Part 31- Truth or Dare (part 3)

Zainab: truth or dare Arshad?
That was the first time since thursday that Zainab spoke to me.
Me: truth Zai
Zainab: what is the one thing in life that you wish you could take back or ever regret doing in the first place?
And she looked at me, and I knew that this question was pre planned. She had given it thought, lots of thought. This question was probably make or break for Zai, and the answer I wanted to tell her was not a lie either. I really did mean it.

Me: all the times I had been mean and nasty to you.
Zainab looked up in surprise..
Me: I wish I could take back all the side comments and everything that I ever said that hurt you. I regret every moment of it and I’m truly very sorry. I hope you can one day find it in your heart to please forgive me.
I had a lump in my throat, which was weird because not very long ago I was laughing my head off at Nemo’s antics and now I felt as though I was on the verge of crying!



Zainab: I forgive you (and she smiled with her eyes…that smile that comes from your heart, goes up to your lips and reaches your eyes)

And I smiled too. Okay before I really start crying…yes I cry, all men cry, they just aren’t made to break down anywhere and everywhere like you women !

Me: your turn, truth or dare?
Zai: it seems everyone is going for truth as a first option so I’ll save myself from one of Aara’s torturous dares and go for first option- dare please Arshad
Me: dares are supposed to be stupid hey, just remember that coz that’s why its a dare, its something you wouldn’t normally do. But my dare for you is something totally different, I dare you to dream!

And with that, I removed a gift wrapped box from inside my picnic basket and handed it to Zainab. “I have to admit, I have been stalking you on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram okay bottom line I’ve been stalking you online and I noticed one thing in all of them- you have so many pictures of so many different things in such unusual angles. Perhaps you have a hidden passion for it but not the right equipment. I hope I’ve hit the right button but please don’t be mad at me if I’m wrong”
Zainab opened the box. “Wow!”, she said in excitement as she ripped the paper out. “A Canon DSLR!”
“Thank You Arshad”, and she smiled that smile again.

Nemo whistled. “Hey bro you never bought me an expensive gift before, hell you never bought me any gift!”
“I will buy you something too Nemo, a roll of bufftape perhaps?” I said with a grin
Okay so no one really laughed, I wasn’t the guy with the hardcore jokes anyway.

“This is really very sweet of you Arshad”, Laeeka said ” and Zai maybe this is a huge step forward for you”. But Zai wasn’t listening, she was too busy fiddling with her camera. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside seeing her like that, she looked like a little child who had just been rewarded!

“And Arshad, for your random dare”,Laeeka continued..” I dare you to phone Faseeha now and tell her you aren’t interested in her”
“What?!” “No don’t be crazy!” I said in shock. “I can’t do that”
“O yes you can”, Aara chipped in.
“Bro its now or never, and I’m not always going to be there to save you.”Nemo explained.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring..and finally she answered…
Faseeha: salaams Arshad
Me: Wa alaikum salaam Faseeha, how are you?
Faseeha: errr I’m okayyyyy how are you?
Me: I’m good


Me: so, what are you doing?
Faseeha: I’m actually out, with a friend
Me: oh that’s nice
Faseeha: it is
Me: listen, I needed to tell you something actually..I don’t know if its the right time, or the right way…but I guess there’s never a right time for things like this
Faseeha: its okay Arshad, I understand. I mean no not really I don’t understand because your family is so different and I thought you were just like them. But shame, these things happen and its so hard to admit it I’m sure
Arshad: Faseeha what are you …
Faseeha: (not letting me finish my sentence) arshad, arshad,arshad look its frowned upon in the society we live in but if your heart feels that way then what can anyone do. Although, I hope one day you both will change and don’t worry your secret is safe with me
Arshad: faseeha listen to me
Faseeha: (still not listening to me) I really wish you and Naeem all the happiness in the world until you gays…errr I mean guys sorry..until maybe you change or grow out of it. Even his nickname Nemo is so trendy it just like goes with the “flow”
Arshad: ok I got to go
Faseeha: wait, it was lovely knowing you and I wished it could have been more than this…

After the call…everyone stared at me with a huge grin on their faces…
“Thanks Nemo now she thinks I’m gay, that means now everyone will think I’m gay because she’s a little broadcaster that one”

“Hey you’re worried about that, she said my nickname is “trendy” and “goes with the flow”..what does that frikking mean? ”

ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ —and all of us just burst out laughing!!

“I’ve been dumped by a girl I didn’t even like ” I said

“It’s better this way Arshad, you know you aren’t feeling bad because you didn’t really like her, but she would have felt bad if it were done any other way. So see it this way, you actually saved someone’s heart from breaking”, Maariah said with a smile.

Very true I had to admit.



16 thoughts on “Part 31- Truth or Dare (part 3)

  1. Hi I startd reading ur blog n its thee mst awesumest eva love it to bitz keep up da goood wrk cnt wait for da nxt post mwaaa n thaxz a million


  2. Awwwwwwww Arshad u forgiven by Zaiiiii 😛 …… #Arshad&Zaiii♡
    Lmao Faseeeha thinks they gay…..she hopes they grow out of it #Ripped
    Oopz Arshad isn’t the type to make jokes.. than he shud have a funny larf that every one larfs at his larf aNd not the joke 😉 ..!! Wow lump in his throat… so guyz do cry x_x .!!! I cnt wait for Aara & Dimple dudes turn 😉 *biting nails*.!! JzkZ for the AwEs0mE post!! Xoxo


  3. Hahahahaha awsum post!!! 😦 I want a group of friends like that plzzzzz nxt tym you wana add in a nice character you can use my name 😛 gimme ur email n I’ll email you my name 😀 😀


  4. This is by far the best blog Eva! Congratulations!! I looove its oriinality. Jus so different from the norm. Keep up the excellent work! Lookin forward to many more exciting chapters in the lives of these exciting individuals. Mwah!


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