (tears of joy ofcourse) before Zai’s mum shouted out for us to come down for supper. Supper?? Did all this time just fly by??

Sometimes all we need is some one on one time with our best girls- and boy did we feel emotionally rejuvenated!


very soon

Sakina Sarang(1)



7 thoughts on “Part 25- Best Girls :)

  1. Just came across ur blog today, n I’m totally enjoying it!! Its definitely on my list of favourites!! Love the way you write πŸ™‚


  2. New to this blog!! πŸ˜€ must say its an awesome blog!!! Read all the parts in one day πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    Awww girls day out!!! So awesome!! But really feel sowii for Zai!!!

    Thank uu 4 da awesome post!! Can’t wait 4 da nxt post!!! Uuuh how often do you post? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰


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