Part 65- Seeing through the cracks…

“I’m not taking you home just yet”,Nemo said with a smile

Me: okay, where are we going?

Nemo: down memory lane..and I know you’re hungry because you barely touched anything during supper

Me: (laughing) it was so awkward even though everything looked so yummy!

Nemo: (smile) you and your food huh

Me: yup nothing can ever come between us (wide grin)

So we made our way to Caminettos for some yummy pizza and pasta. We obviously didn’t blend in with the casual crowd and o boy did people stare!

Me: errr I don’t want to sit here and eat

Nemo: why not?

Me: hello I’m wearing a poufy evening dress and people are staring!

Nemo chuckled to himself…

Nemo: okay madame we’ll take it away

And so we did, and the smell of this beyond delicious pizza filled the air in Nemo’s dads car..

10 minutes later we were sitting on the bonnet of the car,in one of the parking bays directly across the beach,stuffing our faces! We would do this so often when we were younger and this reminded me so much of “those” days.

A gooood couple of burps later…

Nemo: what would you like next?

Me: fried mielies,sour figs, bombay crush oh and a triple chocolate mousse from milky lane…please:)

Nemo burst out laughing!

Nemo: do you even have place for all of that?

Me: don’t worry I’ll make place for it (winking at him) or I’ll just take it home:) but not now..I’m so stuffed…I think its just the novelty of being here..being home…its like you just want to savour every moment of it and enjoy everything about it all at once

Nemo: I know what you mean…

Me: maybe you should go back…it is your sisters engagement after all

Nemo: naah…I don’t want to…and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now…

Me: so sweet!

Nemo: a walk down memory lane remember (holding his hand out to me)

Me: you want to go for a walk dressed like this?!

Nemo:why not? there’s no time like the present sweetheart:)

Me: (putting my arm into his and walking down to the beach) remember when we used to laugh at all those indian people who would come to milky lane directly after a wedding with their shiny clothes and wearing ALL the jewellery they owned all at once?

Nemo: aha..

Me: I feel like them right now!

Nemo: don’t be silly..ℓ☺ℓ ..right now all those people in those flats up there (pointing at the buildings along the Golden Mile) are probably wondering who is this lady walking on the shore…with your poufy dress blowing in the wind…(Laughing hard) they will probably think you walked out of a ghost ship and you doodling away on the shore searching for your fellow crewmates!

Me: heyyy(pushing him with my arm still around his)

Nemo: what hey (pushing me back)

Anyone who saw us would have thought we were drunk!

And we went from side to side a good few times until we realised we were almost infront of a muslim family eating ice cream! And they gaped at us in horror!

Nemo: Assalaamualaikum Khala..kemche?

I burst out laughing!

Needless to say the lady didn’t greet him back! She turned her nose at him and said loud enough for us to hear..”Isn’t that A.K Moola’s son??”

Before Nemo could say anything I carried on walking dragging him away with me because my arm was still in his.

Nemo: tomorrow’s breakfast news ” A.K Moola’s son loitering drunk on the beachfront with Highway Shiela”

And he was suddenly torn with laughter..huh?

Me: what’s so funny mister? And how dare you call me Highway Shiela!

Nemo: this is why I don’t like coming to Durban…everyone just seems so interested in everyone elses business..(And he sighed)..let’s sit( well he just suddenly pulled me down to sit next to him and completely ignored the fact that he called me Highway Shiela!)

Nemo: why can’t it always be like this?

Me: why can’t what always be like this?

Nemo: the view infront of us..

My heart stopped. What was he saying???
It felt as though something suddenly started burning in my chest…

Me: you know that I’ll always be there for you..just like how I know you’ll always be there for me…

Nemo: problem! I wasn’t always there for you was I?

Me: o boy…are we walking down regret lane instead of memory lane? Nemooo you took a wrong turn! (Playfully punching him)

Nemo: regret is a part of our memories isn’t it…

Me: I suppose…but we can’t change it, we can just make sure it doesn’t happen again

Nemo: I don’t know what I’d do without you…

Me: pleeeease…there’s Riza,Laeeks,Mari,Zai,Arshoo and now’ll never be alone even if you wanted to!

Nemo: *sigh* Riza has Arshad has Zai..sooner or later Mari and Zoheb will find someone and then what?

Me: and then we will find someone that’s life (forcing out a laugh)

Nemo: have you found someone yet?

Me: have YOU found someone yet?

Nemo: I asked first

Me: so? Answer ladies first:-p

Nemo: yes I have:)

Me: and you didn’t tell me!

Nemo: now..have you found someone?

Me: I don’t know…..(And my mind drifted to Zoheb…I could almost see him infront of me)

Nemo: hmmm so you won’t even tell me?

Me: only if you tell me!

Nemo: come on sweetheart

Me: okay let’s make a deal…when we know for sure then we’ll tell each other first (I said very enthusiastically)

Nemo: okay done

Me: done

Nemo: so do I know him?

Me: Nemo!!

Nemo: that’s his name? Nemo? (Acting so shocked)

Me: funny

Nemo: how so?

Me: shurrup man! Maybe I’ll go the arranged marriage never know *wink*

Nemo: never! You and arranged marriage hah! You didn’t watch all those Shah Rukh Khan movies for nothing (nudging me)

Me: yeaaah my hero…singing in the streets..dancing with me in Mitchell Park…and oh how can I forget…carving my name into his hand! Ewww okay the last one is a big no no!

Nemo was torn with laughter!

Nemo: I love you A… A…. A…Aara

Me: uh uh no midnight stalkers for me!

(Okay if you’re lost- we are referring to one of our favourite SRK movies- Darr)

Nemo: alternatively, it could be you running across a field full of flowers towards a cow wearing that hideous cowbell!

My turn to ℓ☺ℓ ! And then both of us started singing horribly!…
“Thujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam..pyaar hota hai deewana sanam..ab yaha se kaha jaaye hum..their baaho mein marjaye hum”

Nemo: hummm mmm mmm mmm (hands raised in the air as though he was heading an orchestra!)

Okay by now people passing us were starting to stare..but we didn’t care…we had done this after soooo long and it felt awesome!

Me: someone somewhere is made for you…remember that one?

Nemo: how can I forget! That’s like one of my favourite movies! Dil tho pagal hai!

Me: ℓ☺ℓ one of the perks of growing up with me- I made you a bollywood boffin!

Nemo: shhhh don’t say it so loudly(nudging me)

Me: okay next!

Nemo: pyaar dosti hai…love is friendship

Me: aww kuch kuch hota hai!

Nemo:(softly…) kuch kuch hota hai Aara…you won’t understand..

I froze again! This was the second “something” from Nemo in the last hour!

Nemo: do you believe that a guy and a girl can honestly just be friends and nothing more?

Me: why are you asking me? You already have the answer

Nemo: I do?

Me: yes you do…and don’t ask me to elaborate

Nemo: we are going nowhere slowly…

Me: why do I feel like there’s so much more to what you’re saying and asking?

Nemo: because there is…..

And suddenly I didn’t want to know anymore…I didn’t want to open up old wounds…I didn’t want to open a chapter of my life that I had closed the day I decided that I had had enough…I didn’t want to walk down memory lane anymore because our memory lane was too painful…

Nemo: (breaking my chain of thought..) Okay next!

Me: (snapping out of it) mmmmm…going to skip a few and go right to…my favourite movie of all time! IF you still remember!

Nemo: (humming the tune and I couldn’t help but smile) seize the day….Kal ho Na Ho (tomorrow may never come)

Me: wow you remembered

Nemo: but you forgot…seize the day…who knows…kal ho…na ho?

Me: okay next

Nemo: hmmm kiska hai ye thumko intezaar mein ho naa..dekhlo idhar tho ekbaar mein hu naa…(Translated: who are u waiting for…I am here…if u could only look this way, you will see that I am here)

Third “something” for sure! Maybe we should end this game!

Nemo: next!

Me: I think I’m done…

Nemo: don’t be mad…we just started come on

Me: I think I want that triple choc mousse now…

Nemo:(staring at me although I pretended not to notice) okay

And we got up and walked in the direction of Milky Lane but we were still far from it…

Maybe I was reading too much into everything I mean it was Nemo after all! But no..something was definitely different and I was almost sure of it…he was suddenly very quiet and not his usual chatty self. I could never feel uncomfortable around Nemo but it had become a little awkward all of a sudden…


It was a perfect night..I tried to express my feelings towards her very subtly…

I know that something was now playing on her mind because she was silent all the way home..

I smiled as I remembered the look on her face when she took the first bite of her pizza! She loved food more than anything! And I couldn’t possibly be jealous of a pizza ℓ☺ℓ ! As I was about to close the car door I noticed a faint light under the passenger seat and I reached under…only to pull out Aara’s phone and it seemed as though the battery had just died.

Whatever came over me I don’t know, but I started the car again and put the car charger into the phone and waited a few minutes before her phone switched on again.

Why I tried this…I don’t know…but I attempted to unlock the keypad….shit…password protected

I chided myself for being so rude and inquisitive and decided to switch her phone off and charge it upstairs in my room…but before I could do that it started ringing…..


Why was he calling Aara at 1 o clock in the morning??



18 thoughts on “Part 65- Seeing through the cracks…

  1. Woooop Woooop … I think Aara liked Nem0 more than a friend back than *dancing face* … But that time Nemo *giving a soft punch* didn’t realise and jus hurt her feelings -_- !! So now is the time to get together 😛 !! They sOoper cUute *pouty*!! #Hope 🙂 #Aara&Nem0 Aww the way Nem0 did it was toOo Cuteables *blushy*! Nem0 saw Zohebs call *hide* .. Drama loading .. Its so not cool having Nem0 quiet bt Aara got the hints at least 😛 xoxo


  2. Yep so she did push him away 2years ago 2get ova her feelings 4him…wonder how this will turn out nw since she is giving way 4Zoheb …will Nemo answer t ph???will nemo tell aara his true feelings????well he sud b4 he hurts zoheb as well!!! …. Well i mus say i kinda like this kindof suspense☺️


  3. Nemo sorry Aaras heat is taken already by zoheb.”Happy dance”. Dey to cute togeather. Can’t w8 4 zoheb to sing da indian song on da roof of a car.


  4. I’m dancing with joy!!! Aarah loved Nemo. Aarah loved Nemo. Aarah loved Nemo. I’m sure you got the hint Aarah. Stop being a block head! Nemo loves you!!! Zoheb pleaseeee die.. Just DIE. You know dying? Where you close your eyes and stop breathing? Yeah like that. Die and leave Aarah and Nemo for each other. Insha Allah you’ll find your damsel in Jannah:D


  5. Olala wat can I say?!!!I think m startin to lyk nt as much as zoheb,so stil team zoheara..
    Oooh no*cntwatch* phone caught..phew dez a password so msgs are safe,atleast!
    Awsum post,nemo n aara are sweet together… as frends


  6. “Thujhe dekha tho ye jaana sanam..pyaar hota hai deewana sanam..ab yaha se kaha jaaye hum..their baaho mein marjaye hum” …. AMAZING song !!!! And Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ….. MY favourite movie !!!!!! L♥√ع it !! :g Kalhona hoh … Ankother favourite ​ℓ☺ℓ … Nemo is soooo sweet why can’t Aara like him back but then there’s Zoheb who is amazing …. I’m stuck …. I like both nemo and zoheb … Who ever she ends up with I’ll be ɧԹρρՎ so its both #TeamZoheb and #TeamNemo :p . Awesomeeeeee ‘Indian’ post 😀 lala lala lala la … Kuch kuch hota hai ….. =))


  7. I knew it I knew it!!!! I knew aara liked nemo!!! Wooohhhoo!!! Nw Nemo Zoheb is aftr Aara so gt ur cutr tushy moving will u n tl her already o zohebs gna steal her away 😥

    Lol Nemo singn hindi songs I dnt evn knw!! Hilarious!!! Lol


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