Part 42- Flip Flop Flip Flop…

my humblest apologies for such a late post—one of those crazy days!! enjoy *wink*

Zainab: hello

Aara: hi u! I had a look at your market day pics they are awesome!

Zainab: you really think so??

Aara: ofcourse! Stephan emailed them to me this morning they are amazing and we are going to do a feature on that market in our next edition. Be ready to see your name in the article

Zainab: oh my gosh(jumping up and down) that’s such excellent news!!

Aara: thank Riza babe
Zainab: aww I definately will.. even Mari had such a good time there, that Mama Zama was such a nice old lady she let Mari experiment with all the different veggies and stuff…Mari has found a new supplier you know she’s always having a hassle with her current ones…wait…don’t tell me…o gosh…ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ that was Reez’s plan behind that too!

Aara: well the tasks were random but whoever got it would have told Mari about it too so yeah credit to Reez again
Zai: man does this guy think of everything and that too in the midst of all their wedding drama…

Aara: me where he gets all the ideas from
Zai: how’s your break going? How’s your parents?
Aara: well, the workshop was very interesting, my family as you can imagine are totally overjoyed to see me and its so good to be breathing some Durban air for a change
Zai: awesome man! I hope Arshad and Laeeka are having the time of their lives today!
Aara: o yeah Lady my Lady we should do that and then obviously hope and pray the guys don’t gatecrash that too!
Zai: ℓ☺ℓ true true,hey why is it suddenly so noisy?

Aara: just getting off the car..Sahal insisted I need of a dose of vitamin sea sooo we’re at Umhlanga beach
Zai: I envy you!! Anyway I’ll catch up with you later..enjoy yourself and give Sahal a hug and kiss from me…laterz
Aara: cya Zai (walking up to Sahal and giving him a quick hug and peck on the cheek)
Sahal: now what was that for? And why in public?
Aara: its from Zai idiot
Sahal: I don’t understand why your friends always wanna hug me whenever they see me
Aara: *rolling my eyes*

The first step onto the sea sand sent shockwaves up my spine! I always loved the exhilarating feeling that came along with being at the beach. Growing up in Durban meant we were born beach babies! And we lived up to it too! And it was now two months since I stood infront of the ocean again. Sahal decided to go for a swim and I found a nice spot on a low rock and dipped my legs into the water. Mmmm that felt good! I closed my eyes and tried to savour every moment. The water reached just below my knees and I dangled my legs back and forth with my eyes closed, I had let my hair loose..there was just something about the way that sticky salty breeze felt as it gently whooshed through open hair. I so needed this…

” Is this coincidence or what?”…someone said.

I was enjoying my moment now who had to come and spoil it???

I opened my eyes and turned around.

“Are you following me perhaps?” I asked

” if it makes you happy then you could believe that but I’m here on business” he said

“Ok”, I said, as I looked away again and carried on dangling my feet

“Can I join you” he asked

Did I really want him here? Like here with me completely aside from one of Riza’s tasks where we were forced to be together, it wasn’t one of our group get togethers either. This would just be me and him.

“Earth to Aara”, he said again, and I turned around to look at him again. Zoheb…smiling…both his hands in the pockets of his shorts…

“Sure but get your own rock, I’m not sharing” I said with a smirk.

And so Zoheb sat across me on a little higher rock than mine

Zoheb: you never said you were coming to Durban?
Aara: you never asked..

Zoheb: (small smile) like the beach?
Aara: love it! I literally grew up on the beach…miss it so much ( and I continued dangling my feet)

Zoheb: I just love the way anyone can feel so free here. (Pointing towards the ocean) and not knowing where it ends..there’s just something about it

Aara: I knoowww! I feel so relaxed here I could sit here all day

Zoheb: well then make sure you carry lots of sunblock (ℓ☺ℓ )

Aara: hey sunburn is almost always a sign of a good holiday

Zoheb: unless ofcourse you’re walking alone in the middle of the desert you know then that wouldn’t actually be a holiday..
Aara: ℓ☺ℓ! Zoheb!

Zoheb: whaaat I’m just sayingggg

Aara: you really do surprise me…when we met you, you were so snooty and stuck up and look at you now!

Zoheb: *ouch* ( hitting my chest lightly) heartbreaking

Aara: you don’t have a heart remember (sarcastic)

Zoheb: seems I found it again ( a little bit flirtatious)

Aara: wwooooowww zoheb who’s the unlucky girl??

Zoheb: hey you shouldn’t be saying that to me…I kinda owe you a payback for burning my mouth

Aara: never gonna happen

Zoheb: is that a challenge?

Aara: naah…its a promise *wink*

Sahal: (throwing his arms around me) hey babe will you put some sunblock on my back for me? (Eyeing Zoheb ) oh sorry I didn’t realise we had company…I’m Sahal and you are?

Zoheb had a very very shocked look on his face. He looked at Sahal and then at me and as much as he seemed to try to hide whatever it was that he was trying to, his face gave it away.

Zoheb: I’m Zoheb…Aara’s…friend

Sahal: that’s nice…can I steal her away now?

Me: (playfully punching Sahal in his tummy) shut up Sahal…Zoheb this is my one and only angel and devil rolled into one extra large package

Sahal: how dare you call me an extra large package!

Me: dude you need to lose some weight

Zoheb: he isn’t fat at all Aara (laughing)

Sahal: I like him already!

And Zoheb and Sahal got chatting like best buddies! Leaving me out completely!!

Me: errr guys..remember me???

Sahal: shhh wait Aara wait (and he carried on chatting to Zoheb)

Zoheb looked at me and winked.

“Oh gosh don’t do that” I said in my head

I can’t believe I was being ignored by my brother who I hadn’t seen in two months for a guy he has never met before! Okay that, didn’t quite come out the way I meant it but you know what I mean. So I just carried on dangling my feet in the water, breathing in that crisp sea air…mmmm it felt so good (once again). I so desperately wanted to go under the waves and drench myself completely but the Zoheb factor was there and there was no way I was going to frolic around soaking wet in front of him! Bleh! ( I did catch Zoheb looking at me a few times while talking to Sahal by the way)

After some time….

Sahal: you were saying Aara?

Me: very nice, you finally remembered I was sitting here!

Sahal: this guy is a walking talking car magazine (very enthusiastically)

I raised my eyebrow at Zoheb.

Zoheb: what? I love cars!! Its like one of my biggest passions

Aara: o I didn’t know that

Zoheb: there’s a lot you don’t know actually..

Me: ….(I just smiled)

Zoheb: (noticing Sahal walking towards a group of boys) and I’m sure there’s a lot about you that I don’t know…

Me: Ofcourse

Zoheb: (plucking up the courage to say it..should I ..shouldn’t I…) And…

Me: and…( Something in my tummy was doing a flip flop)

Zoheb: (this is so hard) what I’m trying to say is…I’d like to get to know you better…if that’s okay with you ( full dimple smile)

Me: why? ( ℓ☺ℓ I had to ask- me not being sarky was just wrong)

Zoheb: gosh woman! Nevermind (trying to act a little hurt)

Me: no really…why? What’s so interesting about me? ( I was loving this–goodbye flip flops welcome back Aara!!)

Zoheb: (say it say it say it) everything…

I was stumped! Did he just say that? …flip flop flip flop….and Zoheb smiled his 500watt dimpled smile….flip flop…*faint*


everything abt u

love the beach


12 thoughts on “Part 42- Flip Flop Flip Flop…

  1. Awww. I knew it!!!!
    This was no coincidence. Its attraction
    Thy such a luvly couple. For a second zoheib was getting jealous ovr her bro sahal. Hav a nice week Zoheara!
    Thanxx Shazia 🙂 🙂


  2. Riza is truly d sweetest n twtful! Gosh I wnder y he’s bendn over bakwards t mke evry1 happy in evryway he cn!

    Lol I knew zoheb n Aara will meet in dbn!!

    Tnks fr d post Shaz!!! Always luk frwrd t it 😀


  3. haaj……..erm wat happened 2 u? u shud b commenting infact i knw alota ppl who race to da end of da blog to check out haaj’s exciting comment……………so im sorry n u shudnt tk me seriously…….dats ur style n u shud keep up 2 it!!! jus wantd 2 say im sorry if i offended u……………………………………


    • Lol no need to be sorry 😉
      I thort I’ll jus try & not comment x_x but…
      I cudnt resist so I took my fone to comment but…
      next post already was out 😛

      TanxXx Shazia 😛 ….
      Awesome as always… jus Zoheib & Aara -_- n0o0o
      Sahal is awesome bro 😛 (dancing face)!!
      Zoheib loves cars like meeeeee 😛 (high five)!!
      Aara’s personality is really awesome aNd…
      She has good taste 😛 … aNd always enjoys the moment 😛 !!


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