Part 54- When you realise there was a reason for those butterflies…

“This one, this one and this one” Zainab said as she added three more dresses to the huge pile of clothes in our trolley.

Me: errr we’re going for 6 days you have about 25 outfits in here!

Zai: Mari! You aren’t making it easy here

Me: AND you have a ton of outfits with tags still on them in your wardrobe!

Zai: come on…you know..rather be safe than sorry..take spare outfits

Me: *sigh* so you’ve got it that bad huh?

Zai: what?

Me: the bug

Zai: what bug?

Me: the Arshad bug Zai! Admit it already so we can all jump with joy!

Zai:*blushing* you people don’t know what you’re talking about…

Me: really now?

Zai: ofcourse..(And walking away trying to avoid me seeing her brightly flushed face)

*sigh* I stood in the middle of Stuttafords with Zai’s bright green trolley while she came back and forth every few minutes to get my approval on whatever she had tried on. I grinned at the security guard who didn’t want to allow us to bring the trolley inside in the first place! Hah take that!

Zai was going a little mad…Arshad’s parents were coming on this trip and it was so obvious that she wanted to create an impression. I wish these two would just tell each other how they felt*sigh*

Perhaps we needed to give them a little push *wink* sooo I took out my phone and dialed..

Arshad: Maria Maria(in the Santana tune..yep Arshad was still stuck in the 90’s) what can I do for you?

Me: wow Arshoo you had a packet of birdseeds for breakfast?

Arshad: haha…hey can’t a guy be in a good mood?

Me: ofcourse you can, tell me quickly where are you?

Arshad: I just came to do a bit of shopping for my mum, its her birthday tomorrow..

*happy dance happy dance* seee fate was conspiring with coincidence to bring these two cutypies together! Arshad was like two shops away from us!

Me: okay meet me in Stuttafords now (and I told him exactly where about I’d be)

And within minutes…

Arshad: heya, what was so urgent?

Luckily Zai was still in the change room

Me: errr, here just look after this trolley I’ll be back just now (and I bolted out of the shop..I’m sure that security guard must have thought I had shoplifted..ℓ☺ℓ *o the horror*)
This was unlike me..ℓ☺ℓ..I guess Nemo’s ways were rubbing off on me too!

After a while…

Zai: (not looking up) Mari do you think this looks good on me?

Arshad: (unable to take his eyes off her) you look…AMAZING!

Zai: (now in total shock ℓ☺ℓ and a total loss for words)…

Arshad: err..I’m holding the trolley for Mari she just ran out ( coz yeah she did really run perhaps she needed to use the toilet)

Zai: oh…okay…let me go change

Arshad: (do it Arshad do it) wait…(Walking over to Zai and noticing the yellow and purple dress in her hand that she was going to put back) this dress would look…awesome on you, you should take this one..

Zai: (turning a bright shade of red) …(Small smile)…you think so?

Arshad: yes…(Smile) bright colours really suit you

Zai: (about to faint*grin* ) ok I’ll take it then

Arshad: I’ll wait here you can change so long

Zai: okay 🙂

Arshad: ( so I wasn’t going to let her pay for any of the things she had taken…duh I was trying to impress her so I shot off to the nearest teller and dumped everything on the counter and I kept turning to see if Zai was out yet or not)

Teller: R8,525 Sir

Arshad: what? (Shock)

Teller: R8,525 Sir

Arshad: for this? (Pointing at the dresses and sandals)

Teller: (trying to hide her smile) yes Sir

Arshad: (whispering) look I know this isn’t your shop but this is ridiculous ! Eight grand for a pile of fabric!

Teller: (whispering back) you probably shouldn’t have rushed to the till so fast hey

Arshad: (whispering) I knowwww (taking out my credit card)

Teller: (small laugh) love Sir, love..its deaf,dumb,blind and it leaves you broke

Arshad: (smiling) I’ve just never bought ladies clothes before

Zai: Arshad…what are you..doing (taking out her card)

Arshad: (holding her hand) its paid for…from me to you ( ushering her away from the counter)

Zai: you can’t do that, that was A LOT of dresses and I have a card, come on we can credit your card and I’ll put it on mines

Arshad: shush woman…I’ve got, I need you to help me with something

Zai: please let me pay for my things

Arshad: no! End of discussion…now, will you help me?

Zai: you sound like Nemo now! (Small smile) what can I help you with?

Arshad: I need your help to buy my mother a birthday gift…maybe some kitchen stuff?

Zai: (raised eyebrow) would you like a drill or a set of pliers for your birthday?

Arshad: ummm no

Zai: so buy your mum something for herself not for the house!

Arshad: okay…see…that’s why I needed your help 🙂

Zai: I know what to get!

We spent the next hour getting my mums gifts…a beautiful perfume, a pair of diamond earings and a pretty handbag. ℓ☺ℓ one thing was for sure…Zainab was high maintenance and she had expensive taste for others also!
We decided to grab a bite after our shopping spree and ended up at Nando’s. This felt so different and so amazingly awesome! Here I was, this geeky guy who didn’t exactly draw girls to him…okay I wasn’t ugly…but you know what I mean. And so here I was, with this beautiful girl and she was or seemed to be genuinely happy to be here with me. My thoughts were disrupted by my phone…ℓ☺ℓ…Maariah

Me: where are you? You said you were coming just now

Maariah: (laughing) shut up Arshad! “Just now” was almost two hours ago!! (ℓ☺ℓ) you both didn’t even miss me!

Me: (okay she got me here) ummmm okay

Maariah: admit it, you’re enjoying yourself aren’t you?

Me: yep..very much actually

Maariah: ooo don’t want Zai to hear the excitement in your voice now huh

Me: okay I’ll drop Zai home, I’ll tell her…okay then bye

Maariah: Arshad you sneaky lil….(Laughing hard) okay bye

Zai: what did Mari say?

Me: she’s not coming back…I’ll drop you home

Zai: oh okay ( jump jump dance dance shhhh inside)

And then began a conversation about our favourite colours, foods, places you name it we just spoke and spoke and even all the way home. I was actually a little disappointed when we reached her house.

Zai: thanks…for a lovely day…and for all the shopping

Arshad: you’re most welcome Zai ( and I really meant it)

I helped her with her bags and left…and I left with a strange but wonderful feeling inside me…I felt as though I had a spring in my step…a melody in my heart….as I drove out of her yard…a sudden pang of desperation…of not wanting to go…was this what it felt like???….Was I …? Did I???…YESSSSS!!!!

A beeeeeeeeeg smile plastered itself on my face…..this was it! *jumping with elation*…this was actually it! A feeling I thought I would never feel! And for the person I had least expected!!!

“I’M IN LOVE!!!!” I screamed to myself in my car as I tapped the steering wheel in delight and hooted at people for absolutely no reason other than me feeling on top of this beautiful world! I was in love! People stared at me weirdly as I stuck my head out of the window to feel the wind on my face…crazy crazy crazy weird amazing feeling…I never knew it felt like this! *happy dance along with all the butterflies fluttering inside my tummy*

And I pictured her beside me as I drove up my driveway…

“I love you Zainab” I whispered as “she” vanished…and that smile found itself back onto my face again….:)



19 thoughts on “Part 54- When you realise there was a reason for those butterflies…

  1. Omw. 8 grand worth of clothes for a 6 day trip Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=))
    Wait till u get married to zai *wink*
    I’m happy thy found each other!!

    Yes Mari, just let Neemo keep rubbing off on u. He’s all urs!!

    🙂 🙂


  2. Finally I have figured out how to comment. I love this blog and find it such an interesting read. I have laughed so much reading some of the stories that my family sometimes would look at me oddly as if I was gone crazy. Very different from the typical teenager girl likes boy type of blog. Keep up the great blog+


  3. Dear author..ten out of ten for u..Bravo!!Stumbled upon ur blog last week,and wow its a stunning read..All the characters and storyline are just soo hot!Enjoyed many LOL moments too..:)


  4. Hip Hip WoooraaaaaaY!Hip Hip Whoooraaay!*happy dance*
    Looooove it in the Air … Olalalalala *wink*
    Arshad & Zainab suit and they so cute *eye lashes*!
    Yoooooh so expensive clothes *laughing*
    ArshoOo get used to Zai expensive taste 😉
    Ooooh she gonna impress ur parents toO 😛
    Mariii Popz *high five* for getting them together 😉
    Lol Nem0 is the type to rub off on everyone even me 😉
    Arshoo being crazY … He started hooting #Ripped
    That was awesome ArshOo *high five* .. I think love is bringing a crazy cool side to u 😉 !!
    AwEsOmE PoSt 😛 !! #Arshad&Zainab xoxo


  5. Aaaaaah man so cute! See how friendship turns into a relationship! Two pieces of a puzzzle that fits perfectly together! Just like how Aara and nemo should be! As for the author def high five! ur blog justs rocks! So different from all the other loves stories! Keep it up!


  6. Awesome!I luv ur Blog.An xcitin story wid a difference. Gud storyline. Funny characters.Evry post leaves мε #Ripped. Kp up d gr8 Blogging.


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