Part 72- East London Paan :-p

As narrated by Aara:

My mind was blank…or bursting..I really didn’t know! This was Nemo after all! He’s done this before…said things like this…how do I know what he meant???

Me: obviously! Why did you think I’d let you leave me half way through our lifes journey? You too Nemo!

Nemo: you’re misunderstanding…what I’m trying to say is…

And he looked straight into my eyes…

Arshad: well done guys! (Breaking the “moment”)

And very soon we were back on our feet again!

Arshad: its a long walk back up…how was the jump Aara? (And he swung his arm around my neck)

Me: Arshoo…one jump and you’re a changed man?

Nemo: why don’t you go on ahead Arshoo…I need to talk to Aara

Arshad: no coz actually I need help

Nemo had a very frustrated look on his face…was he trying to say what I think he was trying to say?

Me: howcome everyone else didn’t wait for us?

Arshad: I asked them to carry on, I wanted to talk to you….Aara I want to do something for Zai..something special and memorable…will you help me?

Aara: errr okay but why are you asking me? Its not like I am in a relationship or anything

Arshad: your mind is the most creative and you’re the most imaginative…along with our resident fish here( looking at Nemo-who looked completely uninterested in what Arshad had to say …he was breaking leaves off the shrubs we passed on our way back up!)…what would you like someone to do for you if you were in my position?

I smiled…oh there were millions of things Arshad…but if I had to point out one thing in particular…if I was already “with” would have to be this….

And I proceeded to tell Arshad….I couldn’t help but notice that Nemo too seemed to be listening intently but didn’t say a word. He just kept stopping and it looked like he was putting sand in some leaves in his hand…what one earth was he doing???

When we finally reached the RV we were out of breath and totally exhausted!

Zia: you bunch of toopid (stupid) phools (fools) why do you jump off a bridge?

Laeeka: its called bungee jumping Zia

Zia: more like bandar (monkey) jumping!

Nemo went into the RV and came out with a small something wrapped in foil in his hand. He looked at me a few times and just smiled softly. This guy was way too confusing!

Nemo: Zia Bhai…special paan for you…we bought it last night and saved one for you

Zia: Nehmoo (Nemo) for me???

Nemo: yes, for you..go on have it…wait…I’ll feed it to you since you driving us around so nicely AND ALL

Zia: don’t embarass me yaar

And Nemo literally shoved the “paan”into his mouth!

Zia: this is…this is good…it tastes different..wery wery (very very) different..east london paan huh

Riza: (nudging Nemo) where’d you find paan from?

Nemo: (grinning) I didn’t…I made it!

Riza: oh God…what’s in it?

Zia: wery wery tasty…what is inside because I want more!

Nemo: you really want to know?

Zia: jee bhai

Nemo: (sitting on the ground) see all these trees around us…a little bit of their leaves…a little bit of Bloukrans sand…two earthworms…1 lady bug…and some of Aunty Sawleha’s special cough mixture

Zia stopped chewing and looked at all of us stunned!

Everyone was bust! I can’t believe Nemo did that!

Nemo: and don’t you think about spitting it here!

Zia used his hanky and spat it in there!!! Ewwwwww

Zia: you make me eat the worms? You think this is Fear Tractor?

Zoheb: (barely containing his laughter) err fear factor…not ..tractor

Nemo: serves you right…its so filthy to spit all over the place you’ll think twice before doing that!

Zia: but worms Nehmoo?? Incase I get a worm disease or a worm family in my body or worms crawling out of my nose and ears??

Nemo: oh shut up drama queen…there was no worms in there! Just sand and leaves,cough mixture and peanuts man

Zia: sand and leaves too…incase I get a sand disease or a leaf disease?

Nemo: (arm around Zia) now we’re even…friends?

And all of a sudden it seemed as though I saw the old Nemo infront of me…ℓ☺ℓ reminded me of the time he had put a frog in my schoolbag! And after all my howling…he apologised and put his arm around my shoulder….”friends?”

As narrated by Zainab:

We were on route to Knysna! Every single one of us was thoroughly enjoying every minute of this trip so far…and today, well today was just something else! Jumping off that bridge was so mindblowing…it felt as though I was jumping into a new stage of my life leaving everything hurtful about my past behind…

And now for my future inlaws…Riza was right…I shouldn’t be someone I’m not…this is who I am…I loved Arshad a lot and I wanted to be a part of his life and his parents lives.

Everyone was asleep except for Aunty Sawleha and I so I decided to go and sit with her.

Aunty Sawleha: Zainab bachoo you’re not sleeping?

Me: can’t really fall asleep when I’m travelling

Aunty Sawleha: me too…but its such a lovely trip isn’t it?

Me: jee:)…Aunty Sawleha…I have a confession to make

Aunty Sawleha: jee bachoo what happened?

Me: (I paused) those 6 pink suitcases are mine…

Aunty Sawleha looked at me for a few seconds…

Aunty Sawleha: why didn’t you say so the first time?

Me: (fiddling with my thumbs) I was scared

And she started laughing!

Aunty Sawleha: am I that bad looking that I would scare you?

Me: nooo I didn’t mean it like that..

Aunty Sawleha: Zainab relax bachoo…you didn’t lie then either…but you have a very good friend (Laeeka) who covered for you without you even asking…and you came clean (chuckling to herself) I really appreciate your honesty Zainab

And she hugged me! I was going to have the best mother in law everrrrr!!! *happy dance*

Majjjjooorrrr surprise in store for you guys on friday!!! Special entry woohoo…stay tuned *wink*

18 thoughts on “Part 72- East London Paan :-p

  1. Arshoo!!!!! Shooo Shooo!!! Cnt u tke d hint!! Ohh yea nemo”s bak!! Lol I’ll never trust anytn from nem’s!!
    N he’s listenin soo intently to aara’s wishes..u knw wta do nw NEhmooo!!! 😉


  2. Fridaaay…can’t wait…. hehe Nemo, serves Zia right!!! Zai…thinking about the future huh..Zai n Arshoo are soooo cute…I bet Fridays post is where Nemo makes Aaras wish come true…I call dibs first…
    Tanx Author…awesome as always….can’t wait for Friday..


    • haha #Ramaani…nope Fridays post is def not that;-p im smiling from ear to ear becoz Fridays post is almost complete and I hope u guys luv it as much as I do:)))))) and lol no it also doesn’t include zoheb dancing on cars for aara *wink*


  3. Arshooooo damn damn damn u had 2 choose that moment!!!!!awww but nemo I just feel like hugging him.*eyelashes*paan with worms lmao trust nemo 2 say that!nemo don’t worry ul get another chance 2 tell aara 4 all I know he was listening so carefully 2 arshoo n aara 2 do all that 4 aara ooooh lala hope that’s the surprise can’t w8


  4. Thank you Thank you Thank youuuu! aww u just gotta love nemo! can’t wait for fridayyy..! Zoheb.. close your eyes.. slowly open them.. can u see maaria? she’s soo beautiful right? amazing friendly kindhearted yeah? go for her zoheb.. she’s YOURS..
    Amazing post as always.. u never fail to make us laugh! Nemo&Aara4eva..


  5. Thank you Thank you Thank youuuu! aww u just gotta love nemo! can’t wait for fridayyy..! Zoheb.. close your eyes.. slowly open them.. can u see maaria? she’s soo beautiful right? amazing friendly kindhearted yeah? go for her zoheb.. she’s YOURS..
    Amazing post as always.. u never fail to make us laugh! Nemo&Aara4eva…


  6. Ooooh so if its written already that means u can give us a tiny hint as 2 wat its about*eyelashes*pretty please with a cherry on the to melted…..


  7. Haaai ArshOo u kebaaab … U jus spoilt the moment “rolling eyes”!! But I forgive 😛 coz now Nem0 knows what to do for Aara “happy dancing on the roof”!! Ooh at least Arshoo wants to give Zaii a surprise .. I’m proud of u Arshoo 😉 !! Lol TanXx to Aara coz Zais gonna have a awesome surprise 😛 !! Ooh Nem0 #Lmao #Rippped #Rippping #Ripped East London paaan #Bust “high five” now Zia will never spit anywhere “laughing lyk crazy”!! Lol Nem0 is to0o0 CuUuteeee “eye lashes”!! #Nem0&AaraForever 😀 and Aaras even seeing the old Nem0 “the love of her life” “wink” back in Nem0 … 😀 !! Nem0 dnt wry u gonna make the moment perfect and then … Spill ur feelings 😛 !! S0o0oper Do0oo0per excited for Fridays post!! I’m so gonna love it Coz no Zoheb and Aara “pouty”! Xoxo


  8. 2days & 2sleeps….so it seems like Aara still has those feelings she had back in t days 4Nemo…o dear wat will happen 2Zoheb:((( … Well whoeva it is, Im guessing friday is gonna b a super hillarious post-cnt wait…shaZia pls dnt give us a clue-i love surprises😉☺️


  9. Lmao hilarious post *laughing* I’m totally in love with Nemo but I understand he’s meant to be with Aarah;) Pity some other people (i.e Zoheb) are not as understanding as me *sigh* Can’t wait for Fridays post *excited* #Aarah&Nemo
    PS: Aarsho you pumpkin! Why did you have to spoil the moment?!


  10. Mama Shaziaaa! Friday friday, this surprise is taunting meeee 😛 ohwell!
    Zoheb better start spending more time with Aara X_x just now Nemo will hijack his gurrrl! Not cool bro. Not cool!


  11. Hilarious! ! ! Paan wid sand,earthworms & cough mixture. Lmao! Only Neemo ωɪℓℓ do sumtin lyk dat.Arshoo soo sweet.He wants 2 surprise Zai.Wonder wat he’s gona do.Poor Aara is confused abt Neemo’s feelings 4 her. Zoheb is a mature & level headed person.Definately perfect match 4 Aara.Will wait & c wat hapens.


  12. One more sleep🎉🎊 “special entry”…as in a new person joining t group!!! Dnt tell☺️….my mind is working nw😉


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