Part 41- The Simple Things In Life

Riza: after that stunt you pulled yesterday I actually shouldn’t be going with you,you know
Aara: so don’t then (ℓ☺ℓ ) but its your task we’re following
Riza: but you haven’t lost your touch you know. Original pranksters die hard
Aara: (ℓ☺ℓ ) that’s a good thing. Infact this whole thing is a good thing and you too are a good thing I think I’m going to call you GT from now onwards (smirk)
Riza: ya ya. Anyway I have some work to finish quickly. I’ll text you the address and we meet there at around 2?
Aara: cool
Aara: THIS is Aspher&Moulder???
Riza: why what were you expecting?
Aara: something modern and retro,buzzing and classy not THIS
Riza: don’t judge a book by its cover. Come on let’s go in,I found this place by chance and I loved it
Aara: you’ve always been kinda weird…
Riza: ℓ☺ℓ you appreciate the small things so trust me you will appreciate this

And we walked into this little whatever it was that had absolutely no appeal from the outside. It was an old building that needed painting, it didn’t even have a signboard on the outside!
We browsed through a small line of hideous paintings that Riza seemed to love, before a hippie chick suddenly appeared infront of us.
Hippie chick: helloooo how are we today?
Riza: good thanks how are you?

I just smiled.
Hippie chick: are you guys looking for anything in particular?

“No we were just leaving” I said in my head

Riza: Riza Ahmed, I made a booking for the drawing room for today..

Hippie Chick: ohhh yes the two friends that were going to come on a random surprise visit!!

Riza: turns out I’m one of the two friends as luck would have it. This is Aara, a good friend of mine

Hippie Chick: hellooo Aara so pleased to meet you (extending her hand forward)

Me: (shaking her hand) nice to meet you too

Hippie Chick: alright then follow me now

And she led us through a long passageway with more hideous paintings until we reached a green door.

Hippie Chick: well here we are, do have a good time and if you need anything just buzz me 🙂

Riza opened the door and judging by the glint in his eyes he was clearly very excited. I’ve got to admit I was curious too…

Riza: come, Aara ( as he opened the door wider and stepped inside)

Me: WOW!

Riza: beautiful isn’t it?

Me: absolutely!

I was in awe of this “drawing room”. Who would have thought that inside this dingy place there was something like this! This room wasn’t very big but it was filled with sunlight pouring in from the large windows across the entire room! When I looked down I was even more stunned! The floor was also made of glass! And under neath it were the most beautiful fish I’ve ever seen! We were in a glass room or ℓ☺ℓ more like a fishtank! But it was awesome!!! At the centre of the room stood two large art boards and two huge palettes of paint.

Me: Reez I’m speechless! This is amazing!
Riza: I know its so fantastic I was supershocked when I saw it for the first time…come take off your shoes
Me: nooo I’ll feel as though I’m going to fall through this floor or these fish are going to bite me!
Riza: don’t be silly man (and he took of his shoes and walked across to his board)

And so I did the same. I didn’t grow up with Riza, I had met him in campus because Laeeka was my friend but Reez was my confidante, probably like the big brother that I didn’t have and I would trust him with my life. So basically what I’m trying to say is, is that if by any stroke of fate this glass floor had to give away underneath me Reez would save me ℓ☺ℓ .

I stood infront of this large canvas not knowing what I was going to paint!

Me: any ideas?

Riza: (already doing something on his canvas) just let it flow, it doesn’t have to be any picture in particular that’s the beauty of look at it and think what the hell,but if you look closer, its someones feelings all over it…even if its just a bunch of red hearts (smirk)

Aara: why would I draw red hearts?

Riza: errr you tell me..

Aara: Reez if I’m in love with someone I would tell you I wouldn’t keep it to myself you know

Riza: from where I’m standing it doesn’t look like you’re in love but it looks as though you might be soon…why, don’t you like my choice?

Aara: aaah I know where this is going! Your choice is gorgeous to say the least but I’m not exactly very interested at the moment

Riza: why not?

Aara: you know why…

Riza: Aadil was a long time ago Aara, you can’t let the past dictate your future

That was Riza for you! No holding back on the words at all. Say it as it is and so casually too.

Aara: I’m not hung up over him! Its just…I don’t know…I guess I’m afraid to really trust anyone in that way

Riza: you were much younger then Aara and you’ve grown a whole lot more as a person since then. When opportunity comes knocking on your door…open it

Aara: ℓ☺ℓ ! And Zoheb is that opportunity right?

Riza: he’s just one guy man. It doesn’t have to be him but just so you know he is a really nice guy, one of the genuine ones, a keeper as you girls would say

Aara: *sigh* we”ll see

Riza: yeah we better *winking*

Aara: I don’t know if Zoheb was such a good idea anyway. Nemo’s reactions to him is scary!

Riza: as much as I love Nemo, you need to realise that your world doesn’t revolve around him. He needs to man up and make his own decisions. We have all noticed what he’s been doing and we know that he’s very possessive of you ( I couldn’t tell her that Nemo was possibly in love with her). He’s your childhood friend and nothing and no one can ever change that. But you need to draw the line at some point. If you think you and Nemo have a future together, pursue it, if you feel like you should follow your heart elsewhere then follow it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to go and date random guys, all I’m saying is , just let go and live a little- for yourself. This front that you put up will consume you one day

That was deep. Even for Riza. I didn’t know what to say, he was right. So I just nodded my head.

Aara: and what about you?

Riza: *sigh* to be honest with you I feel like I’m soon going to be torn between my wife and my mother! Laeeka hasn’t said much but that’s just what is killing me…my mum is very vocal about how she feels so I know what she’s thinking no matter how bad it is but with Laeeka she just keeps quiet

Aara: yeah but you’re dumb you know that ( painting something) you shouldn’t tell her all the nasty things that your mother says!

Riza: I realised that after I told Laeeka…I’ve got to find a way to figure it out

Aara: talk to your mum? But even then too she knows you guys are together for so long why did she expect you not to marry Laeeka?

Riza: she wanted to choose someone for me…

Aara: what???

Riza: and this I haven’t told Laeeka yet but my mum suggested yesterday that I should also consider seeing other girls before I make a the samoosa run for a bit

Aara: and????

Riza: obviously I said no!! I don’t need to or want to do that -i love Laeeka much more than I myself know…

I smiled. I knew that he meant it.

Me: hey can I put this canvas on the floor and paint , my legs are starting to get a bit sore

Riza: good idea!

So we both put our canvases down and started to paint again. I don’t even know what I was painting! Black then blobs of white and some colour here and there, streaks of yellow and red…and then an imagine came to mind…the three roses…white for peace…yellow for friendship..and red for ..revenge..(Smile)

Riza: have a look ( turning his canvas towards me)

It was the simplest of pictures. A little house on a hill, with a boy and girl holding hands . The house was surrounded by hundreds of multicoloured flowers , the sun shining brightly…blue sky, white clouds. It reminded me of what a grade 1 child would draw, back in the years when we had the simplest of dreams.

Riza: my lifes dream…this is all I want ( and he wrote on the side of the canvas…Laeeka, all my love..always)

Aara: aww Reez that is so…corny and sweet and mushy and I’m so proud of you!

Riza laughed..but there seemed to be…tears in his eyes.

Aara: Reez is everything ok?

Riza: overwhelmed with emotion I guess( and he got up and buzzed the hippie chick over the intercom and asked her to please bring in the snacks now)

I had this nagging feeling at the back of my head that there was much more to it than just what he said.

I looked at the fish below me, it felt as though I was lying on the ocean! Its good that they were little fish and not you know…*hide* sharks and whales and that. Stupid, I know.

“Helloooo”, said the Hippie Chick girl as she made her entry. ” As requested Mr. Ahmed your choice of snacks” she said weirdly and she left the room.

Me: I hope this food is not laced…and this is not a payback

Riza: (laugh) no I’m me not you (with a raised eyebrow) come let’s sit by the window

We sat on the two huge chairs infront of these huge windows which had the most amazing view of the city skyline. Riza took the lid off the food tray.

Me: Niknaks and Bread!!! ( I actually screamed in delight)

Riza: campus style!

Me: has it been ages or what!!!

Riza: so dig in then!

And we did and between the two of us an entire loaf of bread and two big packets of niknaks. If it weren’t for our clothes we would probably look like two beggars munching away ( no offence to any beggars reading this *hide*)

But this was no roadside, this was just amazing…Riza was right..sometimes in life we just need to unwind and enjoy the simple things..I felt so good to be able to talk to someone and Riza never judged he just said it like he saw it.

Riza: I stare into the distance…(Motioning for me to carry on)

Me: (catching on what he was trying to do)
As the sun lowers itself behind the city heights…

Riza: wondering if along with night, my dreams will be darkened too,

Aara: (looking at Riza questioningly but he just stared ahead) the ocean under my feet, the stars light up my eyes…

Riza: and I hold on to my though it were my lifes last breath( Clutching the watch Laeeka had given him)

Aara: only to realise that once night passes…the sun will rise again

Riza: ….(Silent)

Aara: on my little house faraway..and I wake up knowing that my dream wasn’t a dream after all…

Riza: (small smile) because night is the other half of day…

Aara: and darkness doesn’t always mean dread…

Riza: says the girl who’s too afraid to tread its path… (Laughing)

Aara: not anymore (small smile)

Riza: really?

Aara: simple things in life remember…and I looked at my painting…simple things in life…

little house

3 roses

glass tank



16 thoughts on “Part 41- The Simple Things In Life

  1. Wow. That was awesome!!
    Sincere friendship!
    L♥√ع the post, a lot to ponder about,
    The 3 roses significes that she thought of zoheib really hard.
    ** 🙂 🙂 zohera. 🙂 🙂


  2. Yoh deeep post indeeed 😛 !!
    I jus love the place & the snacks too 😛 !!
    It’s do de-stressing… 😉
    And I loved how they completed the sentences… 😛
    It was so meaning full too 😉
    ONLY thinG …… Aara & giving Zoheib a chance x_X
    I’m a Die heart Nem0 Fan 😛 !! #Hope 😀
    Riza shud have told her abt Nemo liking her 😉
    JzkZ for the AwEs0mE post 😛 !!


  3. KEep the postıng up … May not comment everyday but defıntly readıng your post everyday ! That was stunnıng . . .ı hope rıza & laeeka are forever !


    • I think the exact same thing coz somewhere in the beginning he’s exact words were … “what if I said I was dying and this was my last wish?” He’s acting really weird too ​ℓ☺ℓ


  4. indeed shazia u hv been blessed with gr8 writing skills! u go on and reach for the galaxy swtheart.*wink*………..hey haaj r u lyk sum frikkin blog addict?????? damn hw do u do it? comments on almost every blog *phew* yoh u gals r really wierd>>>> eyy dis Aara chic hmmmmm………….if only she was for REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hahahhahahaha yupzZ I am a blog addict 😉
      I do it like normalll 😀 jus comment after reading it 😉
      Sorry mahn X_x I’ll TRY to comment less 😉


      • hey haaj i didnt mean it in a bad way………well u shud tk it as a compliment coz i mean u just hv a unique quality of commenting in evry blog ……. #sorry


  5. Shazia, this is the most aaaawsum blog Eva. Thanks! Its so meaningfull, so much to learn from.

    And our beloved haaj, plz don’t stop or lessen ur comments. I think u rock! Plz don’t pay attention to any negative and don’t change for anyone. Be urself! Be original!


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