Part 26- Is this really happening?

“Salaams Arshad”
“Who is this”, I mumble
“Awww I’m hurt, you don’t remember my voice, its me Faseeha”,she said
“Ohkay, ermm just a second,”I said as I reached over to look at the time on my clock. 1:30am…
“Is everything okay?”,I asked her slightly concerned
“Yep its just that I couldn’t sleep much, kept thinking about you so I thought I’d call”, she replied
“At 1 in the morning?”I asked in disbelief.
The line fell silent.
“Hello?”,I ask again
Through my daze I could hear a whimper. Was she frikking crying?
“Faseeha, are you there?”, was all I could bring myself to ask her.
” I’m here maaf I’m sorry I disturbed you”
“Sorry, I’ve just had a long day and I’m tired I didn’t mean to snap at you. Can I call you later?”I asked
“Sure,that”l be great” and she said goodbye and hung up.
“Mom what have you gotten me into” I say to myself as I fell off to sleep again.
That night or morning rather was awful to say the least!
As soon as I fell asleep I dreamt of Faseeha!
The entire dream had a background score of her voice!
Faseeha talking while cooking,talking while baking,talking while cleaning,talking while driving…Faseeha phoning me a million times while I’m busy with a patient, Faseeha barging into my surgery with butterfly cupcakes and strawberry milkshake(yuck!),Faseeha insisting our clothes match daily(puhleaze!),Faseeha talking while I watched the news (big no no), Faseeha talking to me through the toilet door(say what?), Faseeha lying next to me and tapping my hand at 3am waking me up to TALK! And then I hear Zainab laughing and suddenly she appears before me, winks her eye and says” prospective bride!!”She laughs again and vanishes and its Faseeha again standing next to me and suddenly a child appears,then two,then three,then four,then five,then six,then seven and they are all only TALKING!!!!!
“AaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaaAaaaaA” I screamed in shock as I seemed to have come flying out of that dream!that was no dream that was a nightmare!!! My entire head was wet!

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Okay, it was just a dream and she probably isn’t like that in real life. “Give her the benefit of the doubt” I assuringly told myself as I got out of bed.
I’m a practical person, what you see is what you get. And I don’t particularly like delving into someone else’s head. With people, what I see is what I know. Simple. Now you can imagine the chaos when I got to know Zainab’s lifes truth! She still hasn’t called me or replied to my many messages. I was snapped out of my pondering by a yell from my mother.
“Arshad!” She shouted. I made my way to the kitchen rather quickly, panicking, did she fall? Was she hurt?
“What’s wrong mum?” I asked,looking at her standing with her hands on her hips. “Why did you scream like that?”
“What did you tell Faseeha?”,she asked with a slightly angry look on her face
Arshad: huh?
Mum: what did you tell Faseeha? Can’t you hear boy?
Arshad: ma calm down will you, I don’t even know what you’re talking about ( is Faseeha psychic???? Does she know about my dream???)
Mum: Aunty Ayesha called (faseeha’s mum) and she said she heard Faseeha crying at 2 o clock in the morning and when she fell asleep, she she checked her call list and you were the last person she spoke to!
Arshad: O
Mum: oh, what oh??
Arshad: Ma she called me at 1:30 this morning, I was so fast asleep and I didn’t want to talk to her..she called me because she couldn’t sleep! You should be scolding her not me
Mum: she really likes you Arshad it’s actually sweet that she’s calling you at that time because it means she’s thinking about you
Arshad: listen to yourself ma *shaking my head* and also I don’t understand how she could possibly like me I’ve only ever met her twice. Something is wrong with that girl I’m telling you
Mum: something is wrong with you not her. You just don’t like girls! Are you gay?? Because if you are, don’t you ever think I’m going to accept it!
That’s my orthodox indian mother for you. The next 20 minutes were spent like this…mum yelling..and me…just staring at her quietly taking it all in. She accused me of thinking she had been too lenient with me all these years and that she should have married off while I was on campus! She also told me that she will not be another Dostana mother who would give her sons husband gold bangles! Dostana by the way is an indian movie I never watched about two guys who pretended to be gay, but I heard the girls talking about it so yeah.
Arshad: mum really now you’re just blowing this out of proportion
But trying to reason with my mum was as good as tying to negotiate peace talks between north korea and the rest of the world!
Arshad: Faseeha isn’t the only girl on the planet!
That was the final nail in MY coffin because my mother went ballistic!
Mum: well she is the only girl right now who’s interested in you and I’m telling you Arshad don’t test my patience. She’s a very nice girl and I like her very much too. Can’t you just give her a chance???
Arshad: okay
Mum: okay??
Arshad: okay, I will give her a chance but I can’t promise anything more than that. If it means this much to you I’ll give it a shot
Mum: aww I knew you wouldn’t let me down (hugging me)
That’s the thing about mothers, they can be yelling at you like there’s absolutely no tomorrow and moments later engulfing you in a hug that made you feel like a baby again.
Mum was right though, I needed to give Faseeha a chance. My mum still whipped up a delicious breakfast for me despite the lecture and insisted I called Faseeha infront of her so she knew I wasn’t lying!
Me: salaams howzit
Faseeha: Arshad! Hiiii so nice of you to call I’ve been thinking about you!
If she was trying to impress me by the volume of her thoughts, it wasn’t working. It made her look psychotic and not cute!
Me: err yeah you mentioned that before
Faseeha: so its not a bad thing you are probably having hiccups the entire day because of me! (And she laughed)
Me: nope definitely no hiccups perhaps you just need to think a little harder (now I laughed but stopped when I saw my mother glaring at me)
Faseeha: (giggling..well more of a forced giggle)
Me: listen, would you like to go out for lunch? Your choice of restaurant
Faseeha: wow really! O my word I can’t believe it!
Me: yooooouve never been out for lunch before?
Mum smacked me on my head!
Faseeha: haha very funny. I can’t believe you’re asking me out on a date (squeal)
Me: well, its not a date no pressure we just need to you know, get to know each other better
Faseeha: like friends?
Me: yeah why not
Faseeha: oh okay then let me just figure out the ideal place and I’ll meet you there. I’ll text you
Me: perfect
Faseeha: I can’t wait! This is going to be sooooo awesome
Me: okay
Faseeha: okay so should I hang up first or do you want to hang up first?

What the…
Me: err
Faseeha: okay I can’t (squeal) you hang up first
Me: okay then

And I hung up.

I avoided my mothers daggers and rushed off to my room. 10 minutes later I get a text from Faseeha letting me know to meet her at “Jimmy’s Killer Prawns” at 12:30 and then further shocking me by asking me to wear blue because she was wearing blue!

You have got to be kidding me! I had a weird thought of us dressed in matching superhero costumes! โ„“โ˜บโ„“! This girl was the pits man!




6 thoughts on “Part 26- Is this really happening?

  1. Ok so I jus read ur hole blog all at once n I think its super awesome. I keep wishin I had freiends like ths group. Riza is Tั’ฮต sweetest to be tryin to giv his friends direction. Totally loving Aara n Zoheb soooo cute.n ths Faseeha sounds a few cents short of a dollar.tnx 4 a really great blog. Cnt w8 4 Tั’ฮต next post kinda dyin 2 knw wt happens next.loving unty ruks and her fam tho.


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