Part 63- Some just need a gentle PUSH…

I’m so sorry for such a delayed post..bad weather =terrible network for it goes..hope you had a splendid Monday :))

“I’m really very sorry Maariah, please accept my apology”

“Sorry?”, I said ” okay, let me just take this vase here and smash it on your head and say I am sorry and then we’re even okay?”

And he laughed!! He bloody laughed at me! And he seemed to realise that I was still annoyed so he tried to stop…when I say try I mean he didn’t stop completely.

Me: I had a gun against my back, my head was bashed into a door and you think its funny?

Imraan: no I didn’t think that was funny just the whole vase thing..ℓ☺ℓ..sorry I’m not laughing at you…if it makes you feel any better, the gun wasn’t loaded, we checked it after we arrested him

Me: and that’s supposed to make me feel better how exactly? What if it was loaded and he pulled the trigger then what?

Imraan: that’s why I told you to wait a little longer

Me: stop trying to justify yourself Detective

Imraan: please, call me Imraan

Me: no “Detective”…why were you using my restaurant for your stakeout? And that too without my permission?

Imraan: can I sit down?

Me: NO! Answer my question!

Imraan: look, I’ve done this a zillion times before and I never faced a situation like this, mostly because the shop or restaurant that I would sit in whenever I had to, the owners were never inquisitive like you!

Me: well I’m so sorry for worrying about my safety, I thought you were a stalker or a thief!!!

Imraan: do I look like a thief?

Me: yes!

Imraan: what??

Me: no sorry you don’t, but you have that look and yes you look like a stalker!

Arshad: (walking into my parents lounge) Mari…that’s enough for now…(Making me sit down) I’m Arshad (shaking Imraan’s hand)

Imraan: Imraan..

Arshad: she’s still in shock, I hope you can understand. This is your line of work but its a first time for her. Please don’t mind her

Imraan: not at all…(Kneeling down beside me) I’m sorry again Maariah…none of us intended for you to get hurt or to put you in any kind of danger but you’re a very brave lady and I’m glad I met you. That guy who held you at gunpoint was a wanted and notorious drug dealer and he recently acquired the gift shop across the street from your restaurant. Under the guise of selling gifts and novelty items he was stocking and supplying drugs from there itself. Now he’s behind bars and you won’t have to see me again

Me: and what if one of his men come for me? Have you thought abt that?

Imraan: read the newspaper tomorrow okay, everything will be clear in it. I can understand your anger. I’ll take your leave now

And he greeted Arshad and left.

Arshad: are you okay?

Me: I was so scared Arshad, I have never been more afraid in my life! I could have died!

Arshad: (hugging me) I’m sorry Mari…Insha اللَّه it will all be okay soon..we have the roadtrip coming up, it will help you get your mind off this whole incident

Me: I hope so…and I hope this horrible bump goes down ugh spoilt my face man!

Arshad: (laughing) you look just fine to me

Me: now tell me did your mum like the gifts Zai chose for her?

Arshad: women I tell you…you had a nasty incident just the night before and you’re worried about what happened with my mum!

Me: help me get my mind off things man cmon..tell me tell me!!!

Arshad: okay okay…she loved it! And it felt extra special for me when I gave it to her because…you know..

Me: (grinning) noo I don’t know…tell me *winking*

Arshad: Maariah!

Me: hello I didn’t set you up just to be left out! Give me the details Arshoo!

Arshad: ookay (now sitting cross legged on the floor) I can’t tell you exactly how it felt Mari…I felt as though I was gifting mum from “us”..and she said this was definitely not my choice and someone definitely helped me!

Me: oooo “us” huh

Arshad: and by my “changed” look she also said it looks as though something is happening and I shouldn’t hide it much longer from her…Mari I’m so glad my parents are coming with us to cape town..I mean they have met Zainab before but now…now its just going to be so different!

Riza: and maybe we can have your engagement in cape town before ours (big broad Riza smile)

Laeeka: (hugging me) are you okay?

Me: I’m feeling much better now(hugging her back)

Zainab: (walking into the lounge) Mariiiii I’m so sorry about whatever happened (joining into mine and Laeekas hug)

Me: awww only Aara is missing from this hug, thanks for coming guys

Riza: we haven’t yet told Nemo and Aara about what happened …how are you feeling Mari?

Me: I’m good…less traumatized now that all of you are here:)

I noticed Arshad and Zai stealing glances at each other..ℓ☺ℓ they were just too cute!

Me: so Zai I heard you helped Arshoo here pick some lovely gifts for his mum?

Zainab: (ℓ☺ℓ she always turned beetred faster than anyone could say “Julius Malema” ℓ☺ℓ! ) Yep I did…(Turning to face Arshad) what did mummy have to say?

Arshad: (his turn to turn pink..lmao this was toooo hot) she loved it, you have good taste

Riza: wait wait wait…zai…mummy huh??? (winking at Zai and nudging Arshad)

Zai: Reeez I made a mistake!

Laeeka: no you didn’t! (Laughing hard)

Me: why don’t you two just…

Arshad: (pinching my foot) Mari..

Riza: what Mari… she’s right why don’t you two just you know…say it

Laeeka: ( rolling with laughter) Zai Zai come on…

Zainab was finished! She was as red as a tomatoe!

Me: what Zai come this laddu here must open his mouth( twisting Arshad’s ear) tell her now!

Arshad: owww tell her what?

Me: I will klap you Arshoo tell her now now now!!!

Arshad: I don’t know what you’re talking about (playing dom)

Me: really now? You don’t know? Tell her that you aren’t in love with her!

Arshad: I’m not in…..!

Riza: (#bust #ripped..laughing so hard ) so you aren’t in love with her?

Arshad: I didn’t say that!

Riza: you just implied that you aren’t in love with Zainab

Arshad: I did not imply that!

Riza: well that’s what we understood

Arshad: well you understood wrong!

Zai: errrr guys

But we never gave her a chance this was now or never!!!

Riza: so what are you saying exactly because we are getting SO confused here

Didn’t he say that babe? (looking at Laeeka)

Laeeka: yes Arshoo you just implied that you aren’t in love with Zainab and I mean its fine you know, we understand and Zai must just go look for someone else (trying to suppress her laughter)

Me: Zai I’m so sorry hun, he doesn’t love you

Arshad: that’s just not true! (Getting so caught up in our fake argument)

Me: stop it Arshoo okay don’t make her think you are when you’re clearly NOT in love with her! You’re giving her ALL the signals- and if she can’t see it the way she’s pretending not to then she’s blind and you’re dumb!

Laeeka: (laughing so hard that tears were falling out of her eyes) really Arshoo its fine maybe we just read too much into everything and we know now that you have no such feelings for Zai and that you aren’t in love with her

Arshad: stop it dammit! I AM IN LOVE WITH ZAINAB! I love her madly…look at me look how I’ve changed…its all because of her…she’s the only thing I can think of!

Riza: ( torn with laughter) errr Arshoo you do realise that Zainab is in this very room?

And Arshad snapped out of his whatever it is he went into and the realisation hit him and it HIT him like a ton of bricks! His mouth hung open and his face had “shock” written all over it! What a classic moment!! Exactly how we telepathically hoped it would happen!

Me: woop woop hurray! Finally! Now you (nudging Zainab) open your mouth also!

Laeeka: or must we get it out of you too?

Zainab was so red in the face I almost mistook her for my mothers red Victorian vase!

Zai: I..I..

Riza: I what??? I..I.. need you three to leave us alone? Okay we’ll go (winking)

Zai: I’m getting married!

Laeeka,Riza and I : WHAT!!!

And Arshad’s face just fell and in that few seconds every possible emotion related to pain and anguish flashed all across his face….


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19 thoughts on “Part 63- Some just need a gentle PUSH…

  1. Waaat waaat Waat d f****!!!??? Huh!!!??? Omg I’m soo sorry fr dt language bt seriously wtf!!!!! Omg nooo my poor arshoo!!! Aftr all dt work n tryna gt it outr hm!! Whu d hell is she gtn married to in d frst plce!!! Omg noooo 😥 I feel lyk cryn d hole nyt shazia!!!!!!


  2. Omg noo man!!! Ds cnt b happenin!! Ok arshoo frgt wat ds writer says,u my boy, r gna listen to ME! U gna fyt fr Zai!! U gna go to her prnts tl em u in luv wid their dwtr n u wna marry her n u gna do wtever it tkes!wtever it tkes!!! U gna win her m tln u!coss ds is brkn my art 😥 😥 😥


  3. SAY WAAAT?? NO zai u can’t married to any1 except to Arshoo 😛

    TnX shaZia for the awesome post 😛 #cant_wait_for_part64


  4. Ooh nOo u didn’t mean that Zai 😉 .. U also getting all confused *laughing* Or are u wanting to propose to Arshoo *ripping*!! This post was a ripper .. Finally Arshoo spilled his feeelings *dancing face*!! Lmao Zai shud say .. Uhh I meant I dnt mind marrying ArshoOo *wink wink*!! Coz she so cnt marry anyone else -_- !! They two jus too cute 😛 LoL is Detective Imraan silently hitting on Marri pops 😉 !! Awesome post 😛 !! XoXo


  5. Thanx for the awsome post!! You just left us in suspense :(…I hope she’s just joking around to get them back #fingers crossed


  6. Sis shazia…..why would a drug dealer hold up Maria,what was the reason behind it and message did he have ..very curious to know ..excellent post


  7. No no no no no!!!
    How can this be happening????
    I also hope its Arshoo
    But y wud she say dat,n I’m sure he doesn’t even know its him-if it is him…lol
    Plz post nest one sooooon!


  8. NoooOooo NO …… Zainub u r NOT getting married …. She just said that out of pressure right ???? Right ?!?! …. Aww don’t do this to Arshooo he deserves this L♥√ع mannnn !!!


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