Part 58- The Engagement-Part 1

engagement tent2

It was 5:30pm and I was anxiously awaiting Aara’s arrival. I had been sitting downstairs with Sahal for the past half an hour and madam still wasn’t ready!

Me: the engagement starts at 6 Your Highness! (I shouted playfully)

Aara: (shouting back from her room) ok ok I just need to shower quickly

Me: what??? Aara are you crazy what were you doing for so long!

And I made my way upstairs don’t know what yet…and as I was about to open my mouth fell open on its own!

“WOW”…there were so many words I could have used to describe her but at this point in time even all those words put together would simply not have done justice to the wonderous sight infront of me!

“Shall we?”, she said as she tapped my chin with her finger and laughed to herself…..

Me: Why are you grinning at your phone?

Aara: naa nothing *small smile*

Me: what nothing? Ever since I fetched you, you’ve ben glued to your phone. What’s so interesting?

Aara: a conversation

Me: with who?

Aara: :-p none of your business

Me: oh its like that now huh

Aara: aha 🙂 so, where’s the hired car?

Me: haha changing the subject !very clever! The car has been returned-my dad long story.

Aara: and how was last night?

Me: I don’t know really. Initially it was extremely awkward but once my dad pulled me away to meet all his friends and cousins I actually started to enjoy myself! He was like somewhat showing me off…you would never have said its the same grumpy couldnt-care-less about me father

Aara: that’s a good thing right?

Me: come on Aara

Aara: whaaat…just giving them the benefit of the doubt..people change you know

Me: yeah yeah…and Aaliya! So sweet and caring! They’re such pretenders honestly… she’s so high and mighty but you should see her kids! Snot all over their faces, no shoes…I was so tempted to give them a few coins just to irk her! (Laughing)

Aara: Nemo!! That’s your neice and nephew!

Me: (still laughing) even better! And then Nuzayh’s son is the total opposite..he thinks he’s the Prince of Durban!!(Busting) like his parents he too has something stuck up his butt!

Aara: shame on you Nemo..the kids what..5-6 years old!

Me: you’re in for a surprise-this entire family are a bunch of wackjobs with multiple personalities and they’re so good at it you’ll think they’re having a competition with themselves! (Pulling in to the driveway in my dads SLK)

Aara: is this an engagement or a wedding? (Shocked at the massive white tent and the very large number of cars parked in their huge parking area)

Me: now smile and don’t leave me alone please:)

Aara: I should be telling you that! They don’t like me at all! Agh why did I ever agree to come with you!!!!

Me: because you love me (get the hint woman)

Aara: (busy typing) hmmm?

Me: what the….(Trying to snatch her phone) put it away man who’s so important?

Aara: stop whining weirdo…come now let’s knock em dead (winking)

Mystery Girl:

My eyes scanned the entire tent…no sign of Naeem. He was here not too long ago and it was already 6pm the engagement was due to start anytime now. Where could he be?

I knew there was a younger son..but I didn’t know it would turn out to be the infamous Naeem Moolla…aka Nemo…

And apart from the fortune he stood to inherit , he was absolutely gorgeous…and with a very interesting past…

I decided before I came here, that A.K Moolla’s younger son would be mine and now that its Nemo…would make it so much easier…given his weak points…

By hook or by crook this “fish” was going to be mine…No man yet has been able to deny me what I wanted….I already have his family eating out of the palm of my hand and its not like I didn’t notice how awkward he is around them. And I will use that to my advantage…”Poor little Naeem Moolla”, I said out aloud to myself as I spotted him entering the tent and I made my way towards him.
“Hi…” And before he even heard me and before I could complete my sentence..he held out his hand to a woman in a purple dress. Whoever she was, the photographers clearly loved them together and tapped Naeem on his shoulder asking for a picture…and then she turned and I felt my blood run cold.

What the hell was SHE doing here???

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11 thoughts on “Part 58- The Engagement-Part 1

  1. Mystery gırl sounds lıke nazıa’s evıl twın from relatable !!! Anxıously waıtıng what marıah had to say to the stranger


  2. Oh no!!!!!!
    Hawk eyes had to be thr past!!!!
    She was so jovial and in seven heaven while chatting to her zoheib!! Ruin the moment!! 😦 😦 😦

    Don’t worry Aara. Nothing can spoil ur mood, zoheib is a fone call away. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Ohhh gosh!! Ds mystry woman is sumtn owt of d bold n beautiful!!!lyk brook!already plottn n schemin!! Nemo wtch owt!! Dnt fall fr it 😥
    LoL yeah Aara u put ur nme on wts urs bby 😉 n forget dt zoheb tnyt plsss 😛


  4. This just keeps getting more interesting…..go stand up for yo man Haaj *jokes* beat you again *tongue out*Aara was soooooo chatting with Zoheb! He also brings me that smile when I am just reading about him!!! *im in love with fictional characters* #i need help….. cant wait for the next!!!!


  5. Omw Nem0 was like drooooooling over Aara 😉 !! U were speechless neh Nem0 😉 !! She took ur breath away *puppy eyes*!! And ur heart skiped a beat 😉 !! Ooh SLK so smart car .. Ill drool over the car *laughing*! Nem0 jus dnt tell Aara abt ur feelings for her coz she clearly into Zoheb *crying*!! U jus gonna end up hurt !ig bear hugs* and it might ruin ur friendship .. So jus have patience young grasshopper and wait until the time is right *shy smile* coz then ull sweep her oFf her feet *stick Tongue at RaMaani*!! #Hope_Hope_Hope!!

    This mystery girl gonna get a hard klaap from me!! She better keep her eyes off Nem0 *straight face*!! Dnt come put nazr on Nem0 and Aara *rolling eyes*!! Bwahahah u wanted to get Nemo … Pssshtt in ur face woman he has Aara *dancing face*!! Oh I love the photographers .. *high five* they started taking pics of Nem0 and Aara *eye lashes* and *blushy* .. Oh what a cute couple *love struck*!! Ill reward the photographers with R50 000 for taking pics of them on their grand entry *laughing*!! Ooh Nemo u clearly dnt like ur nephews and neices #Ripped .. U shud have given the child few coins spending *laughing*!! XoXo


  6. Who the heck is this mystery chick ??? Obsessed much ?!?! …. She’s just gonna mess up Nemo #Weirdo and I’m sure it was Zoheb Aara is talking to but she’s supposed to lurrvvvv NEMO !!!


  7. Noooo Aarah! Your getting confused:( Zoheb is a FRIEND. Nothing more. Khalaas. Fullstop. You don’t even suit together:'( Open your eyes girl! Can’t you see poor Nemo acting like a love struck Parrot infront of you?! Nemo and Aarah suit like bread and butter or honey and cream:) Zoheb and Aarah are like eggs and jam euww 😀 I don’t like the sound of this mystery girl. Btw M.G your not supposed to be looking at guys :O ASTAGFIRULLAH! Didnt your Moulana at Madressa teach you to lower your gaze?! #shameful 😀


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