Part 29- Truth or Dare? (part 1)

BONUS POST :))) This was only supposed to be published tomorrow but a special treat for you special people! mwah, enjoy….much love, Shazia ๐Ÿ™‚ (author)

Nemo:”Helllloooo sweetheart”
Aara:”I’m sorry are you talking to me Nemo?”
Nemo:”Who else is my sweetheart Aarooo?”
Aara:”Well I have a mental list of all your sweethearts just by the way, do you want it here or must I email it to you”
Nemo:”Ooh baby don’t break my heart, don’t break my heart”, Nemo sung completely offtune
Aara:”Shut up creep, you phone me, ask me questions as though I’m on trial and then you cut the call on me!”
Nemo:”Sorry man but whenever I hear Zoheb’s name something inside me explodes “,Nemo explained apologetically
Aara:”You’re crazy, you barely know him ”
Nemo:”Hmmm advocating for the Z word now are we?”
Sigh. “What do you want?”
Nemo:”Eish Aaroo you’re killing me! Soo much anger for your bestie”
Aara:”Haha what bestie, you like worstie these days”
Nemo:”What can I do to make it up to you?” Nemo asked sweetly
Aara:”Hmmmm I’ll think of something for sure..aren’t you coming today? Where are you anyway?”
Nemo:”Outside your door”

And I ran to open my front door. “Liar”, I said into the phone and as I was almost about to close the door,through the glass, I see Nemo standing in my lounge balcony .” I said outside your door I didn’t say which door though” he said with a smirk. “You see Aara you always jump to conclusions”
“Whatever, you act so stupid sometimes Nemo, what if you fell and broke your bones?”, I said while opening the sliding door to let him in.
“Thank you mademoiselle”he smiled as he handed me a bunch of white roses.
“White, seriously? Am I dying or are you dying?”, I asked him sarcastically
“Heyyy peace offering woman” he said as he pulled out a slab of Bubbly from his pocket.
“I bet you this is melted” I said
“But you love it anyway” he said with a smile again.
Aara: “Stop smiling”
Nemo: “why?”
Aara: “because I’m mad at you and I’m not done being mad at you”
Nemo: “ok”
Aara: “ok?”
Nemo: (smiling slightly)” remember when we were in grade 3 and you dropped your lunch into the mud and you started to cry..”
Aara: (my turn to smile slightly) “and you gave me your peanut butter sandwich..”
Nemo: (laughing)” and you were so hungry you even forgot that you’re allergic to nuts”
Aara: “yeah I remember (laughing)I almost ended up in hospital because of you!”
Nemo: “but my intentions were good (making a puppy face) because I can’t stand seeing you in any kind of pain”
Aara: “awwww …but why are you bringing this up now? I have every reason to be mad at you, you know”
Nemo: “just know that my intentions were good that’s all…”
We stared at each other for a few seconds, me trying to understand what he was trying to say, him trying to say something with his eyes
Nemo: “can I get a hug now? Please?”
Aara: “no” ( walking into the kitchen)
Nemo: “Aara! “(Following me)
Aara: “did you pack a picnic basket?”
Nemo: “errr no I thought I’d just stop by the shop and get a few things….(Noticing two picnic baskets)…but something tells me that I don’t have to “(wide grin)
Aara: “who said this ones for you?”
Nemo: “i know it is”(smile)
Aara: (sighing)
Nemo: “thank you sweetheart”(smile again)
Aara: (laugh) “you know, I can never be mad at you for as long as I’d like to”
Nemo: “how did you know I wouldn’t have packed a basket?”
Aara: “because dude (hugging him) I think I know you better than you know yourself”
Nemo: (hugging me back)” I know….sooo am I forgiven?”
Aara: “yep”
Nemo:” mwah thank you sweetheart”
Aara: “stop calling me that man! People will think we’re like a couple”
Nemo: (picking up both the baskets)” that wouldn’t be such a bad thing now would it?”
Aara: (picking up my handbag and walking towards the door) “hah in your dreams!”
Nemo: “if only you knew..”
Aara: “hmmm?”
Nemo:” nope I didn’t say anything” (smiling)
Aara: “ook then let’s go”
Nemo: “by the way, you’re looking very cute today except your pants are too short”
Aara: (rolling my eyes) “its like 10cms above my ankle how is that too short Mr. Mini skirt chaser?”
Nemo: (starting his car)” hey I’m not a mini skirt chaser and besides I’ve left all that behind me”
Aara: “really now, and how long is this change going to last for?”
Nemo: “the rest of my life hopefully…”
Aara: “wow I’d like to see that”
Nemo: “stick around sweetheart you’ll be surprised” ( with a very big grin)
Aara: “there’s actually nothing more I’d like to see than you grow up. I hope you see it soon”
Nemo: “but I have grown up! I’m 1.8m tall, very very very handsome and I don’t wipe my nose across my face with my hands anymore”
Aara: (laughing) “conceited much are we! But you have a big nose so if you had to wipe it across your face with your hands like when you were 7 that would be like watching mars shift to venus!”
Nemo: “you evil woman! I DO NOT have a big nose!”
Aara: “you should look at yourself in the mirror sometime”( pulling his nose)
Nemo: “seriously do I have a big nose?”
Aara: โ„“โ˜บโ„“” YES! Hey there’s Arshad!” ( We had just passed Arshad on the road )
Nemo: “I didn’t tell you what went down with that Faseeha chick yesterday!”
Aara: “you met her?”
And Nemo proceeded to tell me all about their fiasco yesterday with Faseeha. Needless to say, I was ripped beyond belief!
Aara: “nasty nasty man”
Nemo: “shame she seems sweet but Arshad doesn’t like her at all so you could just say I was helping a friend”
Aara: “I just have this feeling that Arshad and Zai will end up together!”
Nemo: “no ways they are like chalk and cheese”
Aara: “exactly! Opposites attract haven’t you heard?”
Nemo: “maybe maybe”
Aara:” maybe what? Its like the law of the universe”
Nemo: “hmmm ( pulling up at the venue) look there’s your partner”
Aara: (laugh) “you know, I just love irritating this guy”
Nemo: “you should actually, he looks like he might have something stuck up his butt!”
Aara: (laughing hard) “nah I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. Kind of reminds me of you when you were little”
Nemo: “lemme guess, you want to take him under your wing?”
Aara: “well I’m not 7 anymore and I don’t have a mum forcing me to be his friend” (rolling my eyes)
Nemo: “ouch ouch ouch!”
Aara: “what?” ( Getting off the car and opening the boot)
Nemo: “forced to be my friend…you just broke my heart”
Aara: “well mum never made a wrong decision you know” (smile)
Nemo: “really?”
Aara: “jerk! How can you even ask me that!”(Punching him on his shoulder)
Nemo: (trying very unsuccessfully to duck the next punch) “just saying sweetheart”
Aara: “your granny is a sweetheart!”
Nemo: “and that she is” (small smile bursting into a laugh)
Aara: “here hold your basket”
Nemo: “I’ll hold yours too” ( puppy dog face)
Aara: “oh good boy! O I’m sorry, good 1.8m tall very very very handsome man”
Nemo: “with a big nose”
Aara: “very”
Nemo: “what can I say…air is free so breathe baby breathe”

And we walked side by side towards Riza,Laeeka,Zainab and Zoheb. Arshad and Maariah were still on their way.

Nemo: “we drove past Arshad like half an hour ago”
Riza: “that’s Arshad for you! Slow and steady”

Zainab was very quiet. Dressed casually in a blue and white sailor style dress with a large white hat and big black sunglasses.
“Hi Zoheb” I said as I walked towards him.
“Aara” he said very stoically
” So am I forgiven for whatever it is that I did but don’t remember doing?”
Zoheb couldn’t help but smile a little. “You know”, I whispered to him “if you would smile a little harder those dimples will actually be a doorway into your heart for someone”
“I don’t have a heart” Zoheb said
“We all do, sometimes the ice that’s hardened around it just needs to melt”, I said as I walked over to the bride to be to gossip with her.
“Aren’t you looking gorgeous madam”
Laeeka was so radiant, the happiness she was experiencing showed on her face!
“Thanks sweets” she said with a smile ” we have so much of planning to do!”
“I knowwww and we will soon I promise”I said as I hugged her.
Soon enough Maariah and Arshad had joined us.
“Shall we?”, Riza asked
And all of us walked into the Hillpark gardens to find a suitable and private spot for our day out.
“Okay guys, this is how its going to work, you sit with who you’ve been paired with. You will give each other the ultimatum, truth or dare. Also, you will have a chance to challenge any ONE person sitting here as a bonus, now this isn’t just what we’re here for so don’t behave like robots (and he laughed) relax, eat ,mingle and we will start the game in a bit”

I looked at Riza and his face didn’t really “look right”. He looked at me, smiled then started chatting to Maariah. I’ve known Riza long enough to know that everything that appeared on the surface isn’t what it seems. But what could it be? Zoheb came and sat next to me and whispered loud enough for Nemo to hear ” think about it nicely, truth or dare”

“Whatever it is, just don’t make her do anything stupid”,Nemo said

And all eyes turned towards Nemo in surprise. O boy…






7 thoughts on “Part 29- Truth or Dare? (part 1)

  1. I jus startd reading your blog recently n its soooo kool.glued to it…thnx for the awsum post cnt wait for th nxt one:)..
    I think zoheb suits aara as a boyfrend n nemo as a bestfrend..hope so lol
    Plzz post soon hehe :*


    • Ms xoxo..I’ve been meaning to reply to you from last’s always so great when my work is appreciated like this. I would really appreciate the advertising to anyone who you think may like and appreciate the contents of this story..I hope you continue enjoying the story as much as I enjoy writing it:) .much Love, Shazia


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