Let’s vote!

Nemo has just realized that he is in love with Aara, his childhood friend and companion. Aara is unaware of his feelings but Riza, Laeeka and Arshad do.
Zoheb, has had a childhood very similar to that of Nemo, except he had no Aara to be by his side. He’s been let down and heart broken by his girlfriend who cheated on him with his best friend and has declared to himself that he will never love again.

Which of these guys, in your opinion should be with Aara, bearing in mind that Aara is also a complicated, determined, impulsive and opinionated woman?

Would it be interesting to witness a new love bloom between two very opposite people or should a childhood love materialize into something more?

**Spoiler**—Aara also has a past….


16 thoughts on “Let’s vote!

  1. Aara and Nemo hav always been there for each other so I tnk Nemo wud knw abwt Aara’s past..
    Zoheb doesn’t luk @ d grp as hs frnds! n I wud thnk he won’t be as serious abwt Aara as Nemo is..also Zoheb And Aara r both strng wiled wich myt b a bit too much fr each othr,also Zoheb myt nt b acceptn of Aara’s past givn hs issues..
    Soooo…I vote for Nemo and Aara 😀 hwever I wud lyk t see d chase Nemo’s gna hav aftr Aara 😛


  2. Zoheb has too much anger and is still dealing with his heartbreak. I would say Aara and Nemo deserve to be together….* A childhood friendship turned to adult └♡̨̐√ƺ a little to late…(Speaking from a heartbreaking experience).


  3. I think aara and nemo and zoheb with maariya the resturant girl… Zohed n her will make a good couple bt nemo n aara shuld be 2gther


  4. I never felt it healthy to end up with a childhood friend-others may differ….I know u may b breaking a heart that u really care 4 but i just never saw it happening…alhumdulliah going over 10years with my zoheb and t love grows stronger…. I’m all 4 zoheb&aaraa… Allah knows best! Or in this case I think I should say shazia knows best:))))


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