Part 36- Dangerous Dining

Bbm Group Chat:

Zoheb: hi all of you. Okay the venue is La Via and yes its halaal , I’ve smsd you all the address and reservation number. Reservation is for 7:30 and dress is formal so all of you especially the ladies enjoy yourselves with your gowns or whatever you call it. Its a ladida place I just thought something different would be nice for a change

Riza: cool dude. You’re really going all out
Zoheb: its a pleasure Reez
Laeeka: wow Zoheb good taste!
Maariah: can’t wait *dancing*
Zainab: ℓ☺ℓ Maariah!
Arshad: girls are always happy to dress up..they gonna love you Zoheb ℓ☺ℓ
Zoheb: ℓ☺ℓ Arshad good one
Riza: Nemo you here bro?
Nemo: hmm here
Riza: does anyone else want to be picked up? Can fetch after I pick up my lady love
Maariah: Zai and I are coming with Arshad so we’re sorted thanks Reez
Riza: nemo? Aara?
Nemo: I’ll see you guys at the venue
Riza: ok cool, I’m sure Aara isn’t even reading her messages
Zoheb: ok I’ll give her a call don’t worry…laterz people
Nemo: pick you up at 7 sweetheart?
No reply. She read my message and didn’t reply.
Nemo: still mad at me?
No reply again…reading messages and not replying…rude

Nemo: I’m very sorry sweetheart…I shouldn’t have acted the way that I did and I promise that I’ll try never to do it again. You being mad at me like this, is killing me every second. Please talk to me 😦

Still no reply

A few hours later…

Zoheb(in a black formal pants and black long sleeve formal shirt, black coat): hey slmz guys ( to Riza and laeeka)

Riza( navy blue pants,powder blue long sleeve shirt and navy blue sports jacket): ws bro (half a hug to Zoheb)

Zoheb: Laeeka, very beautiful (handing her a yellow rose)

Laeeka: (in a beautiful powder blue and white beaded dress) thank you Zoheb:)

Riza: hey where’s mine?

Zoheb: dude, if you wanted a rose you should have worn a dress

Arshad (in a white pants,white shirt and white coat): slmz slmz everyone looking very good

Zoheb: so do you bro (shaking Arshad’s hand)

Zoheb: Maariah this is for you (handing Maariah a white rose) you’re looking beauitiful

Maariah: (dressed in a flair purple dress but different shades of purple)..thank you 🙂

Zoheb: and Zainab (in a straight cut silver strappy dress with a beaded bolero) you’re looking beautiful as well (handing her a pink rose)

Zainab: thanks Zoheb (peeping at Arshad)

Zoheb: (sensing that) you both look so good together tonight. We have to get a picture of you together…(Taking out his phone and walking backwards) cmon stand together Arshad and Zai (and they did so awkwardly) and smile! (ℓ☺ℓ they did smile or actually they blushed )

Riza: where’s Nemo and Aara?

Maariah: probably on their way and fighting

Zoheb smiled a little but didn’t say anything.

Laeeka: phoning her now ( dialing Aara)
Aara: hello
Laeeka: hey Aara, where are you?
Aara: I’ll be there in maybe about fifteen minutes..I’m on my way, but don’t wait for me you guys sit down and stuff please
Laeeka: okay, is Nemo with you?
Aara: no
Laeeka: (walking away from everyone) are you okay? You don’t sound okay?
Aara: Nemo and I had a fight
Laeeka: again
Aara: please don’t say anything please
Laeeka: its that serious?
Aara: yeah..please don’t say anything
Laeeka: heyy its me..I won’t say anything…you can tell me when its just us ok..come soon and drive safe

Laeeka: (walking back to everyone) sorry, I couldn’t hear her much but she’s on her way (dialing Nemo)
Nemo: Laeeka?
Laeeka: hey you, where are you?
Nemo: running a little late I should be there in about half an hour
Laeeka: Nemo!
Nemo: haha I lied…I’m parking my car see you in a minute
Laeeka: (ℓ☺ℓ ) okay okay

Nemo: guys and smoking hot ladies…you’re out to kill tonight man! Zoheb ( shaking Zoheb’s hand)

Maariah: Nemo what’s the occassion…so cute and on time even

Nemo: hey its the first time Zoheb invited us out so I had to make an impression
Arshad: yeah right

Nemo: what yeah right…look at you, where are you going? Dressed like you getting married bro! (ℓ☺ℓ )

Arshad: pot calling the kettle black look at you (looking at Nemo in his grey pants, black shirt and fitted grey waistcoat)

Nemo: hey I’m like the bridesmaid here (lmao)
Everyone laughed as they made their way inside…
Zoheb: Aara still isn’t here?
Laeeka: she’s on her way

It was a big round table at the corner, very intimate, and everyone took their seats. We started ordering when Zoheb’s phone rang.
“No you don’t need to but I’ll meet you outside”
Zoheb: Aara’s here, she was just worried because she didn’t have the reservation number, she’s parking her car. I’ll be right back you guys carry on

Zoheb: hey 🙂 (handing Aara a chocolate)
Aara: errr thanks
Zoheb: I gave the other ladies a rose but since you like eating so much I thought a chocolate would be better
Aara: very funny
Zoheb: what? Its the truth
Aara: how nice of you…call me for supper and then insult me..its so youuuu
Zoheb: (with a full dimpled smile, producing a rose from behind him and handing it to Aara)
Aara: (trying hard not to smile) white for peace?
Zoheb: you could say that (smile again before producing another rose)
Aara: (ℓ☺ℓ ) yellow…friendship?
Zoheb: I’m trying (smile again before producing another rose)
Aara: red…for revenge? (Wicked grin)
Zoheb: (laughing) this would be an insult
Aara: how so?
Zoheb: red rose simply because you’re looking very beautiful tonight so just the yellow and white won’t do
Aara: (with red cheeks) oookay…are you high on something?
Zoheb: (ℓ☺ℓ ) no.. maybe.. cmon let’s go inside
Aara: wait wait..I’ll leave these flowers in my car or I’ll never hear the end of it
Zoheb: okay come let’s walk to your did you drive in this dress?
Aara: nicely
Zoheb: you’re very stubborn I could have fetched you
Aara: I know, I didn’t want to disturb anyone

Aara and Zoheb walked into the room together. Aara looked gorgeous in a grey and black,straight woven formal dress with a round neckline, she had her hair down but in soft curls. People stared at them together, and the one who stared the hardest was Nemo as Zoheb pulled the chair next to him out for Aara (well it was the only seat available)

Laeeka: looking good Aara:)
Aara smiled at Laeeka “thanks so do all of you. Its so nice to see everyone so dressed up”

Aara didn’t speak to Nemo and we noticed it.
Nemo: looking very very gorgeous sweetheart 🙂

…She picked up her phone, looked at my name on her screen and didn’t open the message.
I probably deserve it. She didn’t look at me even once. She was sitting straight ahead of me, looking like an angel. And, we were matching Yayyyy! And she was sitting next to that creep! I know I said I’d try, but in my head to myself is an exception! Maybe he wasn’t so bad, I mean he seems nice now, look at how he’s talking to everyone.

What the….

Why is he smiling at MY Aara like that?????

Zoheb: why are you picking on your food? You were the most enthusiastic about coming here anddd you love food so now?

Aara: not that hungry after all…( Poking at her salad)

Zoheb: nonsense…here taste this ( taking a piece of chicken from his plate with his fork and putting it into Aara’s plate)

Aara: no man I don’t want it

Zoheb: you’re eating a salad at a table where all of us are eating such lekker stuff!

Aara: (looking at Zoheb)..
Zoheb: please ( full dimple smile)

Nobody else was paying attention, everyone else was busy talking and eating

Aara: I really don’t feel like it ( whisper)

Zoheb: (whispering back) are you ok?
Aara: (looking at Zoheb and he could see she had been crying)

Zoheb: do you want to go home?
Aara: its ok I’ll stay
Zoheb: we can always say you were feeling sick
Aara: then everyone will want to leave their supper its okay, I’ll stay
Maariah: what are you two whispering to each other about?
Zoheb: can’t hear each other above all the noise
Maariah: what noise ?( With a raised eyebrow)
Zoheb: (looking around) oh I probably have a problem with my ears then

And Aara started laughing. Zoheb smiled and whispered “that’s better”

Aara: Reez when do we need to go to the gallery?
Riza: when can you make a break?
Aara: tuesday probably. Tomorrow is back to back meetings and on wednesday I’m going out of town on work, back sunday probably.
Riza: so you won’t be around? Crap man
Zainab: what’s this months flavour Aara? (As she ate a calamari ring)
Aara: domestic violence. A lot of investigating and a looota work (sipping on her kola tonic)
Zoheb: how does it work?
Aara: well, we have surveys all the time on different topics that spark public interest and the most popular ones are what we work on first, but we do the less popular ones as well but on a smaller scale
Zoheb: interesting ( fascinated by Aara’s wit)
Aara: it is, but its very time consuming. But I guess all jobs are
Zoheb: Maariah we’ll get first hand experience at your place. Nemo when do you want to do the cake thing? I’m actually also out of town from tomorrow till around thursday on work
Nemo: (looking at Aara for a few seconds ) sunday should be ok with me
Riza: why, what are YOU doing the whole week?
Nemo:I spoke to Uncle Solly earlier, he’s agreed to take me back to complete my articles, I start tomorrow
Zainab: Nemo that is the best news ever! Congratulations!
Laeeka: yeah Nemo well done!
Riza: proud of you bro (patting Nemo on his back)

Nemo looked down. Aara didn’t say a word.

“And the market thing?”, Zai said breaking the ice..”When are you free Mari”
“Wednesday should be good”, Mari answered
“Make sure you take your camera with you, and have fun experimenting”,Aara said “infact if you’d like I can set you up with some of the guys at work and they can give some onhand training”…”Coz ermm you know, we didn’t know you have a thing for photography, you probably wouldn’t have told us either, soo lucky we have Arshad here”
“Excellent idea Aara”, Laeeka said “and Zai just let it flow, think you have no strings holding you back”

I hadn’t seen Zai this happy ever! She was so excited and I was glad to have played a small role in that. Its funny how your opinion of someone changes once you know their story..that is why..never be too quick to judge someone especially if you haven’t made the attempt to get to know them.
“And you madam, are we going to be doing wedding shop at Lady my Lady?”, I asked Laeeka.
“Well, Arshoo we can get ideas but we’re going to play dress up! So no wedding shopping, just going to enjoy ourselves”
“I don’t know how changing your clothes a million times is anyones idea of fun” I said honestly.
Zainab laughed. ” You’ll be fine Arshad, you’ll have such a nice time you’ll probably want to go there again”
“Errr I highly doubt that, let Faseeha see me there and then I’m done for! You know, my mum hasn’t spoken to me ever since I got back home this afternoon, I think that little creep told her something”
“(ℓ☺ℓ) looks like I have to come and have a word with your mum” Nemo chuckled
“Yeah you should, you have a way with words and my mother is your biggest fan”I said truthfully. It was the truth, my mother had a very soft spot for Nemo, and with all his sweet words he used to make her feel like a million bucks, and the thing with Nemo is, he genuinely liked my mum, always said he wished his mother was like my mum and Aara’s mum. I looked at Nemo and Aara and wondered what was wrong. They’re normally inseparable and tonight they weren’t even looking at each other…

Zoheb: I don’t know when was the last time I saw my mother…
Everyone went quiet.
Riza: why? Where is she?
Zoheb: she’s in New Zeeland but ever since London I haven’t seen them

Nemo: mine is in Durban. Same boat as you bro, I don’t know when was the last time I saw her ( suddenly chipping in, with his head down still)

Zoheb: you guys are lucky. Arshad even if your mum is angry with you, you still have her with you and she cares…not all of us are that fortunate. I hope one day I will be a better parent to my children than my parents were to me

Nemo: I’ll second you on that one.

Aara smiled a little.

Nemo looked at Aara…and smiled a little too

Zoheb: but now we’re talking about kids and we aren’t even married yet! Riza and Laeeka are at the top of the whens the big day?
Laeeka: we haven’t set a date yet…still some issues to sort out

Riza: well not issues as such but you know, got to have some family meetings discuss stuff etc..we kinda ..well I kinda didn’t tell anyone I was going to propose so it came as a bit of a shock

Zainab: shouldn’t really come as a shock you guys are together like forever

Laeeka: exactly! Thank you Zainab

Hmmmm so this is what was going on…someone wasn’t very happy (it had to be in Riza’s family ) and no guesses for who that was!

Zoheb: ookay, shall we have dessert? (And he motioned for the waiter to come over)

Everyone ordered except Aara, citing the excuse that she wasn’t hungry. Aara was a total foodie so either she was sick or just not in the mood.

Zoheb: nonsense. I’ve ordered for you already. A salad is not going to say hello
Aara: but I’m not hungry

Zoheb: you weren’t hungry earlier too but you still ate(now whispering) pleaaaaase
Aara: well it depends on what you ordered I suppose (rolling her eyes)

Zoheb: (smiling a side smile) from what I’ve noticed so far and from what I’ve heard I think my choice would be right on the button

Aara: (small smile) whatever it is that you’re trying to do , you better stop it
Zoheb: you keep telling me to smile and let it go so I’m doing the same for you
Aara: and now I know its easier said than done…
Zoheb: that bad?
Aara: *sigh* I dunno
Zoheb: *squeezing Aara’s hand* hang in there…it will be alright

I couldn’t help but notice Nemo staring angrily at them and poking his fork into the table…

Aara: *laughing* you sound like me now!
Zoheb: hell no I do not sound like a girl!
Aara: *rolling her eyes again*
Zoheb: don’t you just love doing that? You lucky you not squint imagine rolling your eyes then…it will be like woooaah where’s that one going ohh okay here it is
Aara burst out laughing and all of us turned to look at them. Zoheb started laughing also.

Riza: don’t be rude share the joke!
And we were interrupted by the waiter…who put everyones choice of dessert infront of them

Aara: o my word! Chocolate cheesecake! How did you know??
Zoheb: (whispering) I didn’t…I like chocolate cheesecake and I know you like chocolate so yeah
Aara: man you should have made me laugh earlier I would have enjoyed supper too…now I’m living in regret thinking about those succulent prawns or that juicy steak
Zoheb: *straight face* something is wrong with have cheesecake infront of you and you thinking about prawns and steak *my turn to roll my eyes*
Aara: mmmmmm (taking the first bite) this is devine!!! Laeeks you gotto taste this( giving Laeeka a piece)
Laeeka: o gosh this is like a slice of heaven man mmmmm
Zoheb: I only go for the best (winking at Aara)
Nemo: (in my head ofcourse) what the frikking hell is that supposed to mean????

And I watched them laughing and joking with each other , while she ignored me. Didn’t even so much as raise her eyes to meet mine the entire evening. Talking to Zoheb as if she knew him for ages…while her best friend sat across her staring at her for some kind of recognition. I know I hurt you Aara, but now you’re hurting me….you’re hurting me a little too much.

Bbm chat
Maariah: what are you thinking?
Me: nothing
Maariah: its very obvious you know
Me: what is?
Maariah: that you’re in love…
Maariah: with Aara
Me: no I’m not
Maariah: really now
Me: yes really
Maariah: okay so stop staring at her then, go chat up some girl in this place
Me: that’s what all of you think about me isn’t it?????? Just because I used to do that doesn’t mean I still do, but nevermind you wouldn’t understand. none of you would

Maariah looked at Nemo (still looking at Aara). She watched as he crumpled the tissue he had in his hand as hard as he could, his face had turned red but he sat there quietly….

A storm was on its way…a storm that would change the equation of everything…


choc cheese




22 thoughts on “Part 36- Dangerous Dining

  1. Zoheib is sooo soooo a gentleman!!
    I reallly like his character,
    And Neemo. We need to know his full story and what brought about the change in him. Cause looks like Aara liked the old Naeem, and lost hope and has now found Zoheib!
    Luvly story. Enjoying it!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. *heart broken* & *sobbing*…..
    biiig bear hugs Nem0..!! I feel ur pain -_- … 😦 … x_x
    Nem0 & Aara matched…One thing to make me smile 😛 !!
    I feeeel sorrry for both abt there mumz x_x
    But Nem0 is my favourite 😛 !! #Nem0&Aara♡
    Argh…Nem0 the best if u can’t take it is make a excuse and leave…
    Dnt act in haste coz u too sweet to be mean 😉 !! Xoxo
    Zoheb was sweet to take them out for dinner 😉 juz…
    Hands and Eyes off Aara..!! 😛


  3. Loved this post ….. and the characters. Zoheb and aara all the way… please let them be together….. can read the chemistry in ur writing. …and they they rock!I think zoheb might be my fave.
    Felt bad for nemo….. poor guy…. hes sweet…. but not for aara!


  4. Very very very sad post😥 it was suppose to be aara and nemo and it will still be aara and nemo author plzzzz don’t break our hearts *team aara and nemo all the way


  5. Agh ırıtated much ! Fıne enuf nemo was wrong .. But Araa dıdnt hve to treat hım as shıt ! And ıgnore hım the entıre evenıng . Really thıs ıs her best frıend frm pre school and now wow shes a Zoheb fan ! PsssssssssT !


  6. Nemo and Aara all the way<3 please let them end up together. someone else should come in the picture for Zoheb. Maybe his childhood sweetheart?


  7. I agree,i also dont think he loves her he just think he does,he feels threatned by a new guy near her..Zoheb and Aara will be awesome tougether,give zoheb a channce guys hes been through alot,#zoheb and Aara#all the way.


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