Part 48- Masterchefs and Master Rewards *wink*

“So guys…this is what you’re going to do…you can choose any recipe from this book, whatever ingredients you need is all here on the table, and you have 1 and a half hours”, Maariah said with a smile. ” And err if you need anything- don’t call me” ℓ☺ℓ !

Zoheb: don’t worry bro how hard can this be (getting the aprons that Maariah had left and handing one to Nemo)

Nemo: (putting on the apron) have you baked before?

Zoheb: errr no, have you?

Nemo: naauh…crap though we can’t use our phones to google any tips (going through the recipe book) and they want a 3 tier cake!

Zoheb: this looks interesting! Dreamy Chocolate Sensation let’s make this!

Nemo: (looking at Zoheb weirdly..he’s so excited to bake?!) Okay…let’s see what we need..

And after taking all the ingredients we needed…

Zoheb: seperate 6 eggs and beat well.. what does that mean? How would you seperate an egg????

Nemo: beats me…aah I know, you got to put them in 6 different bowls!

Zoheb: yeahhh that must be it! Good going Nemo!

Nemo: what can I say (smirk)

Zoheb: you beat the eggs while I cut this block of butter…250g of butter..

Nemo: just put the whole thing I’m sure it will taste better!

Zoheb: we kind of have to follow the recipe…

Nemo: naah with these women everything you do you have to follow an instruction..let’s just do it our way. Itl come out so good we’ll leave them asking for more!

Zoheb: ookay…

Nemo: how long should I beat these eggs for?

Zoheb: doesn’t say here…(Adding the butter,flour and sugar)

Nemo: bring the rest of the things one time just put it all in what the hell its going to get mixed together anyway

After putting everything into the mixing bowl…when suddenly the mixing machine thing gets stuck!

Nemo: Maariah and her fong kong equipment!! Look for something here bro just to finish mixing this thing up

Zoheb: (digging through Maariahs cupboard) this should do…

Nemo: that’s a…!!! A frikking liquidizer!! Excellent bring it on!

Zoheb: shux..all of this mixture is not going to fit in here we’ll have to mix half and half…(Switching the liquidizer on) woah! (The liquidizer made some weird sounds and then smoke started to come out of it!! And cake batter flew all over the recipe book)

Zoheb and Nemo: Maariah and her fong kong equipment!!

Nemo: now what do we do? This is such a disaster!

Zoheb: don’t panic…we can just mix it with a spoon

Nemo: yeah but look at it ( pulling at the cake mixture) its so stiff…like sort of…elasticated

Zoheb: ℓ☺ℓ! Yoww err perhaps we can soften it?

Nemo: (looking in the fridge) fresh cream, milk,custard, youghurt, maas… What should we use?

Zoheb: I have no idea

Nemo: what did the recipe say? Milk or maas?

Zoheb: the page is ruined I can’t remember!

Nemo: great. Okay errr let’s do this…half and half?

Zoheb: (eish) okay half an half it is…but who eats a maas cake?

Nemo: its not a maas cake its just half a bottle of maas its not going to make a difference man! (Adding in the maas and milk)

Zoheb: (mixing with a spoon) this looks awful! And I’m sure we’re missing something..let’s go over it again…butter, sugar,flour, eggs, milk,maas, vanilla essence….wait wait..its a dreamy chocolate cake! What’s supposed to go in to make it look brown?

Nemo: I don’t know…milo maybe?

Zoheb: look for it then!

Nemo: (putting the whole tin of milo into the mixture) nastyyyy!

Zoheb: let’s just put it in the trays n shove it in the oven…this is disastrous!

Nemo: we also have to ice it

Zoheb: and we don’t know how to make icing (looking at the ruined recipe book)

Nemo: let’s just go through all her stuff and see what we can find….

Zoheb: ooh there are lots of these sprinkly things here…and…a bottle of Ice Cap!! We can use this!

Nemo: ℓ☺ℓ a lawyer and an architect and this is what we do in the kitchen!

Zoheb: I hope no one eats that cake!

And we both burst out laughing!

Nemo: so how was your durban trip?

Zoheb: it was lovely

Nemo: Maa told me that she met you

Zoheb: yeah they were kind enough to invite me over…very sweet family. They speak very highly of you and you’re lucky to have them

Nemo: (small smile) I know I am

Zoheb: I think this thing should be done by now (opening the oven) errr looks okay

Nemo: dude this looks….hideous!!!

Zoheb: (laughing) no ones ever going to ask us to do any kitchen work ever!!

Nemo: let’s get this out of these tins…and we need something to stick it on top of each other…

Zoheb: ok we’ll use this apricot jam here and what’s this here…ummm cottage cheese..put this to stick it

Nemo: for the topping ( squirting the ice cap all over the cake )

Zoheb: the sprinkles aren’t sticking!

Nemo: we’ve got to make it look decent this cake is like falling down!

And the door opened and in walked Maariah “your time is up, come on everyone is waiting for you guys” and then taking a look at the cake ” Uh oh is that your 3 tier cake?”

“No, its a pizza” I (Nemo) answered.

We could hear Riza’s voice from the restaurant…” And our two masterchefs are ready to present their masterpiece to you! This is their first try at baking and the cake will be auctioned right here right now and the proceeds will go towards the charity of the winners choice..put your hands together for Zoheb and Naeem!!”

Maariah: are you sure about this?
Zoheb: we don’t have a choice
Nemo: why is he putting our handiwork on display?
Maariah: well we had some faith in you, we didn’t know you would make..this!
Nemo: oh what the fudge let’s go Zoheb! Hold something in your hand
Zoheb: like what?
Nemo: I dunno just grab a spoon or a container or something just so you know, it creates that impression
Zoheb: how about this maas bottle?ℓ☺ℓ
Nemo: no bru that’s our secret ingredient! ℓ☺ℓ


Zoheb and I walked so confidently into the restaurant with the cake covered and we stood next to Riza.

Riza: okay chefs you want to show us your creation?

Zainab,Maariah,Arshad,Laeeka all were there but where was Aara? I hadn’t seen her in almost 6 days!

Everyone in the restaurant cheered for us but when Riza lifted the lid of the cake tin the room fell silent.

Riza: ookay..the cake may not be so good but the guys are, so you’re bidding for the guys and the cake!!..and the bid starts from …

Zoheb: wait whaaat?

Laeeka: R100!

Riza: R100 Laeeka…anyone can outdo that?

“R200!”…a gentleman at a table who was beside himself with laughter.

Riza: R200! Anyone to outdo that?

Arshad: R300!

Riza: ℓ☺ℓ R300 anyone to beat R300!

Another lady ” R500!” She was huge! She looked like something out of Norbit!!!

Zoheb nudged me to look at her and I just shut my eyes. The girls were bust!

Riza: going once…

And the fat lady woke up and came closer towards us

Nemo: save me Zoheb! She will squash me to death!

Riza: going twice…

Our friends were killing it at the table!

And this lady came nearer and smiled and ewwwww someone didn’t brush their teeth for a few years….!!!!….????…!!!!*cry*

Zoheb started reading his kalima. We could see the fat on her neck bounce up and down as she came closer.

Nemo: (go away go away shoo shoo shoo I said to her in my head) riza I’m going to kill you!

“R600″…a voice called out and everyone turned to look in the direction of…Aara!!

I really did the happy dance infront of this lady!

“R800!”, the lady said with a determined look on her face

“R900”, Aara said as she took a seat next to Arshad…and Arshad whispered something in her ear.

“R1000!” The lady said. O gosh now, save us Aara save us! Heck leave Zoheb, save meeeee!!

“Sold”, Aara said as she raised her hand then gave Riza a thumbs up.

Riza: these two gorgeous guys and this…very…interesting cake goes to ..? Your name mam?

The lady: Angamutthy

Zoheb and I exchanged glances in frikkin horror!

Riza: Ms Anga..muttee here congratulations mam

And she walked towards us and grabbed us together for a hug.
“So cute” she said and she pulled our cheeks. ” I’ll have that date tonight right here at 8″

Riza: consider it done mam thank you so much

Zoheb: thank you??

Aara walked up to us with a smirk on her face

Aara: what a cake!

Nemo: what a friend!

Zoheb: yeah we thought you would have bailed us out

Aara: I would have…but then we thought about it and just couldn’t miss the opportunity of seeing you both having dinner with that charming lady*wink*

Nemo: I’ll make that Angamama or whatever her name is eat this cake!

Riza: (unable to control his laughter) well done guys ( and he high fived Aara)

This aunty came up to us again and said “don’t be late now!”

Ewwwww urrrrrgggghhhh!!!

ugly cake 3
no cake

22 thoughts on “Part 48- Masterchefs and Master Rewards *wink*

  1. Lmao I’m soo ript!!! Well dne Nemo for finllay gettng alng wid zoheb! Seriously Milo?url never hrd of cocoa?? Lol so much fr being an architect and a lawyer 😛

    Oohhhh CAN’T w8 fr Anga Mama!!! This is gna b tooo Goooddd!!! Lmao!!


  2. That was totally hilarious!!I’m reading this post in public & laughing myself sick & everyones just staring at me =D LoL…#can’t wait for the next post


  3. lmao that was hillarious. poor Zoheb and Nemo. Angamutthy is gona have a ball of a time with the two of them. however i am glad that the boys got along while baking the cake bt i mean come on beat the eggs separately means beating each egg in a separate bowl. that was a total killer. really awseome post.cant wait jazakALLAH.


  4. Hilarious. Awesome. Mind blowing
    I dono what to say!!!!
    An architech and a lawyer,
    Hªª hªª hªª. Make a pizza for a cake,
    And can’t follow instrutions!!

    Nyc entrance Aara!!
    Can’t wait for thr dinner too!!
    Luvly as always Ms Shazia!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. Lmfao!!!!!!!!! #ripped the best part of this post: Zoheb: “Separate 6 eggs. How do u separate eggs?” Nemo: “I know! U put them in 6 separate bowls!” Gosh this post was absolutely hilarious!!

    Shame poor Nemo & Zoheb are forced to go on a date with Angamutthy! 😛 and Aara’s entrance was too good lol! I really thought she was gonna save them 😛

    Jazakallah for the super awesome & hilarious post Shazia 🙂


  6. Lmfao this is jus too gud..idk if I’ll evver be able to stop laughing..glad zoheb n nemo getting along.our masterchefs;)
    Thnx author..
    Let’s keep in tuned to c wat angamuttys gt for us..lmao


  7. Oh my golly gosh #RipppedForDays
    I’m larfing loud like a mad thing x_x not my fault… It’s ur fault Shazia 😉

    Masterchef & Master Rewards *stiches*!!
    Oh uh aha Nem0 & Zoheb gotta along like Bra’s *wink wink*
    They even have secrets ingredients #Maas #Ripper

    Separate 6 eggs & beat … Nem0: put them in 6 different bowls #Lmao
    He still thinks he’s right *rolling* … luckily he didn’t do that #Lol
    for a moment I also forgot how u beat 6 eggs separate x_X
    It’s Nem0 & Zohebs fault *wink wink*!!

    A liquidiser for mixing the cake Mixture #Omw
    Nemo & Zoheb: Maria & her fong kong appliance #LoL
    ANd tub of mil0 to make it chocolate flavour #Lma0

    Nemo & Zoheb … on … a … date … With … a … giant … lady #Ripped #AintPrettyHey #GiantSmellyLady x_x
    I hope Nem0 acts gay with zoheb than the lady will freak *dancing face*!
    Nem0 u can think of something hilarious *cheering Nemo & Zoheb*!!

    Riza & the others planned this …. make them rip more with u two doing something funny …. *go nemo & zoheb … go*.!! I hope they dress hilarious also …. uhhh I’m so excited for the next post *jumping up and down*!!

    JzkZ Authorness Shazia for thee AwEs0mE posts #Lovedit
    Whew I was even tearing & laughing yoH … #TooHilarious


  8. Ripped for days 😃😃😃 lmao 😝
    Shazia u are truly a good writer 😃 much appreciated/hilarious post. 👍👊
    Nemo is too frikken cute n funny 😜
    N nemo n zoheb actually got on pretty well 😃


  9. I think the masterchefs should giv
    Thr so called loving friends, lol,
    Each a slice of cake. Let the frienship test begin!!!!
    Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=))

    Won’t that b hilarious. Eating a maas milo concoction with 500 grm of butter!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. Totally awesome post….total ripper….the egg part reminds me of a blonde making angel food cake using 12 bowls……glad nemo and zoheb getting along


  11. Gosh I LOVE this blog to bits…HILARIOUS!!!I’m laughing like a psycho alone in my room….I do that every night n my hubby thinks I’m tarty until I read the post to him(he hates reading)..then he’s rolling too….keep it up sweety!


  12. Hello Shazia,

    I would just like to commend you on your writing. You have a wonderful way with words and the ability to captivate and entice your readers. I wish you all the best with your blog and I hope to read more from you in the future. 🙂


  13. Omg!!!this blog is amazing I Jst started reading it and I am totally addicted tnx to the author…I actually sit laughing at my fone and ny bros look at me like I’m retarded..seriously it’s Jst took good…#bestblogever


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