Part 28- The Man Without a Heart

Me: Don’t f****** tell me to calm down! I can’t believe you did this!!!
Her: please baby I’m sorry I’m really so sorry
Me: how long has this been going on?
Her: I promise you it happened this once only…
Me: don’t you f******* lie to me!! Don’t you lie to me! The situation was all too cozy to be a first time you’ve damn done this before haven’t you???
Her: no zoheb no please I’m begging you I’m sorry I’m so so sorry
Me: just f*** off get out of here!
Her: zoheb please…(Trying to hold me)
Me: don’t you dare touch me with your filthy hands!! Get out of my house and get out of my life!
Her: you can’t just throw me away baby please..
Me: watch me!! Tell me was it always just for the money ?? Is that why you were with me??
Her: no no it wasn’t please believe me..
Me: then why would you damn do this??? Doesn’t it mean that somethings missing, that I am lacking in something !! You’ve hurt me so much so much ( screaming and crying)
Her: (reaching out again to touch me) please Zoheb..
Me: (pushing her) don’t you dare! Get out! Get the f*** out of here NOW!!

Those were the memories that were now gushing through my mind as I held this watch in my hand. The watch that she had given me once. I hadn’t unpacked everything of mine and I thought I had gotten rid of everything that reminded me of her but then how did this get here?
Life and its complications. Its hard to believe that I was once a happy man. Her smiled flashed before me and the moments we had shared together…the good ones. And then the images of her betrayal…her eyes had given it away..there was no truth in it. My girlfriend..the one I thought was my happily ever after..and my best friend..the one who I thought always had my back.
I dropped the watch to the floor and crushed it under my shoe. “That’s where you belong” I shouted into my empty flat. All that anger and rage built up again inside me. That hollow and miserable feeling of emptiness. That cold and suffocating feeling of loneliness. I had been used. Never woman is ever, ever going to that to me again because I will NEVER give my heart to anyone ever again!

I stare out the window,tears rolling down my cheeks. I was wronged yet today I’m the one who’s alone. I had a family, but they didn’t care. As long as Zoheb was successful they had nothing to worry about because me being successful meant their image in the media looked more rosy. I couldn’t even call Riza’s group my friends because they weren’t. I barely knew them.
With all my might I punched the bathroom door…I will make myself such that no one will use me again.

I will not let myself break again…I knew what I had been through- all alone. No shoulder to cry on, no one to help me pick up the pieces of my life, no one to share anything with.

Aara had come to mind…if she wasn’t Riza’s friend I would have strung her along like I wanted to. But no, this has to stop and I knew exactly how I was going to push her away and make all of them realise that I’m not their puppet for matchmaking,especially Riza!

I was Zoheb Patel…the man without a heart!






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