Part 47- BONUS POST :)

BONUS POST!!!—-»In anticipation for the much awaited Nemo and Zoheb baking day *cringe and hide*

A part of me was angry at myself for telling Zoheb everything and a part of me was happy to share what I felt with someone else. And Zoheb was the sweetest. we drove back home in silence. He was going back to jhb tomorrow and I think I would probably take him up on his offer and go back with him. He had bought a new car so he was driving up.

I woke up on saturday morning with a pounding headache and dragged myself downstairs to find my mum.”Maa”, I called out..”I need something for this throbbing headache plzzzz”
But my dad answered instead.

Dad: your mums gone out quickly babybear I’ll get you a panado
Me: dad panado should be banished-those things don’t work I need something stronger
Dad: okay okay..mmmm here we go, take this (handing me a mybulin)
Me: thanks dad
Dad: so..
Me: (gulping down the glass of water) so…

Dad: wanna tell me what’s on your mind? You came in last night and your eyes were all puffy…did you and Zoheb have a fight?

Me: woah dad easy on the questions…(Holding my head)…why would zoheb and I have a fight? We’re just friends..

Dad: (smiling to himself) okay…

Me: but I met Aunty Zameera yesterday in Gateway…( And I proceeded to tell my father all that she said and then how I cried throughout the movie AND whatever Zoheb said

My dad was silent for a bit and then told me…” He’s right you know….and Naeem is a big boy he’s strong and confident, he’s a wonderful young man and as much as it hurts you and him and all of us..he’s got to learn to rise above it. Maybe this engagement will help do that. You should talk to him and pep him up for it, motivate him and you will see…he’s not the Naeem they knew, he’s the Naeem YOU know”

I smiled at my dad…”You always know just what to say” I said as I hugged him.

Dad: now go get ready. You’ve got to leave soon, I don’t want you travelling at night on these roads

Me: YES Sir ( and I raised my hand to a salute and grinned at my father and made my way upstairs)

Dads…they just have this way of making everything look,feel and seem okay. *big smile*

Me: this is for you

Zoheb: for me?

Me: well, I don’t see anyone else here except us (with a raised eyebrow)

Zoheb: aah sarky much hey..let me see what you got for me….(Opening the gift box)
ℓ☺ℓ! Aara!

Me: (I burst out laughing) this is what will one day happen to you because you smile so hard!!

Zoheb: cute! I’m going to hang it here ( hanging it over the rearview mirror)

Me: seriously? This is a brand new car and you’re hanging THIS there??

Zoheb: why not? Your first gift to me *winking* now everytime I look at it I’ll think of you

Me: (stop it stop it stop it —in my head) you!

Zoheb: me what?

Me: get in the car and drive

Zoheb: its not a car its a 4×4…maybe you need glasses… (Laughing)

Me: *rolling my eyes*

We were halfway to Jhb and Zoheb was excellent company. We spoke about everything from sports to news to our favourite movies and colours and everything really. I appreciated a human being with a brain. And occasionally he would tap the smiley face that hung around his mirror, which made me smile as well.

Me: howcome you were so snooty when we first met you?

Zoheb: I didn’t know you guys..and to be honest you people are crazy! Really really nutty and silly and I felt horribly awkward being forced to be a part of the “group”

Me: so when and how did it change?

Zoheb: the day I dared you to do that stupid dare…

Me: oo the day Mr.Heartless became Mr. I Actually Have A Heart I Just Didn’t Know It

Zoheb: (smiling) yep and I’m so sorry again about all of that I was such a jerk

Me: forgiven

Zoheb: that quickly?

Me: you’ve more than made up for it…


Me: so, nervous for tomorrow?

Zoheb: what’s there to be nervous about…how hard can it be to bake a cake????

smle too much

15 thoughts on “Part 47- BONUS POST :)

  1. Dad: he’s not the Naeem they knew… his the Naeem YOU know.!! 😛
    Hope Nem0 handles this news well 😉 ..!! *fingers crossed*

    Road trip with Zoheb 😉 …. in his 4×4 *love struck*!!
    Lolable but cute gift from Aara 😛 !!
    Aara: oOo the day Mr.Heartless became Mr I Actually Have A Heart I Just Didn’t Know it #Memorys *wink wink*!!

    Aha tomorrow is thee loNg awaited Baking Day 😉
    Nem0 & Zoheb playing Masterchef 😛
    Yummilious Cake to be made *drooooooooool*.!!

    JzkZ Authorness..! Bonus post are always smileable 😛 !!
    TanxXx for reading my comments aNd I’m grateful u dnt mind them.!!
    *big bear hugs*.!! Xoxo


  2. Thanx miss authorness. I getting geared for a biggg ripp tomorrow, hopefully.* Fingers crossed*
    Haaj luv hw u disect each post in all blogs. Jus wait for ur comments.


    • TanxXx …… Looool i dnw what posses me 😉 … After I send it … I think to myself hell0o u sound like a drama queen x_x eish I’m glad u dnt find them lame 😛 !!! Xoxo


  3. I feel sorry for nemo..its almost as if he has no-one in his life….besides aara who’s also gona just leave him for zoheb…:(…

    Sumtyms in life u need sumone to help you pull baby can’t always be a macho…


  4. It would really be sad If Nemo gets heartbroken… My fave character!!!! Team Nemo and Aara all the way!!!!! Great post by the way. Love ur blog!!!


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