Part 64- I’m getting married to…

Riza: what! To who????

Me: it’s complicated

Riza: well uncomplicate it Zainab!

I looked at Arshad…he looked so defeated…how do I tell them that I was forced to say this?

Maariah: answer the question Zai! Who are you getting married to???And when did all of this happen???

Me: very recently…(I looked down)

Laeeka: Zainab we all can see that you’re head over heels in love with Arshad man come on! Who are you getting married to???

Me: who am I getting married to? Who am I getting married to! Errrrr my brother…..what?

Maariah: are you going mad??? You don’t even have a brother!! And even if you did you couldn’t possibly get married to him? Wait do you people also do that” cousin brother” crap?

Me: Nemo’s brother…I’m getting married to Nemo’s brother!

Riza: are you out of your mind??? He’s already married!

Arshad got up from the floor and looked straight at me…my knees trembled and I swallowed hard.

Me: I’m going to be his second wife…

Laeeka: (walking up to me) have you completely lost it!!

And she shook me hard!

Arshad: Laeeka please…

Laeeka: what please Arshad someone needs to shake her out of her stupidit…what is…(Noticing my hands free that had fallen off my ear and was dangling in between my scarf and my face)..what the…(Putting it to her ear)…Nemo you shit!!! Zai take out your phone now and put it on speaker!

And I obliged gladly! I was only too happy to end this!

And soon enough the call was on speaker and all we could hear was Nemo and Aara laughing their heads off!


Cut to what you didn’t hear:

As soon as Riza,Laeeka and Maariah started hashing Arshad I dialed Aara and didn’t say a word. My headset was already sitting firmly in my right ear..and they weren’t here and I wanted them to hear it too IF Arshad said it.

Riza: I..I what? I..I..want the three of you to leave the room? Okay we’re going *winking*

Nemo: Zai tell them you’re getting married! Wish I was there to see the look on Arshoo’s face!

Aara: no Zai don’t do it! Nemo don’t be so immature man Arshad will probably end up having a heart attack!

I couldn’t answer them even if I wanted to!

Nemo: Zai do what I’m telling you I promise you if you ever need to know how deeply Arshoo loves you, you will see it on his face when he feels he’s lost you! Ouch man Aara stop hitting me I’m driving woman!

Me: it’s complicated

Riza: well uncomplicate it Zainab!

Laeeka: Zainab we all can see that you’re head over heels in love with Arshad man come on! Who are you getting married to???

Me: who am I getting married to?(Dammit Nemo answer me will you!)Who am I getting married to!

Nemo: my brother! (Laughing hard)

Me: Errr my brother……what?

Nemo: lmao! No stupid MY brother…Nemo’s brother silly girl!

Maariah: are you going mad??? You don’t even have a brother!! And even if you did you couldn’t possibly get married to him? Wait do you people also do that” cousin brother” crap?

Nemo: (laughing like crazzzzzyyy) typical Maariah! Yo cousin brother chaarou style!!

Me: Nemo’s brother…I’m getting married to Nemo’s brother!

Riza: are you out of your mind??? He’s already married!

Nemo: tell him you’re going to be his second wife!

Nemo: Gotcha! What happened Arshoo??? Heart stopped beating?

Riza: you bloody idiot!! And I thought we’d have some peace without you this weekend!

Nemo: liar liar…you know you love me Reeezz not even Laeeka can come between us!

Aara: just so you know…I was not a part of this! (Laughing hard)

Nemo: she’s lying! She told me what to say!

Aara: please man Nemo…Arshad I’m so sorry but atleast you got it over the phone..I have to contend with this THING until tomorrow!

Maariah: you nearly gave this man a heart attack, stroke,hernia , frikking acne and diahorrea all at once man!

I couldn’t help but smile…he was really so kuckoos over me *drool*

But Arshad was quiet…more like embarassed
Nemo: hey bro…I’m sorry I just…you know I like to chow your brains…and I’m very angry with all of you- we also wanted to be there for this confession!

Aara: thanks Zai for phoning us ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂h now please do what you should have done already! Byeeee guys

Nemo: wait I’m still talking don’t cut the call

Aara: no! Shurrup and drive

And Aara cut the call.

Riza: Zai you really had us there for a moment…

Laeeka: sorry for shaking you *holding her ears*

Maariah: and I’m sorry for shouting…

Me: I feel like the luckiest person alive…I have such wonderful friends(smiling at the 3 of them)..and…even luckier than the luckiest person alive because…(Walking towards a silent Arshad…come on Zainab you can do this its now or never now or never I kept telling myself) …because (standing infront of Arshad)…because he loves me….(And Arshad looked at me with tears in his eyes) and I love him too…can I get a hug please? (Puppy eyes)

Arshad smiled at me and took me into his arms. Its so true when they say that when you love someone truly, that person becomes the most beautiful in your eyes. And right now, engulfed in Arshad’s arms I felt a sense of warmth and security I had never felt before.

It felt as though I had finally come home:) I had found my other half…I never felt happier to be the broken rib…this is where I wanted to be..always..and forever!

in your arms

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20 thoughts on “Part 64- I’m getting married to…

  1. Omg!! Omg!! Omg!!!! Shazia u beauty I luv uwww!!!!! *hugs* lol flip dt cn nly b nemo!!! MY Nemo 😛
    Awww zai n arshooo soo sweet!!!! poor bicharo arshoo I twt u were brkn hs hrt 😥


    • Lmao…now u can imagine how I was ripping last night when I read ur comments esp! #bust…and all the other comments too :-p I was actually considering not posting this tonight to pull u guys longer:-p


      • Hey I ws gng into depression man!!! Of all ppl poor arshoo. Ws gna get hs hrt broken!I duno wthr to kil u o hug u!! Lol seriously tho tht post ws bustrs!! I never saw dt cumn!!


  2. Lol shammmme poor arshu ..!nemo is ever upto something man

    U never fail to make me laugh ! Love love ur blog .. if only u could see how happy I get when I get a notification ..



  3. *RIPPED* * RIPPED* and more *RIPPED* !!! Lmao omw only only ooonly Nemo cud ever do sumthn like that !! X_x…and I felt so so so extremely sorry for poor arshad man !! *Cant watch* *beeeg hugs* …he felt like his whole world was crushing right down on him shame man !! *laughing* I can just imagine how much he wants to kill Nemo !! *ripped*…lol n Zai waa soo confused she even said her brother !! *ripped* …lol misss FantasticNess u had me ripping out loudly *closes face* especially at the part where mari aaid ” you nearly gave this man a heart attack, stroke, hernia, frikkin acne and diarrhoea at the same time ” *laughing with tears in my eyes* …lol the rest of them had heart attacks so can u jst imagine poor arsh’s heart !! X_x…lmao bt that is only Nemo !! 😉 *eyelashes*…lol byt it ended soo sooo very cuuuuute n sweeeeeeet …zaaaai in arsh’s arms awwwww *eyelashes* *blush*…lol loce ia definitely in the air betweeb abother couple from our group of friends !!*dancing* *excited* …lmao nooow just waiting for my Nemo and Aara !! 😛 😉 *eyelashes* *crossing fingers*#Hope

    A very beeeeeg extra HuGe super duper, pain in my stomach from laughter ThaNx a million staaax…Shazia uu are super duper amazing !! *dancing* xoxoxoxox


  4. #Ripped #BeyondRipped #Busting #Lmao #Lol *laughing lyk crazy* ..!! *high five Nemo* lol u jus gotta love Nem0 *dancing face*!! Nem0 u too awesome *hugggge smile* .. Oki doki shh Nem0 tym for u and Aara to go for a date 😉 .. EnJoY 😛 !! Aara called Nemo a thing #Ripped .. Love hw they trouble each other 😉 ! Arsho0oo0o0o *ripping* uu okay dude ?? U heart is beating normall 😉 *laughing* Awww Zai and Arsh0oo are s0o0o cuUuteeeee *pouty*!! He was even teary 😛 they jus t0oo0 cuteables *love struck* & *blushy*!! XoXo


  5. # RIPPED # OMGEEE! ! !Arshoo & Zai 2gether at last. Only Neemo can pull a prank lyk dat.I love ur blog. Evrytym I read a post I hav a gud laugh.


  6. Lmao lmao wow who else if not Nemo..pooooorr arshad lolzz..yh they defo were in need of that push..soo cuties
    Who’s next nw?!*wink*


  7. Gosh this is sooo cute I just started this blog and just read all this coz it was very interesting something different and I have never heard or seen or read such kind of friendship this is amazing good work your authorness PS- I’m rooting for zoheb and aara although I also like nemo arshoo and zai sooo cute laeeks and reez lovely couple mari is very sweet hope she finds the dude for her!!!


  8. L♥√ع the post as always!!
    Nyc work Neemo!! Quite the clown!!

    R&L A&Z N&.?? M&.?? Z&A fantastic!!!

    The most important relationship here is frienship!! ∕Ɩ∕Ɩω∂h


  9. Luved this post. Bt I’m saaaad, zoheb was left out and no 1 even remembered him. That’s so unfair, wasn’t he invited to b part of this group and he is goin on the road trip too. Plz don’t leave my zoheb out.

    Anyway, zai n arshoo are toooo cuteabbles.*Luvstruck*


  10. Oh my gosh hyperventilating kallas. Nemo is scha character so glad it was just a joke I am absolutely thrilled at Tђε outcome tho. Aaaaaaw Arshaad and Zai sweetest thing ever now Arshaads mom cn stop worrying coz hs got woman n nt a man hahahaha.awesome post tnx


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