Part 38- Mondays Rock!

Monday morning…I’ve never been this excited about a monday morning in a very long time! But I had reason to be excited. Aara called to say that Stephan the guy she works with said it would be cool for me to join their team this morning on the road. They were doing some cultural research thing and thought it would be a great learning experience for me behind the camera.

If Riza hadn’t planned this whole thing, I would never have gotten this camera (not that I can’t afford it but I was always too scared to attempt it lest I fail at it), Arshad wouldn’t have become so understanding or well its more like he’s a new person towards me, we probably wouldn’t have met Zoheb ( he is very sweet), Nemo wouldn’t have realised his feelings for Aara ( we aren’t blind we noticed), Maariah would have still met her nana Reez would never not have told her. It was all just turning out so well and way better than I had expected! My friends rocked! Laeeka was getting married (no date set yet) and I know we needed a heart to heart very soon. Aara was fetching me ( yeah I’m the one always getting a lift, I was so scared of driving ever since I failed my driver’s licence test!) That’s another story on its own! And there was Aara right on time.

Me: salaams
Aara: ws,howzit Zai
Me: excited ! (Grinning)
Aara: (ℓ☺ℓ ) you should is so vast you”ll never get tired of it
Me: thanks again Aara I really appreciate what you’re doing
Aara: please man say thank you one more time and I’ll drop you home *winking*
Me: okay okay…so what’s the story with you and the dimples dude
Aara: ℓ☺ℓ there is no story
Me: I think he likes you
Aara: I don’t blame him what’s not to like about me *wink again*
Me: aaah conceited much hey…but really you should just go with the flow you know don’t shut him or anyone else out
Aara: easier said than done…my work load is overwhelming I don’t have time for much else really. I’m just making time for Riza’s things but after Nemo left last night I worked until 2 this morning
Me: Nemo left last night from…?
Aara: we had a fight, he came home to apologise
Me: yeah I noticed you guys weren’t talking last night
Aara: I dunno Zai really Nemo is my oldest friend I don’t know what’s going through his head. Even after he explained last night I just feel there’s so many more blanks to fill in
Me: he seems threatened by Zoheb
Aara: yeah that I know, but being threatened is one thing and being rude is another
Me: ℓ☺ℓ you know I was also shocked when he snaps at Zoheb the way he does. And Zoheb is so calm he doesn’t react and I think that makes Nemo take more advantage
Aara: that’s true *sigh* I’m so glad I’m going to durban this week. I’ve got a workshop to attend on wednesday and thursday and I’ve taken friday off. Need some mum and dad time
Me: I’m glad, you work too hard and you haven’t been home in ages!
Aara: two months..
Me: awww you’ll come back emotionally recharged
Aara: I hope so hey…by the way what’s up with Riza and Laeeka?
Me: gosh that witch mother of Riza’s is so cut up with him for proposing she actually told Riza that she didn’t think he’d go through with marrying Laeeka can you believe it!
Aara: she what?? That is so nasty! Did she think Laeeka was just his timepass??
Me: Laeeks is so upset I’m feeling so bad for her
Aara: why the hell did Riza tell her what his mother said?
Me: beats me…Riza as smart as he is he doesn’t think sometimes
Aara: that’s it- tonight its just us, I’ll fetch you all and sleepover at my place. Too much is happening and Laeeka needs us
Me: on a monday night you sure?
Aara: positive! There’s no monday tuesday wednesday with friends especially not us girls
Me: let’s phone Maariah and Laeeka now
Aara: good idea 🙂
Our day went really well. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with Aara’s camera crew and also realised that I had toooo much still to learn. I decided to call Arshad and let him know how it went since he was the one who pushed me into it.

Me: salaams howzit
Arshad: hey! Ws I’m ok Zai how are you? How was your day?
Me: ℓ☺ℓ easy on the questions will you…it was really really lovely, I just had to phone and let you know
Arshad: I’m so happy for you Zai really
Me: thanks to you
Arshad: I just bought you the camera its you doing all the hard work…so where to from here?
Me: its still early days, Stephan said I should join them daily, they are going to put me on as a sort of an intern you could say, but I’ll have to do a basic photography course first before I decide which area of it I want to get into
Arshad: and this is what you want to do?
Me: hands down yes! I’m soooo happy
Arshad: then you’re going to put your mind to it and make it rock!
Me: I will Arshad I definately will

I could “hear” Arshad smiling on the other side

Arshad: okay then, how about we celebrate later over coffee maybe?
Me: that would be great!! O o wait sorry not tonight…we have a sleepover planned at Aara’s just us girls
Arshad: not bad…for a monday night
Me: yeah we need to catch up with Laeeka but I’ll take you up on your offer soon
Arshad: ok Zai 🙂
Me: anyhow lemme go, I’m just going home to pack my stuff and then head over to Aara’s cya
Arshad: ℓ☺ℓ cya

I ended the call with a smile on my face:) …

Bbm chat-boys only

Nemo: my day was boring, I worked but yeah its progress I guess
Riza: ofcourse..hey one day you”ll be a hot shot lawyer bro
Arshad: Nemo congrats bro I’m so glad for you
Zoheb: yeah congrats Naeem 🙂
Nemo: thank you boys- we all sound like girls now, well not “we” just you guys
Riza: Zoheb, weren’t you going out on business?
Zoheb: change of plan, I’m leaving tomorrow night
Riza: hey why don’t we all meet up for coffee or something -its Nemo and Zai’s first day at work we ought to celebrate
Zoheb: sounds good…where about?
Arshad: errr sorry to burst your bubble but the ladies have their own plans without us
Nemo: what do you mean?
Arshad: sleepover at Aara’s flat tonight
Riza: I didn’t know about this…
Zoheb: okay maybe another time then
Nemo: wait wait wait…dudes…how about we…gatecrash the sleepover?
Arshad: bad idea
Nemo: everything is a bad idea for you
Riza: ℓ☺ℓ Nemo its a bad idea with good intentions…I’m in!
Zoheb: will they be okay with it?
Nemo: errr if you gatecrash anyones anything they won’t be okay with it. That’s the point *wicked grin*
Zoheb: nastyyyyy! I’m in too
Riza: so are you Arshad!

Arshad: oh boy *hide*

by gum

grls obn



12 thoughts on “Part 38- Mondays Rock!

  1. Yeah!! Neemo the one with the wild but fun ideas!!
    I wonder what the gals say about that!!
    Luvly post!
    Whr is Zoheib going?? Did the author mention it?? Durban perphaps.
    Aara and Zoe 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Have no0o0o chance to comment on all the blogs I read x_x *laughing*…but thought to myself I canNOT pass another day ! Without telling this awesome author how amaZing and beyond her work is !! *dancing* 😀 😀 *excited*…a totally so0oper do0operly fantastical blog !! *high five*..keep it up authorNess !! 😉 …one of the BEST blogs I’ve read ! Wo0op wo0op !! *dancing* :P…can’t be a silent reader for such an awesome blog for such a long time :P…I read 32 chapters in one day !! X_x…that spells eye catching and awesome 😛 *dancing*

    O0oh and btw !! :P…Team Nemo0o0o all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !! 😉 😛 😀 *dancing*…love him! Just as much as the other characters…bt Team Nemo 😛

    Can’t CAN’T wait for the next !! *dancing* xoxo


  3. Lmao Can only be Nem0 to come up with crazy, fun ideas 😉 !!
    Heyyy u gate crashers better bring ur own food along 😉 jk 😛 !!
    HopE theY make their entry in unique way 😀 … that will surprise the gals … 😛
    ANd now we definitely dnt get to find out abt Laeeka x_x but it’s cool
    CoZ this is gonna be more exciting…coZ gals gonna be shock to see them 😉
    Jzk shazia for the AwEs0mE posts 😛 !! *hugs*!!
    Nem0 plzZz have a spcl surprise for Aara (batting eyes)


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