Season 2-Part 52-Something’s cooking…

Salaams:))) Welcome to Season 2 of LLD! Thanks for all your comments and suggestions I have noted them all down and will see what I can do to make everyone happy*wink*
I took ℳᵧ one week break a little too seriously though *hide*…I still owe you guys a mailing list as well as the personal letters to the Fantastic 8 ℓ☺ℓ
Aaannnnddddd I’m going to try ℳᵧ very best to post daily, because ℳᵧ posts are long it does become a tad bit difficult to keep up but إن شاء الله I will try for daily, if not then every second day. Remember if you shoot me there’s no more LLD :-p
I wish you all a fab week ahead ….it feels so good to be back! ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂h

Much Love,

Laeeka: does it hurt?

Aara: a little…I look so weird now

Laeeka: ℓ☺ℓ my brave sister *hugging Aara*

Aara: by the way you didn’t say anything about my top *batting her eyelashes*

Laeeka: its stunning *hint hint* as usual

Zainab: where’d you buy it from?

Aara: ℓ☺ℓ ! Zai! Laeeka’s boutique duh

Laeeka: why are you so distracted Zai what’s up?

Zainab: is it that obvious? (Holding her head)

Maariah: what’s that obvious? (Joining us at the table)

Laeeka: zai..she looks soo distracted

Maariah: I noticed that Zai what’s wrong? Speak freely these idiots are luckily NOT sitting with us (pointing at the guys)

Aara: yeah man…it becomes a bit too much sometimes they like breathe on our faces!

Laeeka: ℓ☺ℓ ! Aara!

Aara: whaaat? Its the truth!

Zai: errrr I’m still here you know

Laeeka: sorry sorry sweety ook now spill

Zai: my dad thinks photography is beneath us he says there’s no scope for it and I should consider something else!

Maariah: that’s ridiculous!

Zai: and he says that when I get married its not like my husband will allow me to pursue it further…I mean come on its not like I’m going to go and be a wedding photographer or do a kiddies party! I don’t understand why he’s being so difficult! I mean finally, FINALLY I find my passion and here it goes..agh life is so unfair!

Laeeka: don’t give up Zai..after all these years you’re doing something that you love and you have this sparkle in your eyes…and how does he know if your husband will mind if you pursue it

Aara: yeah Arshad definately won’t mind I mean he’s the one that got you the camera *wink*

Zai: Arshad? Hey come on now please man

Maariah: *laughing* what please…its so obvious Zai

Nemo: (pulling a chair) what’s so obvious?

Laeeka: *sigh* there we go kabaab mein haddi

Nemo: I am no kebaab Mrs.Ahmed *pinching Laeeka*

Laeeka: ouch idiot that hurts! *pinching him back*

Zai: go away man Nemo we’re talking here

Nemo: so what’s there to hide from me tell me too how

Maariah: you! Never! Your mouth is way too big naauh

Nemo: hmmm let’s see…mmmmm looking at your face Zai…don’t worry Arshad still loves you even though you have that big pimple right there

And everyone laughed *hide*

Zai: *throwing an empty smartie box at Nemo* not funny! What is it with you people??? Arshad Arshad Arshad!

Arshad: (pulling a chair next to Zai) somebody called me?

Zai: *turning beetred* ummm no

Arshad: I definitely heard my name

Zai: well then maybe something is wrong with your ears!

Arshad: what’s wrong with you?

Zai: nothing

Arshad: there is something bugging you its kinda obvious you know!

Riza: (pulling a chair next to Laeeka )what’s obvious??

Aara: gawwwd!

Maariah: only one more is missing and I bet you if someone says “obvious” again he too will appear!! *laughing*

Nemo: then I rather…(Taking his chair and gapping it in between Aara and Zai) sit there

Aara: *ℓ☺ℓ!ℓ☺ℓ!* Nemo!

Nemo: whaaat!

Laeeka: aren’t you both supposed to be like buddy buddy now after your baking and dating session?

Nemo: well, he is a cool guy no doubt..but..I’m still sitting here *arm around Aara and squishing her*

Riza: where is Zoheb anyway?

Arshad: don’t know…he was talking to Nana I think

Maariah: isn’t it just awesome to have Nana here tonight! And he came without hesitation

Aara: it is! And he’s so comfy with everyone

Riza: shukr that we found him and he is where he belongs

Laeeka: *squeezing Riza’s hand* it is 🙂

Zoheb: (pulling a chair next to Arshad) did I miss anything?

Riza: no but you look awful!

Aara: hey that would mean that I look awful too!

Nemo: you..never! Zoheb know *wink*

Zoheb: aah Nemo and I thought we were bonding! I’m just beyond crushed:( you can’t just ditch me whenever you see Aara you know…

Nemo: (playing along) I’m very angry with you…we were supposed to have matching bumps where she did come from inbetween huh???

Zoheb: I was so lost looking for you and she just appeared out of nowhere I think she likes to gap herself in because she’s just jealous!

Nemo: I’m so sorry my jaan…how can I make it upto you?

Zoheb: I’ll have a maas and milo cake please!

And Nemo and Zoheb high fived each other across the table and burst out laughing!

Maariah: wait…you guys really put maas in that cake???

Nemo: yebo yessss…maas,milo, a whole block of butter,ice cap…

Arshad: that’s disgusting

Nemo: yeah but you ate it nicely!!

Zoheb: and so did Anga!!

Nemo: do you know she phoned me yesterday…wanting to know if we could meet up again

Zoheb: hell no! What did you say?

Nemo: I said I’d love to…

Zoheb: huh???

Nemo: except for one little problem…that I had just landed in Australia and that my phone was on roaming so she was getting charged at international call rates…ℓ☺ℓ…she ended the call so fast after that!

Riza: leave Anga now, I’ve got news for all of you…next weekend is a long weekend right..thursday right through till monday…and we’re going to be off to….cape town! First leg of our road trip..I’m going to email all of you later, the brochures came in earlier today

Arshad: great! I’ve never been to cape town…just send us our cost breakdowns etc so we can get them sorted asap

Maariah: long weekend means busy weekend for me…but…I’ll sort something out

Riza: oh and Arshad your parents are joining us on this round…remember I said the parents wanted to accompany us so I thought it would be better if we included atleast one person from our families for each trip we make it would be better?

Arshad: my parents agreed?

Riza: yep they did

Arshad: wow okay

Aara: shurrup Arshad your parents are supercool!

Nemo: so it’ll be like meet the parents! (Winking at Zai) I mean we already have but now it will be different!

Arshad: what do you mean?

Nemo: I’m not even going to bother explaining it to you YET… :-p

Laeeka: so are we flying or driving?

Riza: driving

Arshad: okay so we must decide with whose cars we going etc

Riza: who said anything about a car? We’re going in an RV! *big smile*


13 thoughts on “Season 2-Part 52-Something’s cooking…

  1. Slm… welcome back..
    Enjoyed season 1, now looking forward to season 2…
    One suggestion.. it would be lovely if one of your characters has a more Islamic side.. so that your blog can become an inspiration for the better…
    Although I love the bounds between the friends.. something like this is seen very seldom…

    Keep it up… wish you all the best… May Allah give us the perspective understanding of true friends.. Aameen.

    {Enjoy & share a thrill read of: }


  2. Wooohhhooo!!!! LLD izz Baaakkk!!!!! ::D 😀 and guess wat?
    I’m smiling t myslf again Shazia 😛 tnk u tnk u tnk u
    Hey as lng as u consistent n dnt drop us n leav us hangn wid no post,dn I won’t cum stalk u n shoot u Ook 😉

    Lol MY nemo is bak!!*dancn*
    Love d way he mved hs chair nexta Aara!! =)) n he n zoheb r so cute 2gthr! Lol

    N arshad n zai!! Hey thse 2need t huk up,let’s hope Arshads prnts lve Zai too n strt tngs 😛


  3. Drum Roll … LLD is back 😛 😀 !!We definitely wnt kill u coz we want LLD 😉
    Nemo: hmm lets see … mmm looking at ur face Zai ..n dnt wry Arshad still loves you even though u have that big pimple ryt there #Ripped
    Pooor Zai … u kabaaaab Nemo *laughing*!!!
    Ooh meeting parents for Zai & Arshad 😉 #Awesome♡

    Lol Nem0 jus had to go by his Aara *eye lashes*!!
    Zoheb and Nem0 are frienDs *dancing face*!!! Lol Zoheb is learning to be crazy like Nem0 *high five* aNd their whole convo till they spilled it abt #Maas&MiloCake #Ripped #Bust

    ROAD Trip Begins *dancing face*!!!!
    Woooop Woooop awesome post as always 😛 !! Xoxo


  4. Fınally the road trıp comes up . . . And thank GOD ! Theres no fussıng about the love trıangle nemarzo !! Why are all the other characters sıdelıned ??? When ıt comes to thıs three .


    • don’t worry you’ll see a lot more of the other 5 in season 2…theres so many of them its sometimes difficult to do justice to all of them, and when a track starts its unfair to the readers to leave them hanging and jump to the next. will give ‘nemarzo’ a lil break lol @the trio name..infact I think nemo aara and zoheb shot to the limelight if that’s the right word to use here because of the way in which the story was flowing. season 2 however, will see the beginning of the wedding prep for riza and Laeeka, also Arshad and zai theres a lot brewing there and I like doing justice to a track once it begins:)


  5. Welcome back:) Awesome post. Lmao Nemo is hilarious:D Btw Zoheb really loves his life hey. He’s actually following my advice;) Don’t worry Zoheb I’ll make duaa you find a wonderful, beautiful, talented girl whose name is not Aara:)


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