Part 61- BBM Chat- Zoheb and Aara (as requested by Tazz :))) )

Zoheb:(7:45am) Good morning sleepyhead

Aara: (10:30am) *yawn*

Zoheb: don’t tell me you only woke up now??

Aara: I did *wide grin*

Zoheb: the perks of being at home huh πŸ™‚

Aara: yep but its just Sahal,my aunt and me..parents are in Mozambique

Zoheb: you fell asleep while talking to me last night…am I that boring 😦

Aara: *hide* errr yeah you are kinda boring now that you mentioned it…

Zoheb: ouch really?

Aara: lol ! No man I was just really tired

Zoheb: aah ok that explains the snoring

Aara: I do not snore!

Zoheb: how would you know? *wicked grin*

Aara: *not talking*

Zoheb: lol…okay go sort yourself out, I’ve got to meet a client in 5…don’t be a stranger:) *rose*

Aara: working on a saturday?

Zoheb: yep..not all of us are as lucky as you…laterz πŸ™‚

Aara: k


Aara: what are you doing?

Zoheb: missing me much πŸ™‚ that’s good progress *wink*

Aara: o shurrup you flatter yourself too much!

Zoheb: lol ! You would never say that to my face and you and I both know that *wink* thank you though, I was hoping you would message me instead of me messaging you and seeming like a pain *hide*

Aara: how can you be so honest so easily?

Zoheb: its the strangest thing really…I was always like this…until London and up until a few weeks ago…now it feels as though I’m settling back into my old self again πŸ™‚

Aara: feels good?

Zoheb: fantastic!

Aara: seeee south africa is good for you! *happy dance*

Zoheb: I don’t think its just south africa that’s good for me…

Aara: oh..kay…

Zoheb: can I ask you something?

Aara: sure

Zoheb: why are you so afraid?

Aara: of what?

Zoheb: you know what

Aara: is it really that obvious…

Zoheb: yep…you say something but your eyes say something else…

Aara: seen too much, heard too much I guess

Zoheb: perhaps you should let go?

Aara: I have let go, its just…I have issues with trust and acceptance -there I said it!

Zoheb: when you say trust and acceptance you mean…

Aara: trust…I don’t believe in the whole “let’s try” thing. Its got to mean something more and have a higher purpose. be accepted for who I am (with all my personalities) with no intention to change me. Find me someone who will do that and I will shave my head :-p

Zoheb: lol just so you know, that doesn’t scare me *wink*

Aara: but it shook you right?

Zoheb: nope

Aara: yeah right

Zoheb: I’m serious..why would it “shake” me? I officially accept you for who you are (with all your personalities) and I will never break your trust infact…will you marry me?

Aara: roflol!!! Good one

Zoheb: πŸ™‚ I would never propose over bbm but..and I know what you’re saying when you talk about the trust part…there comes a point in our lives when we know this one is right you know what I mean?

Aara: but why?

Zoheb: but why what?

Aara: there’s sooo many girls out there…

Zoheb: but there’s only one Aara πŸ™‚

Aara: its going to be reallly uncomfortable seeing you again *hide* knowing all of this…

Zoheb: flip flop flip flop

Aara: how do you know about flip flop? *raised eyebrow*

Zoheb: because I feel it too…

Aara: Zoheb…

Zoheb: hmmmm

Aara: what are you saying…

Zoheb: I’m just being honest:) but no pressure…just so you know, I am serious and I will wait..for as long as it takes

Aara: that could mean years and years you never know *smirk*

Zoheb: then I’ll have to kidnap you! :-p

Aara: haha…anyway I need to start getting ready, Nemo is fetching me at 5:30

Zoheb: do something for me please?

Aara: hmmm?

Zoheb: after you’re dressed up and poshed up…take a picture for me please:))))))

Aara: lol no ways! I don’t do selfies!

Zoheb: I don’t believe that for a second lol hey we all do selfies!

Aara: YOU do selfies??? Roflol! Now this is news to me!

Zoheb: you just like making me beg huh 😦

Aara: :-p let’s see what you’re made of Patel….wait are you like one of these hindi movie Patels…lol..because the only thing I can picture now is Saif Ali Khan’s parents from Kal Ho Na Ho!!!

Zoheb: Kal ho na wat? Err I don’t watch indian movies

Aara: why are you not indian?

Zoheb: well that’s not the point…its just the thought of sitting through a 3 hour movie where people are running around trees or dancing on cars on a busy street and singing a song that never ends and o WAIT it has background music! far from reality is that! its so far from logic, the hero can be bloodied and bashed and still he fights ten people in one go! also the whole rain thing…lol…I mean does it rain because they are dancing or do they dance because its raining?

Aara: *sigh* that’s it…I’m going to make you watch an indian movie to break that perception of yours

Zoheb: movie I can watch…hell I’ll watch a zulu movie with you if you ask me buuuut its still not going to change the way I think about it

Aara: riiiiggghhhht so get this…lol…o man I’m so good..*wink* Zoheb I will say yes to you…the day you stand in the middle of a busy street on top of a car and sing to me!! #ripped #bust

Zoheb: *shocked face* you’re joking right?

Aara: uh uh..I’m dead serious…lolol no more talking now…I’ll chat to you when I’m done getting dressed..and don’t over work that lil brain of have plenty of time to think about my condition *wide grin*

Zoheb: o you’re so evil…*wicked grin*

Around 5:30 pm…

Zoheb: where’s my picture?

Aara: fulfil my condition and I’ll send you a picture everyday :-p

Zoheb: you’re enjoying this aren’t you?

Aara: you have no idea:))

Zoheb: because you think I won’t do it?

Aara: because I know you won’t do it…I mean I wouldn’t do it..sooo yeah

Zoheb: I may just surprise you…the only thing is I cannot speak a word of that lingo

Aara: like I said..plenty of time:) but I’ve got to go now, Nemo says I’m being rude by chatting on my phone while he’s talking to me *hide*

Zoheb: alright…enjoy your evening and message me when you’re home so I know you’re safe and sound

Aara: aww so sweet :-p I will..laterz


Zoheb: salaams


Zoheb: madam are you painting the town red or what?


Zoheb: tried calling…got voicemail, I’m thinking maybe you forgot to message me and I’m hoping you’re fast asleep while I sit here worried *wink*..I know I probably sound like a mother hen right now lol..but please message me when you read this ok:) sweetdreams

And eventually the battery on Aara’s phone died…under the car seat where it slipped off her lap when she got off the car after Nemo dropped her home….



24 thoughts on “Part 61- BBM Chat- Zoheb and Aara (as requested by Tazz :))) )

  1. Aahhhh I liked thee post..but I’m praying with all my living guts she ends up with nemo

    It’s so sad cos in diary of a dubain I wanted yasmeen to end up with uzair but she ended up with zaheer

    Now I want aara to end up nemo ,and Ithe post that we got today makes me feel that whatever I wish for never comes true😭


  2. Thank u soooo much Tazzz🌹☺️ &Shazia…wat a lovely bbm chat,wish Nemo can read it &b happy 4Aara…im sure Zoheb will stand on car&sing 4Aara.(just HOPE it’s not 2late) btw i neva realised how much i use the word”hope” until Zoheb brought it 2my attentionπŸ˜‰…..nw t suspense wat did nemo&aara so after t engagement& aara’s ph in neno car😨😰


  3. Awwwwww thanx thanxxx thnaxxxx again
    So so cute!! ξ›Ήβˆ•Ζ–βˆ•Ζ–Ο‰βˆ‚hξ›Ή

    Aara was rather upset, I’m sure if she had
    Her fone and told Zoheib, he wouldve flew
    To durbz to c her!!!!
    Can’t wait when he sings for her! And she says
    Lβ™₯√ع the post. Ms Shazia!!!!
    Flip flop flip flop


    • You are sooo mean *talk to the hand*.. Zoheb n Aara belong together n Nemo nust go find his own Dory in the form of
      Haaj plz plz just swap sides *begging*
      Nemo n Aara will always be bestest buddies..
      Tanx Tazz n Author *hugs*… nice way to rub it in Haaj’s face *she chose Zoheb* *tongue out*


      • Lol Never days πŸ˜› !! I’m a Die heart Nem0 fan πŸ˜› !! If Aara and Zoheb end up together (which myt happen) .. I hope Nem0 passes away before that day so he duznt have to experince the pain -_- !! Ill rather have all his pain alone πŸ˜› .!! Lol RaMaani I smurf u *stick tongue at u*!! I have relatable and memongal16 to make my day πŸ˜€ coz LLD makes me cry -_- !! XoXo


  4. Now wher did Aara n Nemo go together???? I wonder πŸ™‚
    I like Zoheb…. He seemz nice 4 Aara..but also want Nemo to end up with Aara….. But as d rule goes “ladies can’t have 2 husbands” lol…so wil just wait n c wat hpns!


  5. Oohhhh enjopyd dt sooo much *dancn* busters!!!!dy r qute togthr no doubt,bt dam Aara is Nemo’s Zoheb!! N nw he’s gna fynd her fne!! Oh oh u’re in trbl πŸ˜›
    N Zoheb wuill defntly stand on dt car singn fr Aara!!! Lol cnt w8 fr dt πŸ˜€


  6. Im starting to like Zoheb more than Nemo … He’s so sweet … changed my mind .. I want Zoheb and Aara to end up together !!! Nemo can find someone else !! He got the charm πŸ˜‰ lol Awesome post as always thank youuu :p


  7. THANXX. Gals
    I know I gav an awesome suggestion.
    Even if Neemo finds the fone. Its dead and I hope Aara has a password, thn again I hope she doesn’t so he can BACK OFF. β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“.
    I’m not that mean. HΒͺΒͺ hΒͺΒͺ hΒͺΒͺ

    Yes. All the Zoeara fans hav to send me prezzies. #t-shirt. Zoheib&Aara LLD


      • We actually need some caps and t-shirts!!
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Amaani & Rameez R101
        Aara & Zoheib LLD
        β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“
        ℓℓ. ℓℓ
        ** dono how comes Haaj is being so difrnt!! Neemo. Now reallly. HΒͺΒͺ=)) hΒͺΒͺ=)) hΒͺΒͺ=))


  8. Wow awsum post.zoheb n aara al th way*dancin*.love th way they flirt lol..
    Oh oh!nemo wil find th fon,aara better hav a password.#hope


  9. Defo team zoheb !! Loooved this post .. The bbm convo made my insides go awwwww πŸ˜‰ I just hope nemo doesn’t go spoil everything by reading the convo
    Keep up the excellent work shazia .. I follow many blogs ..but this is my all tym favorite .. Wenever I get an lld email notification ..I drop all my work to read it πŸ˜€


  10. Awwww sooo cute!njoyd dat chat. Zoheb & Aara all da way.I think Zoheb Ο‰Ιͺβ„“β„“ stand on da car & sing 4 Aara.tnx 4 another gr8 post.


  11. We actually need some caps and t-shirts!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Amaani & Rameez R101
    Aara & Zoheib LLD
    β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“ β„“β˜Ίβ„“
    ℓℓ. ℓℓ
    ** dono how comes Haaj is being so difrnt!! Neemo. Now reallly. HΒͺΒͺ=)) hΒͺΒͺ=)) hΒͺΒͺ=))


  12. Okay so I’ve been like a total nemo fan all along….. 😦
    But now I’m abit confused..cos this guy just seems soooo….sweet..after todays post I’m going to have to change my mind….


  13. Team Nemo all the way! He and Aara are childhood sweethearts, it doesn’t get any cuter than that! Zoheb must take a hike 😦


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