**Season Finale ** -Part 50- Bringing down the House-Part 2

I was torn with laughter! I didn’t know that something we used to do as kids could still be so funny as adults!

Anga made Zainab and Laeeka read a page each of the menu…and she made them hold their tongues and do it!! That was the stupidest,dumbest thing ever but it was so frikking hilarious my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!!!

I mean really, picture it. Hold your tongue and say “savoury rice”, “macaroni”,” pinna colada”, “steak sandwich”,”fried fish” ,”R66″. I was bust!! Even Riza,Aara and Arshad were rolling!! But each time Zoheb over did it (unintentionally) with his laugh, Anga held him back ” don’t move too much you will hurt something” bust again! And then as she was about to tell them their task was done, a customer entered and she made them go and take that persons order while holding their tongues!!!

This was beyond awesome!!
And the way in which she shot them killer looks was just classic! Maariah said as payback for breaking her mixer and liquidizer we would have to exclude her from this nonsense. Spoilt sport hmph!
Even the customers were enjoying our little fiasco and the entire place echoed with everyones laughter!

Anga now called Arshad but Arshad instead asked to speak to her alone. Now Arshad had that face..that innocent looking face and I knew he was upto something for sure. After a few minutes both of them walked towards our table.

Anga: boys…tell me what’s going on please?

Me: what do you mean doll?

Anga smiled and said…” I believe Zo here doesn’t need an ass transplant after all”

Me: ooh don’t believe anything Arshoo tells you, Zoheb could show you right now as proof ℓ☺ℓ

Zoheb: in your dreams bro!

Anga: nehmooo you know if you weren’t so cute I would have sat on you as punishment!

Me: (giving a very babyish smile) sorry Anga..we lied..

Anga: your friends are so lovely and what you did wasn’t very nice at all

Zoheb: well they aren’t exactly innocent either ( patting Aara on the head..she had pulled up a chair next to Zoheb)

By now Laeeka,Riza,Maariah and Zainab had also joined us at our table.

Anga: apologise

Me: that’s easy…I’m soooo sorrryyyy guys( actually no I’m not :-p )

Zainab: naaa not so easy..you made me hold my tongue and sound like an idiot…(Twisting my ears)

Maariah: I have an idea…I’ll be right back

Me: I was actually going to make Riza sing ” if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife” ℓ☺ℓ !

Laeeka threw a spoon at me!

Me: what? We know Riza loves you and I never said you were pretty! (Busting)

Maariah: here we go handsome…your punishment:)

Me: I can’t eat this! ( Staring at the maas and milo cake infront of me)

Maariah: why not (raising her eyebrow)

Okay so only Zoheb and I knew what was in the cake right…sooo…I looked at Zoheb and he gave me knowing smirk.

Me: (thinking)…because…this is not punishment this is reward..this cake is devine I dug a piece out earlier. Look I’m just being honest guys and I could say I’m feeling bad but that would be a lie so I’ll just say..I want to share with you all..simple as that

Zoheb: yeah…we probably did go a little overboard…sorry..

Maariah: okay good then, let’s cut this thing. Zoheb and Nemo’s first chocolate cake how sweet

And Maariah gave everyone a slice and I had asked them if we could all eat it at the same time to “savour” the moment..( Lmao…savour the moment my foot bwahahahhahahaha eat maas cake traitors ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ ℓ☺ℓ )

Zoheb: I’ll feed you the first bite
Aara: I have hands you know..
Zoheb: please? (Dimpled smile again)
Aara: *sigh* okay fine

He was trying to save Aara from eating it…and for once I wasn’t jealous because I wouldn’t want her to eat it either!

And so everyone took a big bite all at once..except Zoheb and I who just brought the forks to our mouths…and Zoheb who brought the fork to Aara’s mouth and then “accidently” dropped it on her lap!

We had our chairs pushed back a little…ready to run! And all it took was one bite..one bite and the flippin all resistance crumbles ℓ☺ℓ ! And their faces said it all!!!

Riza: (looking as though he was about to throw up) what did you put in this!!!

Maariah: (spitting the cake into a serviette and smelling the rest of it on her plate) it smells like cottage cheese…maas…milo

Arshad: (whose nose was blocked and already half way done with the cake *bust*) doesn’t taste so bad man

Zainab: (pulling the plate away from Arshad) can you even taste anything?

Laeeka: this is disgusting man! Seriously though, what did you put in it?

Zoheb: we just followed the recipe…Maariah has some horrible recipes it seems..

Maariah: your granny has horrible recipes maybe :-p … or you both probably can’t read properly

Aara: errr thanks I guess..ℓ☺ℓ..for not letting me eat it

Zoheb: you’re welcome..

Me: so Anga..did you like our dreamy maasy chocolate milo sensation?

Anga looked at me and then at everybody else…and then…

She passed out right onto the plate!!!

Me: (quickly jumping up along with everyone else) Anga!! Wake up Anga…we won’t be able to lift you up please wake up

Zoheb: (shaking Anga) dude is she dead????

Me: no man! I hope not! Shit shit shit!!

Laeeka: oh gosh she must have been allergic to one of the ingredients or something..quick Nemo maybe do cpr!

Me: (giving Laeeka a HELL NO look) NO! You do it

Zainab: make it fast its yours and your new besties fault…

Maariah: you could go to jail Nemo and my customers will never come back! (Holding her head)

Shit! This had gotten out of control! Okay breath breathe..I’m saving a life here…a humongous life but a life nonetheless…cmon Nemo you’re the man you can do it ( I kept telling myself that)

And Zoheb helped me lift her head off the plate. We probably needed Hulk to help us here but nevermind.

Me: do it Zoheb

Zoheb: no you do it! (backing off and Angas head fell back into the plate)

Me: what are you doing!!!( And we lifted her head again)

Coming closer to Anga’s mouth….ayyayyyyyayyyy….opening her lips and coming closer….I can do this I can do this…my lips were almost on hers eish yuck yuck yuck I’ll probably need a bottle of jik after this…

Waaaaahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh!!!!!! (What the…that sounded like Big Foot!!!)

I fell backwards straight onto Riza who was standing behind me!! Zoheb also let go of Anga’s head and went crashing into the table next to ours!

Anga: gotcha!!

Zoheb: Anga!

Me: bloody hell!! I got the shock of my life Anga!!

And then she laughed…and I didn’t have to think twice about who it was…

Aara: well done Anga! (Still busting)

Zainab: and I got it on camera!!

Me: Zai and Aara!!

Zainab: payback is always…

Aara: a you know what…*wink*

End of Season One

I would like to extend a very sincere thanks to all of you for reading this blog, it is such an overwhelming feeling to know that a story so close to my heart is being appreciated by so many people! *happy dance*

A special mention to Sam Seedat, Haaj and Diary of a Dubain for selflessly promoting my work….loads of people wouldn’t have know about this if it weren’t for you! Beeeeeeg mwahzzz to you *hug*

Email addresses for your favourite characters will be up soon! Send them your fan mail and your suggestions…perhaps they will take your advice *wink*

Also, to those who enquired about advertising on the blog- I have thought about it and I am working on something that’s going to be a little different. Advertising however, will not interfere with or be incorporated into the story.
If you wish to enquire on advertising, please email lifelovedestinyblog@gmail.com

If you would like to be added to the mailing list of this blog..please send a blank email to lifelovedestinyblog@gmail.com

So what’s in store for next season????

The kick-off to Riza and Laeeka’s big fat indian wedding!

Nemo’s sisters engagement ( + loads of drama)

An entry from Zoheb’s side…


The roadtrip begins!!! *dance*

Stay tuned…and spread the word :))

Much Love,





17 thoughts on “**Season Finale ** -Part 50- Bringing down the House-Part 2

  1. Wonderful ending for a season finale. Thank you for the awesome writing. Looking forward to the next season. All the laughter and crying with each character. 😚


  2. Lmao!! Anga gt Nemo!!! Damn I dint see dt 1 cumng!! Loloohh aara n Zai nehmoo is gna gt url 😛

    Aww Shazia!!! Its nly a pleasure cos we love ds blog sooo much *hugz* n we gna miss it soo!! 😥 but enjoy ur lil break cos we knw u cumn bak wid a bang 😉


  3. Bust!! bust!! And more BUST !! Look what they did to our poor Nemo !! *ripped* …lmao Nemo u met ur match with Anga !! 😛 lol she got u at ur own game !! 😛 😉

    So0o cute Zoheb and Nemo didn’t want Aara to taste :p *eyelashes* and she still laughed at them like crazy ! 😛

    GreaaaaaTly supeRbLy fanTasticaL end to a season finale !! *dancing*..had me hooked from start to finish always ! And looking to see if there’s more on the page 😛 *cant watch*… جزاك الله خيرا so0o much much !! *dancing* for the amazing blog *dancing* and taking the time to do such great work ! *excitement*…gona misSss uu much !! *crying* …reaaaally can’t wait for thee next !! 😀 😀


  4. Omw…. I’m ripping once again #LoveThisBlogToBits♡
    It always brings a smile… makes my day 😛 !!
    Uhhhh how cud Anga do that to my Nem0 .. im gonna kick her bum #Ripped
    My shoes will probably need a wash in jik 😉
    And Aara & Zainab …. urll video it still .. gonna boot ur bums also 😉
    Aww Zoheb never let Aara have it *high five*!!
    Nem0 u stupid u mus never do CPR … let them die… 😉
    Unless it’s Aara…. than she needa to live still *laughing*!
    Aaah I think Aara aNd Zoheb gonna end up together…..
    Then I’ll jus go in depression and cry till I die -_-!! #TeamNem0&Aara♡
    JzkZ Shazia for awesome post as always!!!!! Gonna miss u muchness 😦
    ANd it’s always a pleasure 😛 … we jus had to coz ur blogs awesome 😛 !!
    *beeeeeeeg hugs at yaaa*!! Enjoy ur break!!! Much love haaj xoxo


  5. HaAj finally admitting that Aara and Zoheib will b together as a couple!!!
    Aara and Neemo will always b pals.

    What a luvly season!!!
    Plzzz, carry on with this blog, don’t giv up, awesome awesome!!!

    I really L♥√ع Neemo’s character, Although I find Zoheib to b extremely charming! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Lol No0o I stilll have hope #Nem0&Aara♡
      I’ll never give up untilll the day…it actually happens, not hope -_-!!
      But I jus had that thort coZ thats why Authorness pared them together!

      Yippee at least u agree Nem0 is theeeee best!!! 😛 😀
      Loooooooove u toooo 😉


  6. WOW!!!

    Really laughed my stomach sore…
    Can’t wait to see if Aara and Zoheb gets together…would be awesome if they do.
    Really love ur blog
    Can’t wait for next season
    Keep up the good work!


  7. So glad was sent a link to this blog yesterday,its a great read,so sad that the season has ended. Awaiting the 24th. Thanks Shazia for a fab read……:)


  8. Great work author. I always laugh myself sick when I read your posts, sometimes people in the same room as me just look at me as though I’m totes nutz lols. Eish I wonder who gonna end up with Aara.


  9. oops I commented in the wrong place lol. anywho… awesome read. I really hope nemo n aara can work something out I love those 2!! Whens the next season?


  10. Read this blog last night for the first time. Awesome blog. Got me in stitches. My husband looked @ me like I’m crazy. Simply love Aara & Zoheb.


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