Part 69- Is this It?

I turned around to go to the back when I saw Aara sitting with the girls and eating away.

Me: couldn’t resist the smell of the food could you? (Sitting down next to her)

Aara: I was starving no doubt…and I dropped my bowl of cereal on Zoheb this morning so that was goodbye to my breakfast

Me: you both had breakfast together?(????)

Aara: (with a smirk) you could say that

Me: oh

Aara: (yawning) the nap felt so good…I didn’t sleep for what like 24 hours

Maariah: howcome?

Aara: deadlines…finished the last article at 3 this morning then I spent the next few hours in the kitchen

Me: having breakfast with Zoheb?

Aara: ℓ☺ℓ! Shut up man

Me: by the way thanks for my goodie bag (side hugging Aara) you made my whole trip!

Aara: you welcome now stop grinning like an ass and move your butt I want to get a dvd

And she walked to the front of the RV but stopped by Zoheb…


Me: today is your lucky day (patting Zoheb on his shoulder)

Zoheb: oh you woke up?

Me: err no..I’m still sleeping but shhh don’t tell everyone

Riza: ℓ☺ℓ ! Good one…doesn’t it remind you of the “how you ok?” ones we get hit with so often?

Me: (laughing) and Zoheb here nailed it!

Zoheb: you’re actually making fun of me!

I winked at him and proceeded to the front of the RV..

Me: hey paan masala that was a really nasty thing you did this morning!

Zia: very sorry jee I didn’t see you kassum

Me: either way Zia you shouldn’t spit all over the place..use a packet or something

Nemo: (walking down) there! (Giving Zia a packet) don’t you dare spit on the floor here or else!

Zia: (holding his head) I von’t I von’t

Me: ℓ☺ℓ! I saw you smack him on his head(whispering to Nemo)

Nemo: he’ll get another one if he pulls a stunt like that again! So, what are we watching?

Me: wait… (Turning to face everyone) ladies and gents our friend here, (pointing at Zoheb) has never watched a full indian movie so…we are going to give him a treat today but I need your help on deciding which would be the perfect movie to create a good impression *winking*

Zoheb: (whispering) Aara sit down!

Me: just now how be patient :-p

Aunty Sawleha: a golden oldie…an 80’s classic?

Me: Aunty Sawleha he will probably jump out the window!

Laeeka: I know..hum saath saath hai?

Nemo: Dushman! (Enemy)

Me: (whispering to Nemo) control your emotions!

Zai: I think right now…kuch kuch hota hai would be appropriate!

Nemo: NO!

Riza: Yes!!

And everyone started cheering for Kuch kuch Hota Hai

Zoheb: seriously? Are you guys like that crazy over a movie?

Zia: kuch kuch hota hai!

Nemo: you shut up and drive!

So we put on the dvd and everyone reclined their seats and drew the curtains.

Me: Riza, can I have your seat please?

Riza: (looking at Zoheb) sure

And I sat next to Zoheb while he grinned way too much!

Zoheb: I hope there’s subtitles here

Me: there is relax and watch now

Zoheb was actually quite engrossed although every so often he would whisper in my ear and ask how much longer for the movie to end! And everytime he came close and whispered…I won’t sent a shock up my spine…

Me: shhh ..(Whispering to him) is it boring?

Zoheb: (whispering back) no…but I’m enjoying the company more than the movie

And he winked at me!

Me: stop flirting!

Zoheb: this is flirting? This is just the truth:)

And then I got a hard kick in my seat from the person behind me!

Me: (turning around) okay Arshoo sorry

When the movie ended, there was silence in the bus. I mean, dead silence. Zoheb passed me another tissue and when I turned to him, I was totally taken by surprise…there were tears running down his cheeks too! Honestly, I had to try very hard to suppress the laugh that wanted to just really burst out of my tummy. This was so cute!

Me: are you okay?

Zoheb: (wiping his eyes) I’m fine..sorry this is embarrassing

Me: I’m pretty sure everyone is doing the exact same thing

Zoheb: how many time have you watched this movie?

Me: this would be the 8th time

Zoheb: and you still cry?

Me: there’s just something about it…all the feelings and emotions…the way it all plays out and the thing that not everyone gets a second chance…I know its just a movie but sometimes amongst ourselves and in the lives of those around us…we witness extraordinary love stories…

Zoheb: and love is friendship?

Me: well isn’t that the best way to begin?

Zoheb: ummm ok so.. Wait wait I noted it down on my phone…(Taking his phone out)..Aara..

Me: hmm?

Zoheb: mujhse…dosti….karogi…please? ( Will you be my friend?)

I was completely floored! This guy was beyond cute! I spontaneously grab his cheeks ( well the ones on his face :-p )and pulled it playfully startling even him!

Zoheb: so I’ll take that as a yes?

And he smiled his full dimpled smile

Me: you can take that as a yes yes yes

And then he did something that I will never forget for the rest of my life…he took my hand in his…sending sparks through my entire body…brought it to his lips…and kissed it! Did this just happen? I was stunned and stumped all at once! This had never happened before…ever…

And I found myself wondering…is this it?

A big shout out to the crew @ NCW this weekend! Time to make some memories of our own:))))

Much Love,


38 thoughts on “Part 69- Is this It?

  1. Lol nemo!! Dushman wuda. Been soo appropriate 😉 aww man zoheb cryn!!! Lmao!! Soo sweet!!! Gosh I cn jus feel d stare thru d fne nemo musb givn aara n zoheb 😦 my poor baby!!!! 😥 wnder if he’l gv up nw…


    • I’m with u guyz in depression!! Poor Nemo .. I teared jus at thort of hw he felt wen this was all happening *hide*!! -_- Never give up 🙂 …..


  2. Aara made all those goodies for Neemo,
    It was a hint that. That’s all she can give him!!
    Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) Hªª hªª hªª

    And she made zoheib watch the movie. To tell him
    That let’s become friends first. Friends make
    The best marriage partners.
    Long live Zoheib. Just for Aara and Aara alone
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Yes tazz! Buts she’s already friends with nemo! And just like how Rahul didn’t know what he lost till it was too late but fate was on his side and Tina died ! So aara think carefully …………….. Nemo gave u enought hints so don’t be blond


  4. Die Zoheb just die! I wish you weren’t born! I wish you were on the titanic when it sank. I wish you were in the twin towers when they collapsed. I wish you were in Japan when the tsunami happened. I wish you were on the Malaysian airlines when it disappeared. I wish. I wish. I wish… *heartbroken* *depressed*


    LOVED THIS!!!! Can zoheb get any cuter?!?! :’D aara youy lucky guuurrrrrrrl 😉
    I nearly cried that’s how much I looooved this post!!! Fab fab fab way to end a friday :’)


  6. WhohoOo I’m so happy . Aara n zoheb all da way. U just made my weekend. Cutest couple ever. I love u 4 dis post thax a million


  7. Hey Nemo fans dnt b sooo dramatic& sad everytime Zoheb scores point!!!!Comeon jus enjoy t post as it comes…i mean who knws Zoheb might b the Salman 4rm kuch kuch who loves kajal so much but doesnt end up wid her😪 i wud however hate dat happening 😔…Zoheb&Aara are jus 2cute**love struck❤️***


  8. Ms Shazia. Ur fans r hilarious!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😛
    How can thy wish for zoheib to die
    Totally heartless!! Won’t understand him then. 😦 😦 😦


  9. THEE BEST POST EVER 🙂 !!! *jumping up n down*
    Tongue out to all you Nemo fans!! I think we can all clearly see who Aaras in love with!!
    Tanx Author for an amazing post!!


      • Aww angel I miss troubling you tooo *hugs*
        The only thing that I have not figured out yet is how to get some sense into your head n change sides…. its never too late you know 😉


  10. Eeeeppp !!!! She’s In love !!! She’s in love !!! Sing it with me …. she’s in love !!!!! =D … I am so crazyyy . Awesome post 😀 !!!! But I feel Nemo sorry too 😦


  11. It is extremely weird to love your childhood friend,that is like loving your brother! Ew. I think Nemo should just get over it and hey maybe he wud make a cute match with Maria! Aara obviously doesnt feel the same way! Zoheb and Aara make a gorgeous match and I don’t think Nemo should end up with Aara caus that is so cliche! It happens in every single movie! The friend always gets the girl and that is so way predictable! If Zoheb and Aara end up together and Nemo gets another girl who he is happy with,that would be breaking the norm and that is what would make this blog so refreshing!


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