Part 40 – Everything is fair sweetheart *wink*

So this is how it went down. While the guys were chilling at OUR party using OUR footspas and relaxing away while they ordered ME around, they didn’t know that I had something up my sleeve, or in their food rather. Zoheb wanted chilli steak pizza so CHILLI steak pizza it is! He’s cute and sweet but he’s always in my face, which girl doesn’t mind the attention though, but I’ve known him for what, 6 days so there’s no way I was going to feel bad about this. Arshad, pepper it is! Arshad always ends up with a hectic bout of hiccups whenever he eats pepper. ℓ☺ℓ ! Riza hmmmm ground green chillies it is, and you wanted chicken wings- I’m going to make you fly boy! This one is for your mother! He’s her son so its fair. And Nemo my sweet,sweet Nemo. Nemo loves hot food but he can’t handle it too well. Very good! Ground green chillies in your alfredo and extra salt and wait..sugar also! Hah! That’s for making the rest of them dance to your tunes SWEETHEART! And now for the cover up, a big bowl of alfredo for myself:) I quickly bbd Zai “have your camera ready, no questions *wink*”

And I pushed my tea trolley into the lounge and handed all of them their “orders”.
Zainab coaxed them into washing their faces before that because they don’t know a thing about face masks and it had already gotten so hard on their face!

“Mmmm alfredo yummy”, Nemo said as he started twirling his fork around.

And I relaxed on my sofa with my bowl of un tampered alfredo.
I tried very hard not to smile as I noticed Zoheb and Riza sniffing but they didn’t say anything.

Nemo: this alfredo has like a different taste…
Aara: how do you mean?
Nemo: I dunno…it doesn’t quite taste like alfredo (smelling it)
Aara: ey its fresh don’t smell it like that. Something must be wrong with your mouth maybe you just need to get your tastebuds used to the taste
Nemo: maybe you’re right ( and he took another bite)
Nemo: yohhhhh this thing is hot man!
Aara: I know, we asked for extra chilli its so yummy
Nemo: (looking at me questioningly )oh ok
Aara: you know if you can’t handle it don’t eat it
Nemo: (watching me eat my alfredo) I can eat hotter food than you!
Aara: (shrugging my shoulders) if you say so

Nemo took a few more mouthfuls and each time his face told a different story! His face was pink and he was just pushing the coke down like there was no tomorrow!

*hiccup* *hiccup* and all eyes were on Arshad…
Arshad: there’s like too much pepper in this *hiccup* *hiccup* (drinking his juice)
And his hiccups wouldn’t stop. Nemo laughed at Arshad when he could barely control himself because by now his mouth was on fire yet he refused to put his bowl down!

Zoheb: this is one potent chilli steak pizza (gulping down more coke)
Zoheb’s ears had turned red. He hadn’t moved past the first slice.
Aara: you want your alfredo?
Zoheb: (looking at Nemo and Arshad suffering with theirs) nooooo I’ll pass thanks

By now all the girls had caught up that I had done something to the food and tried hard to keep straight faces.

Riza: this chicken and mushroom pizza is more like dynamite pizza man! And these guys pizzas are not like this at all ( whistling sound mouth on fire!)

Nemo: ay no man Aara this frikking thing something is wrong with it, give me your bowl let me taste it

Aara: no eat your own

But Nemo was too quick for me. He literally jumped next to me and grabbed my bowl and took a bite.

Nemo: Aara….you little laced our food didn’t you??

Aara: don’t be silly

Nemo took my bowl to Riza and Arshad to make them taste it.

Arshad : *hiccup* *hiccup* hey you’re right Nemo it doesn’t taste the same

I rolled my eyes, which Zoheb saw and smirked to himself.

Riza: (throwing a pillow at me) how could you! Everythings on fire inside….shux I need to use the toilet ( and he ran from the lounge)

Laeeka,Maariah and Zainab burst out laughing!

Laeeka: serves you guys right!

Nemo: you actually did this to me!!

Arshad: *hiccup* and me???

Zoheb: and I’m new here bad way to treat your visitors Aara

Aara: you mean UN invited visitors? (Laughing) wooo you guys are a sight to behold. Look at your ears Zoheb! And Nemo your face looks like a tomato!

Nemo: and this is funny for you? (Bringing ice cubes from the kitchen and giving it to the guys) my damn lips are sore man

Aara: good atleast now you can keep your trap shut

Nemo: I’m not done with you yet…

Aara: ooo I’m so scared

Nemo: you should be *wicked grin*…here eat this? ( His bowl of alfredo)

Aara: I kinda also sprinkled some errrr (thinking thinking sprinkled some what????) nut powder on it and I’m allergic

Nemo: liar, what is nut powder anyway?

Aara: its nuts in powdered form!! (Trying not to laugh)

Nemo: naauh this is another one of your tricks take a bite now!

Aara: (time to play my new trump card) fine but if anything happens to me its on your head!!

Nemo suddenly had a worried look on his face but before he could say anything I took a bite of this horrible sweet and salty, “chillified ” alfredo and really just swallowed it, looked at him for a few seconds and then…

Nemo: see where’s the allergy now? How does it feel huh? Mouth is burning? Freaking nut powder, where do come up with all these things!!

Aara: I told you Nemo…(And I fell onto the floor)

I heard everyone wake up and rush to me, well I didn’t actually fall onto the floor because someone caught me but I couldn’t open my eyes and see who it was now!

Nemo: (shaking my face with his hands) Aara! Aara! Wake up! O God she was speaking the truth what have I done!! Arshad you’re the doctor what should we do???
Arshad: *hiccup* let’s take her quickly *hiccup* to the emergency room!!

Aara: (in my head….huh???)

I heard Laeeka,Maariah and Zainab crying tsk tsk drama queens ℓ☺ℓ

I heard the sound of car keys..Nemo sounded as though he was about to cry and he touched my face again and said ” I’m so sorry sweetheart I’m so sorry”

And then whoa they were trying to carry me! No ways!

Me: errr, you’re not coming to the e.r in that gown and those sandals are you? *wink*

Everyone: Aara!!!

And I sat up and leaned back against someone and said to Nemo ” hah I got you twice tonight!”

Nemo: (hitting me lightly on my head) this wasn’t funny at all!

Aara: you know how much I loved drama in school!! ℓ☺ℓ !

Nemo: (holding my hand) don’t ever do this again!

Aara: your list of “don’ts” for me is getting longer every day

And I leaned back and slumped comfortably against..wait who is this? I turned around a bit and realised that I was actually leaning against…

Zoheb!! And he was smiling!! Why??? And Nemo held onto my hand firmly..not letting go…






18 thoughts on “Part 40 – Everything is fair sweetheart *wink*

  1. Aara aara aara!!
    Awesome. Well done!!
    Fun but taught the guys a lesson!!
    Imagine thr mouths and throats and tummys!
    Zoheib got her,let her hand go Neemo!!sowrie mate


  2. AaaaaaaaaaRaaaaaaaaa (high five) !!!
    Goooooood actoresss hey 😛 !!!
    Nem0 got the bestesT mixture 😉 ..chillies, salt & sugar 😀 !!
    Arshad….having hiccups like no mans business 😀 !!
    Riza runs to toliet x_X
    Zoheib has chilly…but fears the Alfredo 😉 !!
    This post yet again had me in stiches #Rippped
    The gals cry (laughing)!! Jeez drama queens for sure 😉
    Aara leans in Zoheib but Nem0 has her hand…
    Nem0 never let g0 of ur SweetHeart 😛 !!
    Jzk Shazia for thee Awesome posts 😀 !! Jus love it 😛 !!
    Even with ur flu it’s super duper awesome (dancing face)!
    Get welll soooooon *hugs*!! Much Love xoxo


  3. Loving this blog so much.. Its Awesome big up to Aara teaching the guys a lesson.. Lol I’m totally for nemo nd Aara hehehehe wink* wink*


  4. Ahaha cnt stop lafin..lmao.well done aara,jus perfect;).
    .team aara n zoheb..haha nemo let go of th hand.its for sum1 else to hold lolzz


  5. lmfho Aara is amazing and thhose greedy gluts carried on eating it even tho their asses were on fire. Aara is just to adorable. i agree with Rumz andTazz Nemo needs to let go coz theres a new man in cowboy in town and hs taking over Aaras heart. gooooooooooo “TEAM ZOHERA”


  6. hmm…………i mus say a very interesting and exciting blog! infact its totally ROCKINNG!!!! @the Author – i wud lyk 2 knw wat initiated u to write such a blog? this blog is something really diff 2 read>>>>>>>DAMN GIRL u got me hooked!!!! lol. thanx haaj 4 introducing dis blog on sum ada blog……………………….


    • thanks for the compliment:)

      now for the answer to your question- I have been writing this story in my head for a few years now, with fewer characters tho. and one day I woke up and decided wth its time to put this down somewhere, and so I did:) when I sit down to write the next part, the ideas just seem to flow. some are based on parts of real life incidents(esp the humorous content) and the rest of it (well most of it) is a product of my hyper active imagination. and its such a pleasure to have people ive never met or ever spoken to, read whats been going on in my head the entire day AND appreciate it hah! what more could I ask for *wink*

      I also didn’t anticipate the astounding reaction to this story, these characters have somewhat become a part of me and im just really thrilled that people are enjoying it:)

      here’s to hoping never to disappoint!

      warmest regards,


    • Pleasures Sid 😛 !! Have to share coz I jus love it tooo 😛 !!
      At Shazia you’re definitely doing a AwEs0mE blog (thumbs up)!!
      Btw whereas our today’s post 😦 …..


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