Part 66- Seeing Through the cracks-Part 2

Where’s my phone? Where’s my phone???? I rummaged through my handbag a million times already! Shit…did I lose my phone??? But I didn’t take it out of the car? Did it fall somewhere?

I ran to Sahal’s room and looked for his phone. Luckily he was asleep or he would have been screaming blue murder by now! I quietly tiptoed out of his room with his phone which was unlocked :-p and started dialing Nemo when I quickly cut the call.
I hadn’t spoken to him the entire way do I phone and ask him if I left my phone in his car?

My thoughts were startled by Sahal’s phone…Nemo was calling! Gosh did I just give him a miss call? How cheap*hide*

Me: hello

Nemo: aah it’s you I thought it was Sahal

Me: Nemo please do me a favour…can you check for me in the car if my phone is there…I just can’t find it anywhere

Nemo: oh so you’re talking to me now?

Me: come on man

Nemo: you’re so rude..I take you out and then you ignore me on a 30 minute drive

Me: I wasn’t ignoring you..I had a lot on my mind

Nemo: all of a sudden?

Me: yeah now look for my phone pleaaase ( I was desperate…like most girls my age my phone was a huge part of my life)

Nemo: why? Expecting a call?

Me: Nemo look for my phone PLEASE

Nemo: NO

Me: please please please…I’m in panic mode here! Help me!

Nemo: firrrrst tell me why is finding your phone so important?

Me: don’t be such a jerk man how would you feel if you couldn’t find your phone?

Nemo: hmmm I have two phones so it wouldn’t be such a trainsmash :-p

Me: Nemo!

Nemo: aha…

Me: you’re making me beg now…please help me

Nemo: I hate doing this to you (laughing) but you sound so cute like this!

Me: I need my phone..please will you help me and find it!

Nemo: relax I found it and its charging right next to me

Me: really? Like really really?

Nemo: (laughing) yes, like really really really…you happy now?

Me: more like relieved..thank you

Nemo: battery is dead though…I’ll bring it when I come tomorrow to pick you up

Me: perfect! (It wasn’t perfect though…it would be so much better if he just brought it now!!! I needed my phone!! *cant watch* )

Nemo: so, what was on your mind all the way home?

Me: nothing I can’t handle alone…but I’m so tired now I really just want to go to bed

Nemo: ok I won’t push you to tell me…but you will tell me…one day

Me: nemo…I’m going now okay…thanks for an amazing evening I had a good time

Nemo: you’re welcome…always

Me: (I smiled to myself) bye now

Nemo: make salaam what’s wrong with you…or must we change your name to Ava or Anna or Anga? (And he started laughing)

Me: ok ok…assalaamualaikum Naeem

Nemo: waalaikumsalaam sweetheart…dream sweet…I’ll see you later…

That was a relief, atleast my phone was safe and password protected! ℓ☺ℓ its not like I didn’t trust Nemo but he was definitely very inquisitive!

And then in struck me! Sahal also had Zoheb’s number so I quickly scrolled down to his name and sent him a message

“Slmz,its Aara.I forgot my phone in Nemo’s car,just wanted to let u kno as requested that I am home safe and sound-chat later:)”


Message sending failed.

Great! Sahal the miser didn’t have enough airtime for an sms!

Aah well, later was only a few hours away.

I finally got to bed…but I couldn’t sleep….

Why was Nemo acting the way he was? Everything was fine until ..then. Maybe I’m just reading too much into something that isn’t there. Like I did before…but I wasn’t 16 anymore. But I couldn’t help feeling so restless!

I sprung out of bed and went downstairs to fetch the cordless. I had written his number on my hand and dialed it as I walked up to my room. So what if it was…(Looking at my watch-yes I slept with a watch on)umm 3:15am.. I let it ring..


Me: hi…I’m sorry did I wake you? ( I lied..I wasn’t sorry…it was 3am and 99/100 he was asleep)

Zoheb: Aara?

Me: aha

Zoheb: hey I just tried calling you..where are you calling from?

Me: home

Zoheb: let me call you back

Me: Zohe… (And he cut the call…and exactly 10 seconds later my house phone rang)

Me: yeaaah about that…I hope my aunt doesn’t wake up -phonecalls at this hour usually mean that someone was DEAD!

Zoheb: (ℓ☺ℓ) sorry I didn’t realise that…where’s your phone?

Me: that’s why I’m calling…I forgot my phone in Nemo’s car and I only realised it after he dropped me off…and you asked me to let you know when I’m home..which was about an hour ago I think..why do you sound so fresh? Hmmm late sleeper?

Zoheb:(laughing again)Aara..breathe..breathe… no I’m not normally a late sleeper…I, infact just got into bed. Might sound silly but I was just worried about didn’t message and I’m born paranoid so yeah…how was the engagement?

Me: it was okay I guess…albeit a few irritations but otherwise it was just nice seeing Nemo with his family

Zoheb: good..I’m glad everything went off well

Me: anyway…I just called to know..I’m home…wanna try and get some sleep now

Zoheb: you should…

Me: you should too..

Zoheb: Aara…

Me: hmmm

Zoheb: thanks for calling…you just..made my weekend..


Zoheb: okay you can stop smiling now and go sleep!

Me: I’m not smiling! (O but I was :))))))) )

Zoheb: and my name is not Zoheb

Me: it isn’t? (ℓ☺ℓ )

And the conversation went on for another hour…..

Back in Jhb, and life went back to normal in no time at all! Well I suppose because everyone was so busy trying to cram in as much work as possible into 2 days…we had taken this wednesday and then the following tuesday and wednesday off as well so now our trip was extended to 8 days!! The rest of the days in between were public holidays so plus plus plus!

Riza told Nemo and I about Maariah’s incident when we landed yesterday and we went straight to her house. she’s a tough cookie that one!

I also noticed a certain Detective on sunday and yesterday when I was at Mari’s house who had come to “check up” on her…hmmm ..this might just turn out to be very interesting! *wink*

Laeeka filled us girls in about what went down at her house the night Riza’s parents came over. Laeeks was patience personified! So if she wasn’t prepared to do anything about it-we definitely were!

Arshad and Zainab seemed to need no more pushes…they had their first official date on Sunday:))) now just to let his parents know he had finally found someone…a girl might I add *wink*

As for Nemo …I hadn’t seen him since sunday. Yes, I have been avoiding him. I was already in a confused state of mind- I didn’t want to confuse it further. What surprised me though was that he never pitched up in my balcony the way he usually does…

Zoheb…I hadn’t seen him either..and I think the distance from both of them allowed me to think a little…however..

I still didn’t know what I wanted and that was the truth.

But….block everything out- tomorrow is the beginning of an 8 day long partyyyy*happy dance*

But that the next 8 days would be life changing…was something I didn’t know then…


20 thoughts on “Part 66- Seeing Through the cracks-Part 2

  1. Zoheib and aara all the way
    I L♥√ع the couple
    And zoheib is too charming for words!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Hearts will be broken. I mean nemos
    😦 😦 I don’t want it to b like that.
    Plzz nemo find someone ur type!
    Hªª hªª hªª

    Luvly as always


  2. Yippeeee RoAd TriP!!! Cnt w8!
    Aww thse cnversatns betwn zoheb n Aara evn giv me butterflies thers soo much chemistry thr! Zoheb is really sweet!
    I wonder wt maari pops is gna do bwt Detectiv Imraan 😛


  3. You know Aarah you should read your duaas and Ayatul kursi.. Maybe Zoheb put a curse on you that’s why you like him 😉 Lol kidding Zoheb fans don’t murder me:D but who knows hey.. Maybe he did. Nemo and Aarah all the way:)


  4. Hey @SM its no curse*straigtface*..its jus that his irresistable u knw..the charmin,cute,hadsome,sweet,one in a million typ of guy..haha.jus perrrrfect for aarrra..lolzz*tongueout*
    Aww zoheb n aara are sooo cute.luv them
    Bt dnt want nemo hurt.shame
    Thnx for th post.2 posts in 1day*dancing* *happy*


  5. Kuch kuch hota hai . Exactly, the perfect way to describe nemo and aara! U see did have feelings for him:) and hey miss authoress and see u puting the Urdu in (wink). Team nemo


  6. Yipppee Aara did like Nem0 and still duz but she’s hidding her feeelings anD blocking them out -_- !! Choose Nem0 *puppy eyes* he even expressed his feelings to u with all indian songs (which u love) …!! Kuch kuch hota hai .. Aara anD Nem0 forever 😛 !! Aara dnt push Nem0 away *crying*!! Oopz Nem0 fell off the grid 😉 !! Psht Zoheb go fly mahn 😀 !! RoAd TriP BeginS 😛 😀 .. XoXo


  7. Was Aara in love with Nemo before ??? And it looks like she still is thats why she’s confused lol this is like twilight … Bella Jacob and Edward =D


  8. Team Nemo and Aara all the way…..your last words “But that the next 8 days would be life changing…was something I didn’t know then…” sounds like maybe a lot of heartache to come especially if feelings are revealed……excited by also nervous to see what transpires.


  9. Lol couldn’t Zoheb be on that Malaysian aeroplane that disappeared off the radar so that Nemo n Aara can have a happily ever after


  10. After a terrible exam I neeeed a post plz plz plz
    Oh n plz check out a really good read n I LOVE it!!! 🙂 🙂


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