Part 62- For you Haaj :)

So it’s saturday night..and all these lovely comments are making my blackberry go crazy…and I’m feeling good coz everyone enjoyed the post BUT my Haaj is sad:(

I love Nemo too Haaj…and sometimes the best of characters go through the most pain to bring out the best in them. And they make us laugh with them and cry with them. Nemo is nothing short of a total sweetheart, the character closest to my heart.

So this is for you Haaj…a page from a diary…a diary that belongs to Nemo or Aara, that, I can’t say now. But I was looking for the right time to post it, and it seems that time is now.

Blue Rain

I wish blue rain falls from the skies tonight and washes me away like a paper boat along a stream,
Letting me pass over troubles unseen and over sadness yet to come,
Washing me away until its dawn,
Until the moon stops shining,
Until the birds welcome the sun,
Letting me pass through all this misery in the darkness of this lasting night to where I might find peace.

Never leaving me to wander alone, never once turning its eyes,
Casting a shadow over my heart to block out strangers who intend to hurt,
Always watching with careful vision,the stones I might tread to find my path,
Never faltering,never failing to hold my hand,
Never stop being my faithful companion,
Always a lover, always a friend…

So if blue rain falls from the sky tonight,remember the words you used to say, remember the times we used to spend together, remember my name when you look at the stars…

So you journeyed away to find yourself and only left a greater part of you behind…

In all this time I want to know…did you miss me at all?
In this waiting that I did, I hid my heart inside my memories of you…
In all of this, did it ever occur to you that someone at home was waiting for you?

So, if blue rain falls tonight, pick up your feet and follow your heart…and if I find you on my doorstep, I’ll know this love was always true…

But then again, after all these I make any sense at all…and then again..when rain falls…is it ever blue?

You may want to read it twice to let it settle in:)

Some relationships are meant to be…some aren’t but what makes it memorable are the roads we take to get there…walking these paths without the intention of just reaching our destination…but rather to make the journey a happy and soulful one:)

Have a beautiful weekend *big hugs*

Much Love,



29 thoughts on “Part 62- For you Haaj :)

  1. Sadly when you started your blog your wrıttıng was fresh . . . Feels to me you have compltly lost your storylıne and are too busy pleasıng the readers. I thought thıs blog wıll turn out wonderful ıt dıd tıll a certaın poınt . Its lıke your just on one poınt ! Surely your storylıne doesnt exıst on 3characters .as a reader ı expected more . Well thıs ıs just my opınıon


    • thank u for your opinion as a reader. as a writer I have to accept criticism in all its forms.

      there are 8 characters in this story, it isn’t easy to focus on all of them at once and I did mention this before that once a plot starts I like to focus on it and finish it before focusing on the next big thing, so as to not leave u ppl hanging.

      in no way have I lost the plot at all. I know very well where my story is going.

      part 62-for u haaj…wasn’t written with any intention to ‘please’ my readers. if that was the case I would have given aara a long lost twin so every1 would be happy.
      it isn’t about reading the comments and then deciding what to write to make someone happy. Blue Rain was written well over ten years ago and I kept it aside to be included into this story when I started this blog.

      perhaps I shouldn’t be so one on one with my readers…but I am. this post was definitely not meant to ‘suck up’ to any nemo fans out there, simply to point out that there’s always much more than meets the eye.

      the story is far from over

      please don’t take this the wrong way, I appreciate your criticism but if you feel this blog has failed to meet your expectations, don’t feel obligated to read it, although I would hate to lose a reader.

      take care



  2. I understand ur readers r really important 2u…as some writers may say they make t blog happen, however some writers also say wat makes great writting is wen u write 4urself…pls dnt get 2emotionally attached it will kill t story…pls no har feelings,i love ur writting &always look forward 2reading it


  3. I tnk ds is aara’s point of view 😉 forever Aara n Nemo!!!

    N I stil tnk ur rytn is awesome as well as d story!! Ds is nly d beginin n a loong way to go so let’s gv our ryter a chnce ladies,aftr all we hav all being enjoying it thus far!!! I dnt tnk it will ever disapoint!!


  4. 102% agreed wıd rums ! Wrıte for yourself not please the readers ıf we wanted a story of our own we would have all been wrıtters .


  5. Omw that was so0o0o beaaaautiful and deep !! *sob sob* …that was so so so super amazing n deeeefiniTily sounds like our nemo orAara !!…ur writing is just beyond any words miss AuthornesSs !! *dancing*…and I lo0ove Nemo0…our poor lil Nemo :( reaaally thort he wud get his Aara !! I over love Nemo but Zoheb has sumthn about him tooo 😛 I love aaaall the characters !! *dancing*…lol bt a hardcore Nemo fan 😛 😉 *eyelashes* jzkz shazia for all the amazing posts !! Lol xoxoxo


  6. Omw that was so0o0o beaaaautiful and deep !! *sob sob* …that was so so so super amazing n deeeefiniTily sounds like our nemo orAara !!…ur writing is just beyond any words miss AuthornesSs !! *dancing*…our poor lil Nemo :( reaaally thort he wud get his Aara !! I over love Nemo but Zoheb has sumthn about him tooo 😛 I love aaaall the characters !! *dancing*…lol bt a hardcore Nemo fan 😛 😉 *eyelashes* jzkz shazia for all the amazing posts !! Lol xoxoxo


  7. This is the diary of Aara for sure!!
    And its written to Naeem.

    Thank you for the lovely post as always!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We will hear about the other characters too I’m sure. Its just that we find these 3 to b more interesting!! That’s all. Its like when u watching a series. Sometimes u prefer watching certain characters mor thn others. That doesn’t mean the others will disappear. **wink
    *** the storyline rocks. Esp. The Capetown trip soon!!!!!!!!!yeah yeah


  8. Deep stuff!! I personally prefer the 3 characters over the rest but don’t mind when you post about the others becoz your writing never seems to disappoint…thanks for all your hard work n regular posts…it means alot… #team Zoheb …oh n alos Zoheb n Aaras pov is my favourite. ?


  9. Great writing……You never seem to disappoint…..Its your blog dearest and you seem to have this story planned well in advance. Keep up the fantastic writing.


  10. 0mw … *tearing* … *touchy much* … Oh My Word .. Uu made my Night Shazia *biggest bear hugs ever*!! I read this pos more than five times *cant watch* … I jus loved it beyond words 😛 !!and I cried every tym I read it *hide*!! Aww at least I know u understand my love for Nem0 *huge smile* !! Coz Nem0 is jus so different .. Zoheb is lyk any other blog dude -_- !! The best part is no matter how many tyms I read the post I cnt decide whoes diary it is .. Its so deeep and intense and meaningfull .. Something too be treasured 😛 for some reason I think its Nem0s diary 😀 but I cud be wrong 😉 !! I beyond love ur blog and my sister and friends love it too 😛 !! A post of LLD makes everyones day 😀 !! U definetely didn’t loose the plot coz everything is so in sync and I think its jus some naturally get the spot lyt compare than others *blushy* Welll Nem0 Aara & Zoheb seem to be jus stuck under there coz they awesome lydat 🙂 !! Did I jus add Zoheb with them as Awesome 😮 .. That’s a mistake .. Nem0 & Aara are thee bestest and Awesomest *dancing face*!! Shazia u one of thee bestest Authorness ever *biiiig hugs*!! Ur blog is beyond awesome 😛 !! And I jus go on .. Coz wen I lyk a character its lyk I go into being them when I read their parts .. So I feeeel their every emotion as if its me *hide* !! Nem0 .. Hes my favourite character 😛 !! Yip he jus gonna get stronger in his journey of life 🙂 !! I still wnt give up on my HoPe .. Coz “Never Give Up”! 😛 .. Sowwiii abt this extremely long comment *cant watch* !! Looking forward to the journey of life with my Nemo .. Ill laugh and cry with u always *hugs Nem0*!! Have a splendid weekend Shazia 🙂 much love XoXo


  11. Team aara n zoheb. nemo, I sed b4, aara is out of bounds, so whilst u still in durbs, u beta get to know haaaj. Then u n haaj can hav a happy Eva afta, since she already luuuuvs u. I’m sure ul luuuurv her too, coz we all do.

    Miss author, I think, and know this blog is totes amazing, keep it up!


  12. Maybe its Aaras diary 😛 !!! CoZz then its for Nem0 *huuge smile* …. #HOPE 😀 😛 !! #Nem0&Aara 😛

    @Z #Ripped but its Nem0 and Aara 😛 #MyDuas 😀 XoXo


  13. I read t poem again&again&again…im sure it’s Aara diary-so beautiful…o dear cnt wait2c how nemo talks out his heart2 Aara & Aara’s feelings 2wards him…As much as i will hate 2c Nemo hurt…team Zoheb❤️Aara😍


  14. I keeep reading this diary piece *hide* .. I think its Nem0 and he is writing it for Aara … AnD I sadly think Aara is gonna end up with Zoheb .. Coz of the part .. Some relationships are meant to be and others not -_- ! And he wonders if she missed him in this whole jorney thing that Riza is taking them thrugh ! Nem0 & Aara forever 😛 #Hope


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