Part 71- Freefall

“My second wish would be to dance on the ocean with you…with a crowd of stars under a spectacular moon”

Tears fell spontaneously from my eyes as I held him tightly against me. No amount of thanks to my Creator would ever be enough for blessing me with Riza Ahmed, the love of my life. He remembered…he remembered…the things that even I had forgotten…

Riza didn’t let go,held me close and swayed slowly from side to side with me…

Riza: second wish fulfilled Madame ( and he kissed my forehead)

I wished that this moment would never end…it was a moonlit night…the sky was full of stars…and here we were on a little boat on the Nahoon River….the boat was decked with pink and red roses…rose petals were strewn all across the floor of the boat and we danced bare feet to the sound of the gentle ripples of this magnificent river.

Me: I love you….

Riza: and I love you…..and I know it was supposed to be an ocean…but the river was my best bet right now

Me: its perfect:)

Riza: really?

Me: really, truly, madly…I have got to be the luckiest girl alive…

Riza: and I am the luckiest guy alive…seriously Laeeka I don’t know what I’d do without you…you’re the reason for my everything (and he held me closer)

Me: may Allah always keep us together…I want to grow old and grey with you

Riza: ameen my love ameen ْ

As narrated by Aara:

Bloukrans Bridge finally!! It was a boiling hot day and we were dressed very casually for our jump! I had to admit, I was really very nervous but I pretended not to be…

Zoheb: you up for this?

Me: honestly…not really (and I looked down….216metres doesn’t sound that high but it was!) Have you ever bungee jumped before?

Zoheb: nope..but I’m dying to try!

Me: we just signed a disclaimer…that means there are risks involved

Zoheb: shhhh…remember what Riza said….just let it go…make dua nothing goes wrong…things like this come along once in a lifetime if we’re lucky…so this is it

Me: how do always manage to make me feel better? You have…if I may call it have a certain magic with your words

Zoheb: it’s called the Aara effect *wink*

Me: stop iiiiit ( and I nudged him to shhh because the group was rejoining us)

Riza: guys we have to jump in two’s or three’s so let’s decide now who’s going with who

Nemo: Aara and I will jump’s one of our unfulfilled dreams ever since we were teenagers

I smiled. He was right..

Maariah: I’m going with Zainab…we need to do this it’s a girl thing

Arshad: well Zoheb you and I are jumping together bro

Laeeka: and naturally Riza and meeee:))))

Arshad: Maa we’re good to go ( he shouted to his parents)

Aunty Sawleha walked over to us..

Aunty Sawleha: I will read two rakaats nafl salaah if all of you come back alright…why do you all have to do this I don’t know (and she shook her head) I can’t even give sadaqah here these goras will get so offended they might just push me off this bridge!

Everyone was bust!

Arshad: Maa we aren’t going to war! Relax! (And he side hugged her)

Zoheb and Arshad decided to jump first! All we could hear was them screaming…it sounded terrifying!

Riza: I hope Arshoo didn’t wet himself! ℓ☺ℓ!

Zai: reeeeez…

Riza: sorry sorry Zai

Then Riza and Laeeka jumped! Screaming again!!!

Me: Nemo I don’t think I can do this!

Nemo: you can…I’m with you…(And he held my hand)

Riza and Laeeka dangled in mid air while Zoheb and Arshad cheered them on…

Zainab and Maariah jumped…ℓ☺ℓ…Mari without hesitation and Zai well it was so good to see her being so free for a change…

And finally it was our turn! *cant watch*

As Narrated by Nemo:

Aara held my hand so hard that both our hands had turned pink! My heart was pounding…. the impending plunge 216m below…I was probably as scared as Aara!

Nemo: don’t let go…let’s do this…1,2,3!

And we jumped!!! WHAT an amazing feeling! It was such a major adrenalin rush and I had never ever felt this way before! We screamed our lungs out and within seconds we swayed vigourously back and forth! I never let her go even though it was extremely difficult to hold on under these circumstances…and I reached out to hold her other hand…

Me: so, how do you feel?

Aara: amazing!!! Wow I didn’t know this could be so much fun! Thanks Nemo (and she smiled)

Me: we jumped off a frikking bridge!!!

Aara: we did!!!

And we screamed again! Amidst this pure untouched natural beauty…it seemed as though we were finding our friendship all over again…reminiscing about our old memories…

Aara: gosh Nemo your nose looks even bigger from underneath! (And she burst out laughing)

Me: haha very funny!

Aara: imagine if someone phones right now..what do we say??

Both of us together: we’re just hanging!!! (And we burst out laughing)

Me: this feels so good…I’m glad we did this together…

Aara: yep…it just feels sooo awesome

Me: Aara..

Aara: hmmm

Me: I could jump with you for the rest of my life….

And Aara turned completely pink…and was at a total loss for words…


24 thoughts on “Part 71- Freefall

  1. Yayyayyay AARA N NEMO!hıp hıp hoooray they toooo oulık 2gther cumon man u just havta love the 2 of them.cant w8 2 c wat happens ın nex post pleeeeeez let aara admıt her undyıng love4nemo


  2. OMW!!! Awesome blog,thumbs up to the author. This post is jus tooooo cute!! Riza n laeeka, Nemo n Aara!! Yiippee!! They md 4 each other. #4eva Nemo n Aara!! Find sum1 else Zoheb, sorrrrrry Aara is tkin……


  3. No no no
    Aara loves Zoheib
    She likes Neemo
    How dare he take advantage
    of the situation.
    Aara. Spill the beans and tell him
    The truth. Nows ur chance
    Aara nd Zoheib foreva


  4. Omw omw omw omw omw omw ….. Damn I loved it Smiling lyk a idiot … I shall comment proper later .. I jus had to say this … 😀


  5. Awww riza is soo romantic! Dam thy all soo cute n sweet!
    Yayyy!!! NEMO mamoo n Aara togthr *dancn* yesss!!!! Thts it Nemo!tl her hw u feel sugah!!


  6. Riza and Laeeka … OmW … That was jus tooo cutee *love struck* #Awwwwwwable They two are tooo cuteeee!! Riza is so sweet hw he fulfills all her wishes #awwww Ameeeen for them being together forever .. 😀 😀 😀 #LoveStruck

    Bunjeeeeeee jumping tym …. Arshad .. I hope u never wet urself #Rippped =)) =D =)) ofcZz Nem0 and Aara had to go together … Happy dancing … They held hands too … And yoh my heart was beating fast as if I was abt to jump *hide* … Nem0: Aara I cud jump with u for the rest of my life…. Aara turned pinkkkk *blushy* & was speechless #Awwwwww #LoveStruck #Nemo&AaraForever♥ #LovedIt xoxo


  7. Reez is sooo romantic….comeon guys lets all read &blow on his mother 2soften her heart(any suggestions on wat2read😜)….am very very curious and anxious 2c Aara’s response&reaction 2wards Nemos feelings 4her!!!***my heart skips a beat wen i thnk of dat****thank u shazia 4always keeping us so glued on👍


  8. Aaaw! Luvly post. Jus luv zoheb, he is such a straight headed guy, takes everything in its stride, and makes the most of evry situation. He is not even jealouse of aara n nemo jumping together. Thats what makes a guy all so better. *Aaara n zoheb forever*


      • Lol back in the truth and dare post .. Zoheb did feel a pang of jealousy wen Aara and nem0 hugged and abt their friendship 😛 … Lol now we jus didn’t get from his head 😛 .. He maybe did feel it too 😉 or mayb coz Riza sed Nem0 jus protective for Aara coz of being besties,He didn’t feel it 😉


  9. Ahhhhh man Aara blushing, she knows exactly how nemo feels but I think that she’s scared that she mite be mistaken and then she will feel rejected just how she felt when she was sixteen! Although they are best friends Aara wanted more than that and now when she’s gonna get that she’s gonna be all confused😳 but don’t be Aara u wanted nemo and now u can have him😄


  10. Lol!! Amaaaaaaaaazinggg post!!Surprised that arshoo wasn’t a bungbroekie n jumped…#yay#.cmon nemo tell aara about ur feelings for her.


  11. Reeeezzaaaaaa !!!!!! He’s is sooooooooo sweeeettt !!! I can’t believer he’s fulfilling her wishes … So cutte :’) !!! Aunty Sawleha is sooo freaking funny =)) #Ripped !!! And Nemo and Aara r so damn cute together !!!! Awesomeee post 😀 can’t wait to see what Aara has to say


  12. I want a Riza or a Zoheb *InshAllah one day*
    What happens when Nemo admits his feelings for Aara??? I hope she chooses Zoheb *fingers crossed* perfect love triangle…


  13. Ew! Nemo and Aara! Disgusting couple! Cute as friends but as a couple?! Ew noway! That just spells incest! I mean freakn hell he calls her parents as if theyre his parents! They grew up together,u cant marry ur childhood freind! Wtf


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