Part 60- Maariah and the “Coffee Customer”

” Can I have a word with you?”, I asked him. That’s it Mari I kept telling myself..calm and straight forward.

He put down his book,looked up at me,smiled and softly said…” I thought you’d never ask”

Close up he didn’t look scary at all!

Me: I’ve noticed you here for two weeks now and without any intention to come across as being rude, you don’t seem like a regular customer

Him: that’s because I’m not a regular customer

Me: (getting annoyed now) care to elaborate?

And he kept staring out the window at what I really don’t know and he stood up and said” see you later” and with that he hurriedly walked out!

Did this actually happen??!!

And five hours later he was back! At the same table at the window! He smiled at me and carried on with his book. I was now really very irritated and a little scared because it was getting late and the restaurant wasn’t busy, it was just him and two other couples. I couldn’t help but notice him looking out the window every few seconds and then looking at me.

I walked up to him once the last couple left.

Me: sorry but you’ve got to go now I’m closing for the night

Him: you just throw customers out like that?

Me: listen, its been a long day, please leave

And he looked at me intently and his eyes seemed to disappear into my soul! And then he stared out the window again! But he still didn’t move! My staff were still here so it was comforting that I wasn’t alone!

Me: hello???

Him: hello

Me: ( what the..) This isn’t funny!

Him: and I am not laughing

Me: listen mister I need to lock up now and you need to go or I will be forced to call security!

Him: can’t you just wait a little while longer?

Me: for what??

Him: My coffee isn’t finished yet! (looking into his empty cup)

Me: (picking up the cup) leave!

And he woke up and gave me a cold stare before walking out. Whew finally!

I locked the door and waved to Samaira as she drove off. Crap I realised I had left my car keys inside. As I opened the door to go and get them I felt something hard being pushed into my back…

“Get inside and don’t make a sound or I WILL pull the trigger!!!”

I felt my blood run cold and my body was frozen to the spot! It felt as though something was bursting in my brain and sent a fierce shiver down my spine…

“Move!” He hissed into my ear as I struggled to find the key to the door…my hands shaking…my knees wanting to buckle as I tried to compose myself but with a gun pointed at me the chances of composure was zero to nothing!

He grabbed my hair and shoved the gun harder into my back ” Make it fast sugar…you think I don’t know what you and your boyfriend are upto”

“I …I don’t know who or what you’re talking about” I stammered through my tears

“We’ll see about that now open the damn door!” He said as he banged my head against the restaurant door.

A sharp pain shot through my head..unlike anything I have ever felt before…I have never felt more afraid in my entire life than I did at this very moment…this was it…this was the end….I was never going to see my parents again…I was never going to see my friends again….these were my last moments….my vision was blurred by my tears making it harder to find this damn key…

“Hurry up!” he said as he pushed the gun harder into my back

“Please let me go”, I begged ” I really don’t know what’s going on or who you are please pleeease”

“You’re going to be the message sugar” he hissed again and suddenly….

Suddenly I didn’t feel the gun on me anymore and I heard a loud cry behind me. Instinctively I dropped to the ground and crouched against the door, my hands covering my face. A crunching sound…a heavy thud… screaming and shouting…then police sirens. I covered my ears with my hands and closed my eyes..

I don’t know for how long it was that I sat crouched on the ground…

“I told you to wait a little longer didn’t I?”

I opened my eyes and looked into the face of my coffee customer.

“Sir, the evidence was on him”, a policeman said behind him.

He helped me get up and offered a handshake which I didn’t respond to.

“Detective Imraan Ali”, he said with a straight face, “I’m sorry for all of this, please come with me to the ambulance and get this gash on your head attended to”

I didn’t answer him. I was still shaking while I called my dad to come and fetch me. There was no way I was going to be able to drive home even though my house was under five minutes away.

“Miss…you need to get that gash attended to please” he persisted

“Stay away from me” was all I wanted to say to him as I ran towards my fathers car the second I spotted it but no words seemed to want to escape my mouth…
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7 thoughts on “Part 60- Maariah and the “Coffee Customer”

  1. Shewww!!! Poor Maariah. Dat was a scary xperience. Lucky she gt saved. Can’t wait 2 find out wat dat was all about.Gr8 post as always!


  2. Yoooooh that’s so freaky -_-!!! I would cry *hide* !! Ooh so detective Imraan Ali new this was gonna happened 😛 !! He came to her rescue 😉 !! Awww Tanx Imy 😀 !! Mari pops u mus read ur ayatul kursi neh 😉 !! XoXo


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