Part 35- Unlikely Partners and The Fight!

Okay listen up” Riza said as he placed a two small bowls filled with pieces of paper, infront of us.

“in one bowl, on these pieces of paper are numbers 1-4, written twice, in the other bowl are tasks, so this is going to be totally random, two tasks for you to perform with the person you’re paired with. One person will choose from the number bowl, and then number that matches yours will be your partner”

“Oh so we aren’t going to be paired with our original partners”, Zainab asked quickly.
I couldn’t help but notice a suttle smile building up on Arshad’s face.

“No Zai we aren’t going to be paired with our “original” partners but hey who knows you might get lucky again” Riza said jokingly
Zainab’s face turned red ℓ☺ℓ !

“Ok any four of you, take a pick” Riza said
Aara carried on eating her chocolate dessert. ” Why are you always eating?”, Zoheb asked her and she rolled her eyes at him and dug the spoon further into her bowl.

Once everyone had finally pulled out their piece of paper, Riza asked us to call them out.

Maariah: number 2
Zainab: number 2 as well (sounding slightly disappointed)

Laeeka: number 4
Arshad: hello partner..number 4 as well (showing us his piece of paper)

Aara: number 3
Riza: how’s a high five sister! We’re partners ( and Riza high fived Aara)

Nemo and Zoheb looked at each other in shock!! And showed us their papers. Aara choked on her dessert, Arshad’s glasses fell off his face and Riza lowered his cap to cover his face but his whole body was shaking with his laughter.
“Bonding time guys”, Maariah said as she tried to hold back her laugh too
“Ok any one from the four new pairs pick a piece of paper from the task bowl”, Riza said with a chuckle

And so we did.

Zainab: market in 4th street. You will run Mama Zama’s stall for her for the morning!!….riza, 4th street market are you mad?
Riza: trust me Zai its all good I’ve made all the arrangements

Aara: a day at the Aspher&Moulder gallery, for a peaceful experience of art and culture… ℓ☺ℓ Reez this is your thing man
Riza: hah you also like art!

Laeeka: *jumping up and down* time to play dress up!! Lady My Lady private showroom collection of the finest couture this season!
Arshad: huuuuhhh? What must I do there???
Riza: unwind

Nemo: bake a three tier cake at Maariah’s restaurant to be served and sold to her customers, do your best-dont let a friend down:)
Zoheb: agh man this is the second time I’m stuck to do something in the kitchen!
Nemo: 3 tier cake…with HIM???
Zoheb: can’t we swop it with one of you?
Aara: no
Nemo: please?
Aara: it was a random pick, maybe destiny wants you both to get along!
Nemo: *thinking*
Aara: please Nemo *batting my eyelashes*
Nemo: ok
Riza: ℓ☺ℓ Nemo while it is right to do what she’s saying now, it isn’t always right to do everything she says you know
Aara: *throwing a pillow at Riza* who’s side are you on anyway!
Riza: my side 🙂

Zainab: so when does the whole roadtrip begin anyway?
Riza: okay here’s the thing. Parents aren’t agreeing for us to go alone so atleast one of them will come with us
Zoheb: that’s a laugh! We aren’t babies you know
Riza: I understand but I also understand where they’re coming from and its fine I mean we aren’t going with the intention of getting laid or going on a drug trip so its fine. Trust me itl be okay. As for the dates, I’m working on breaking it up into parts as well so I’ll email you my suggestions as soon as its ready. Its just been 4 days since we spoke about it but hey I’m glad the enthusiasm is building up in you guys!

Zoheb: cool. Listen, how about supper tonight everyone? My treat:)

Laeeka: who has place for supper after all this food Zoheb
Aara: I do! (Raising her hand)
Nemo: (putting her hand down) you always every ready to eat!
Zoheb: so its just you and me then Aara
Nemo: ey, we’re all coming okay don’t get happy thinking you’re saving your money

Zoheb shook his head with a smile on his face and looked down
Laeeka and Riza shared a knowing look.
Even Arshad looked startled.

Aara: you need to calm down a little Nemo ( while jumping into his car)
Me: calm down for what now? (Irritated)
Aara: what’s gotten into you???
Me: what’s your problem now?
Aara: why do you snap at Zoheb at every chance you get? Naeem you’re being rude and you know it!

Whenever Aara called me by my name I knew she was angry with me…but I was angry too! Zoheb, knowing that she came with me, offered to drop her home because they stayed close by!

Me: why do you always take his part? Even when he asked you to do that stupid dare you gladly agreed
Aara: un frikking believable!
Me: it is! Because you give him too much importance
Aara: stop this car right now!!! I will walk home!!
Me: in your dreams!
Aara: Naeem I mean it!!!
Me: NO!
Aara: open the damn lock man!
Me: just shut up and sit put I’m dropping you home and that’s it!

After a few minutes…
Me: look, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shout at you sweetheart
Aara didn’t answer.
Me: please talk to me..

Aara: what’s the point? Do you ever listen!
Me: what do you want me to do?
Aara: its not about what I want you to do, its about what is the right thing to do!

Me: Aara I don’t know why I cannot stand him, I try but I can’t control myself

Aara: Lies. You don’t try! And forget it Naeem, if it were a new girl introduced to the group you’d be all over her trying to get to know her and then you wouldn’t have cared if she had dared me to eat shit also!

That stung.

Me: that’s not true Aara
Aara: it is the truth and you know it Naeem!
Me: please stop calling me by my name, you sound like you hate me right now
Aara: it is your name idiot! And no I don’t hate you, I couldn’t even if I wanted to I just wish…I just wish you would grow up!

Me: what the hell should I do????? Wash his ass, feed him with my hands??
Aara: (now screaming) TREAT HIM LIKE A HUMAN BEING!!!!
Me: I don’t want to!!!! (Screaming back)
Aara: everyone is noticing it and no one will tell you anything and you’re enjoying it!!
Me: but you aren’t isn’t ? Because you like him!
Aara: F*** off will you! That’s all there is in your head! I don’t know why you’re so damn jealous!

Me: (I held the steering wheel so tight my hands had turned do I tell her why…) Just leave it out (pulling up outside Aara’s flat)

Aara: (getting off the car and banging the door and then going to the boot taking out her baskets and banging the boot also..I got off to help her take the baskets inside) don’t bother coming up just go away.. (her eyes were full of tears)

Me: let me help you please…( I pleaded)

Aara: (tears falling from her eyes now uncontrollably) go away Naeem ( and she walked away)

Me: (I walked behind her and begged her to talk to me) I’m sorry Aara please I didn’t mean to hurt you..

Aara: you need to watch what you always take me for granted…everytime..and you think you can just make it all better with your sorry..what is it that you want from me??(sobbing)…

I tried to hold her hand and she jerked my hand away..ouch

Me: please im begging you…im really so sorry, I won’t ever do this again

Aara: please…just go away.. (and she ran up the stairs to her flat).

I stood downstairs for what seemed like ages before I sat in my car,revved it angrily and drove off…I hit the steering wheel a few times in frustration..

This reminded me of the fight we had two years ago….




20 thoughts on “Part 35- Unlikely Partners and The Fight!

  1. Yayayayayayayahhhh
    Its about time Aara tole her Neemo off, he thinks he’s Mr too goody shoes
    Loving the story!!
    Zoheib and Neemo 🙂 🙂 BAKING


  2. *sobbing*……*heart broken*….
    I could have guessed this was coming…
    Coz everyone I team dnt end up together 😦 .!!
    JzkZ for the post….v.sad..& depressing 😦 !!
    #TeamNem0&Aara♡ …. #LilHope 😦


  3. Wonder wt d othr fyt ws abwt!! 😐 ohh nemo plssss mke tngs ryt wid AAra:( n t top it off thy gta bke tgthr *cntr luk*sum1s gna end up wid dough on their face 😛


  4. Fight was heartbreaking😪 but it gotta be Zoheb&Aara…Naeem u need Aara as a friend or as a sister u neva had by urside wen growing up😊


    • Lol yipZz I did x_x now I say Amina&Suhail coz Moe married already x_x aNd Zidane is jus heart breaking tooo x_x definitely not a good choice 😦 maybe I shud be scared to team Rameez&Amaani 😉 !!


  5. Yeyy m sooo lovin this story..n nemo n aaras fighting..
    Shame poor nemo tho m stil team zoheb n aara..dey mk a cuute couple hu wil irritate each other al th tym.haha..
    Thnx 4 th lovely post


  6. ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ haAj!!
    Really the couples u team up flop!
    Well Amina is gonna get married to one of Moe’s cousin that Moe can’t stand!
    And Ameera is gonna become her bestie!
    As for Amaani and Rameez. Thy in a vry deep sleep.
    Team up for Aara and Zoheib. With Neemo as the ‘kabaab maa haddie’
    Hªª hªª hªª Hªª hªª hªª


    • Lol seriously they do *laughing*!
      Except letters from z …. I’m team Nadeem 😛
      But even s0 I wnt stop teaming them x_x
      Haha imagine Moes cuzzy aNd Amina 😉
      I miss Rameez&Amaani 😦 !!
      Lol Nem0 is my favourite character 😛 !!
      I’m still teaming Nemo&Aara♡ …
      Even if they dnt end up together -_- !!


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