Part 34- Truth or Dare? (part 6)

” Being inconsiderate can inconvenience a person in so many ways, a simple thing like knocking someones shopping bags down, tramping someones toes or even NOT PARKING PROPERLY can lead to consequences you didn’t even see coming!
Don’t be such a jerk!! Ride a bicycle if you can’t handle your car!! The tomatoes are for you-you’re lucky they aren’t rotten!”

“Well the biggest consequence was you I guess” Zoheb said with a smile ” this note angered me so much and I had kept it as a reminder that it was YOU who did that, but now no hard feelings”

“Trust me bro, you haven’t really met Aara yet, this one here is all polite and sweet, the real one is a piece of work”, said Arshad with a grin

“Maybe we”ll give him an introduction to the real Aara today and see if it changes his thoughts about her”, Nemo said as he threw a nectarine at Aara. “Eat it you’ll need it for the creative “juices” to flow”

“I love nectarines but why would they be the cause for creativity?”,Aara asked

“Because”,said Nemo with a grin ” I dare you to read Zoheb’s palm”

“Nooooo” said Aara shaking her head

“Wait, Aara you never told me you could read palms?”, Laeeka said in surprise

Aara: I can’t he’s lying
Nemo: o yes you can. Infact, none of you know but Aara is so talented in palm reading I’m surprised she hasn’t told you all about it. But no problem she will give us a live performance now
Aara: no!
Nemo: what happened to “someone challenges me and I won’t do it”
Zoheb: c’mon Aara how bad can it be? (While holding his hand out and showing Aara his palm)
Aara looked at Nemo and pleaded with her eyes
Nemo: you heard the bad can it be? (With a dangerous smirk)
Zoheb: yeah come now man
Aara: you asked for it ! (And she moved closer to Zoheb while stuffing the rest of the nectarine into her mouth)

Nemo quickly pulled Aara to him and whispered something into her ears and they both giggled and Aara pulled his cheeks,making Nemo turn pink!
Zoheb raised an eyebrow questioningly..

Aara: okay Zoheb..(Holding his hand) let’s see what your future has in store for you..
Zoheb: it better be something good
Aara: okay your life line is really strong (pointing out to the longest line on his hand)
Work line as well,very strong…WOW Zoheb you are multi talented, so much accomplished already and so many more to come! Hmmm, I see beautiful cars all parked very badly (and she winked at Zoheb) . And here ( turning his hand to the side) 1,2,3…and 4…4 kids Zoheb…

Zoheb looked very interested..

Aara: love…a very strong love line. You’re going to fall in love deeply with a woman who will become your wife…she will play a very big role in everything you do from the time you first meet her…and ..
Zoheb: and? … (Very engrossed)
Aara: you’re going to have a really amazing house! And do you know, a persons house tells so much about a person?
Zoheb: really? ( So genuinely seriously)
Aara: yes! So much of blue…
Zoheb: hey blue is my favourite colour!
Nemo: see I told you she was good!
Aara: blue curtains, blue carpets, I need to look for the one thing that will tell me so much more about your character and personality and will help me tell you when this change is going to come about..
Maariah: I’m next please!!!

Nemo laughed and Aara shot him a “shut up” look.

Aara: aah here it is! I see a beautiful garden and in the middle of it a large fountain surrounded by the most exquisite rockwork…the colour of the water is clear…like your heart..once the clouds are lifted, all I see is purity…(And she smiled..and zoheb smiled too..the full dimples smile)…but the thing I was looking for and this is what is standing out to me…is the rockwork…these rocks, the depth of their colour will tell me when this change will happen…look at them ( pressing Zohebs palm and looking intently at something on it) look at them…light brownish with streaks of red and yellow…wow…do you want to know what I see Zoheb?
Zoheb: you’ve got me so engrossed ofcourse yes I want to know tell me!!! ( He really pleaded)
Aara: okay because its you, ill do one better than that…
Zoheb: so sweet Aara now please hurry up you’re leaving me hanging in suspense here!!
Aara: because its you…I’ll give you a sample!!!

And with that she spat the nectarine seed into his hand, and before Zoheb could react she got up faster than a bolt of lightening and ran away from the group!!
Zoheb sat there in disbelief looking at the nectarine seed all moist with Aara’s saliva right there in the middle of his palm!! Everyone burst out laughing! Nemo was in splits ” that’s what you call payback bro” and he carried on laughing. Zoheb threw the seed away, got up and started running towards Aara and before we knew it they were literally playing hide and seek between the tall oak trees and had drifted off far from the group so much so that we couldn’t see them anymore…

Now for what we didn’t see…

“Aara I’m so going to get you, you’re so filthy woman!”, I shouted at Aara as she ducked my reach yet again
” You were so keen on having your palm read so don’t blame me”, she shouted back
“Ever since I met you,”…trying to see where she was
“Ever since you met me…” She continued but I still couldn’t see her
“You trouble me so much!! First the tomatoes, then you made me make dessert, then you took me to that Aunty Rukaya’s house, then you melt my heart into feeling bad for wanting to torture you and then you spit, you SPIT into my hand!”
“How is any of that my fault” she laughed..and I had stopped in my tracks to figure out in which direction her voice was coming from….aha…so I crept up behind the trees until I was a few feet away from her
“Zoheb?”, she called out. I didn’t answer
“Zoheb?” She called again. I still didn’t answer
“I can’t believe you’d leave me here alone! Stupid man!” She said as she came out of where she had been hiding and I ran up to her quickly and grabbed her around her waist
“Got you!” I said!
She started to laugh. “Why. Are. You. Laughing??”
“You caught me, fair enough. But where’s your ammo? What are you going to do?”

“Okay you’re right” I said as I let go of her and both of us started laughing as we sat down on the grass completely out of breath.
“That was nasty though, I should have caught up when you and Nemo giggled amongst yourselves!”, I said
“I know, sorry, (ℓ☺ℓ ) I haven’t done that in years and Nemo…well I think Nemo just wanted to get back at you for making me walk bare feet on that road” Aara said
” He’s so posessive about you, why?” I asked. I was curious, I wanted to know.
” I’ve known Nemo almost all my life, we became friends in grade 1 and have been together ever since. I suppose because we grew up together he’s always had the tendency to be protective, I only had to ask for something and Nemo would get it for me” Aara said with her head down and a smile on her face and she continued..
“We’ve seen each other laugh,cry, get hurt, our achievements our losses everything…we’ve shared everything…when we came to campus he changed so much though…he was still there for me but in his own way, ℓ☺ℓ Nemo had a new life here. I guess he was just experimenting but got a little too carried away with it..but he’s the best friend I ever had, he really is a good guy”

“Why does he hate me?” I asked
Aara laughed. ” Hate is a strong word man…he doesn’t hate you but I know its because you don’t like me and you show it, he doesn’t like it. I’m sure he likes that you don’t like me, he just doesn’t like the way you talk to me ”
“But I never said that I didn’t like you?” I asked in surprise
” You did” she replied
“When?”, I asked
” I asked you if you hate me you said no I asked you if you like me you said no”
” I didn’t mean it…okay fine I meant it then..but a lot has changed” I said
” Reeeeealllly” Aara asked
“Yes really” I replied honestly
” So what’s changed?”, she asked
” Aara!” I laughed ” what’s with the twenty questions??”
“I’m curious tell me”
“Your group…I should actually thank Riza..the few days that we’ve met has started to clear the clouds in my head and heart…” I answered
” To the purity that lies within…” Aara said with a smile
” I hope so” I smiled back
“You know, dimples you’re not half as bad as you pretend to be” Aara said
I laughed. “Okay that’s enough for one day woman let’s go back”
And as we walked back together, I said something that I really, truly meant…
” Never let go of each other, what you guys have is so rare and so beautiful…even your Nemo as annoying as he is, he’s got your back…he was so willing to even take your place in your dare…you don’t get that these days…best friends…who would do anything for each other…I hope I can one day be a part of this too ”

” You will” she said with a sweet smile and as we neared the group she ran to Nemo and hugged him, taking him by surprise. ” “Thank you Nemo for always being my Nemo…even though you’re damn irritating at times…I don’t tell you thank you enough”

Nemo smiled and hugged her back ” no thank you’s remember”

As I watched them I couldn’t help but feel a slight, very slight pang of …could it be… my heart….but I didn’t know what it was for…jealous of Nemo?…jealous of Aara( no wait I’m not gay)..jealous of their friendship? Looking at them, Aara playfully punching Nemo, Nemo putting all of her hair over the front of her face..(ℓ☺ℓ) …I don’t know…I just can’t put my finger on it…





21 thoughts on “Part 34- Truth or Dare? (part 6)

  1. Aww man I jus luv these guys!! Lmao @ Aara!! Jus knew she ws gna do sumtng crazyyy =)) zoheb hands off Aara dear! She’s nemo’s *nt intrstd*


  2. OoooooOooooOoh YeSsssseSss (dancing face)
    That so had to come…something crazy from Aara #Ripped
    She actually spat the pit in his hands (Ripping) aNd she ran… 😉
    Awwwww Aara&Nem0 are jus to0o0o cuteeeeee (love struck)!!
    Nem0 is definitely Aara’s Nemo 😛 !!! Zoheb eyes off her 😀 .!!!
    She’s allll Nem0’s #Aara♡Nemo!! ANd the note was hilarious too 😛 !!
    JzkZ for the AwEs0mE posts! 😛
    I’m definitely making dua for Nem0&Aara 😉 😛 ……
    PlzZ dnt break my heart -_- neh neh 😉 😛 😀 !! Xoxo


    • well haaj just so you know…there wasn’t going to be a nemo daring aara episode but I wrote it just for you coz ur soooo sweet and promoting my blog so lekker:) can make a few adjustments for my loyal readers *mwah*

      and sam seedat thank u to u too for the faith you had in my work when it barely started *big hug*


      • Awww TanxXx a millon 😛 I really loved that dare #Ripped
        I didn’t know that you would specially add coz I asked 😛 !!
        I love it so I jus have to share it 😛 😀 😉 ..!!
        TanxXx to you for the AwEs0mE blog 😛 !! Xoxo

        @ pfaheema nOoo it’s dua’s for Nemo&Aara 😉 😛
        Love them more 😀 !!


  3. Wonderful
    Totallly awesome!!
    Was looking for ur twitter account.
    Now I c it!!

    No no. Aara and Zoheib
    A to Z. Perfect for each other 🙂 🙂


  4. An evenıng dedıcated to readıng thıs blog ! Amazıngbles ! Lol ! Haaj thank to you who promoted the blog wıch caught my frıends eye who passed ıt on to me ! Great story Shazıa !


  5. Loving this blog.thank u.keep up good writting🌹 jus a thought r u by any chance t same author of R101 or any relation☺️Ur work is jus as amazing☺️Zoheb❤️Aaara


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