Part 75- And he is….*drumroll*….

Riza nailed it! He so totally nailed it! A massive house on Clifton Beach…when he said self catering I expected a quaint little chalet or something..this was breathtakingly beautiful…what an awesome view of the ocean…and we had our own rooms! How’s that! I didn’t feel like going out anymore-i could spend my entire Cape Town trip in this house *wink*

This trip had so far been really amazing…except for the two bloodhounds Nemo and Zoheb :-p

Don’t shoot me, like any girl I also enjoy the attention now and then but sometimes it becomes a bit too much to take in. I have this age old dream about my one true love…and after the disappointment I had faced,I’m not sure I’m ready to walk down that road again any time soon. I was however, probably more confused than I had ever been in a really long time. I stared at the ocean infront of me from my room window…the deep blue…where does it end? My mind drifted away to Zoheb and I on the beach that night…there was definitely something about him and definitely something there……and then my mind back tracked to Nemo…my Nemo…what are you trying to say????

Luckily the topic of discussion on our trip from Knysna to CT was Riza and Laeeka’s engagement…and we knew that we were going to have our hands super full when we got back home…talk about busy lives…how was I going to spend the next 6 days though…I honestly didn’t know! Trying to avoid everything was not going to work this time for sure. It was going to come and it was going to hit hard without a doubt!

The knock on my door snapped me out of my chain of thought…

Me: come in

Riza: hey madam…will you come out into the lounge please…there’s a big surprise for you

Me: surprise? For me?

Riza: yesssss for you…come on

But I stood there…

Me: I’m actually scared of surprises these days Reez

Riza: (walking towards me) what’s wrong A ?

Me: confusion bro confusion(sighing)

Riza: this surprise is bound to make you happy happy happy for days guaranteed

Me: does it have anything to do with Nemo or Zoheb?

Riza: (raising his eyebrow) nooo trust me…you’re going to love this now COME ON!

Me: okay okay…

And I followed him out into the lounge where I noticed everyone grinning sheepishly…what was going on…even Nemo was all smiles!

Riza: your surprise Madame Aara…(And he pointed towards a man standing near the pool with his back turned towards me)

Me: who is that…?

I was curious…

Riza: go find out…*winking*

I had taken only a few steps forward when he turned around….O MY FRIKKING WORD!!!!

And in his trademark style…a style unique to him and him only…no one could ever come close to perfecting it the way he does….HE RAN HIS FINGERS THROUGH HIS HAIR…..smiled his totally,totally gorgeous smile…I couldn’t believe it!!! Was it really him???my feet were literally stuck to the ground and I was smiling like there was no tomorrow..ℓ☺ℓ…I was so scared to move incase this was a dream..or a prank….because I didn’t want it to end!!

Him: Aaroooo….it IS really me!!!

O my word ooooo my word!!!! He was real! And he was really here!!!

And I ran towards him and really just leapt into his arms and he twirled me around and kissed me on my forehead..

Him: how long has it been? (Hugging me)

Me: too long! Don’t let go..this feels like a dream

Him: awwww miss me much?

Me: toooo much

Maariah: errr okay Riza told us there’s a surprise for you and its someone who will automatically bring a million watt genuine smile to your face..which is very evident at the moment..ℓ☺ℓ….but he neglected to tell us WHO this is…ℓ☺ℓ…please introduce us Aara and those other two who were told to hide behind the wall there..

I turned around and when I saw them I couldn’t help but laugh!

Me: you two!!! (And they came and hugged me as well) gosh this is the best day everrr!!!

Me: oookay…you wanted to know who they are…these two here my handsome hunks*batting my eyelashes* are my cousins Ridwaan and Ismaeel….and this one over here…side hugging HIM…this one….is a piece of my heart… my friend, my confidante,my adorable cousin…..Uzair Bobat:)

Welcome to LLD Uzair, Ridwaan & Ismaeel!!!

I’m sure our readers are shocked out of their socks!!!

And I’ve love to know people…how did you like this surprise??

@Dubaingirl…thank you for creating a little piece of history with me…for your awesome post last night and readers are in for a treat with a weekend full of Uzair giving us goosebumps while running his fingers through his hair! *droooool*

Have a super day people…Jummah Mubarak to you all…and please remember us and the rest of the Ummah in your duas:)

Much Love,


52 thoughts on “Part 75- And he is….*drumroll*….

  1. Ok im a bit confused…still digesting wat i jus read☺️But really looking forward 4more… I cnt even guess wats gonna happen next☺️****dats a good thng***well good Ladies👍


  2. Waaat!!!omg omg!!!Uzzzi!!!! Woooohhhhoooooo in typical uzzi styl. Runnin his hands thru his hair!!!! *screamin* awwwwsome!!! Wat a surprise 😀


  3. LOL
    I was so thinking of Uzair,with yest episode, n now with the hands thru his hair…
    N if I rem correctly, u DOAD Uzair does mention an Aara. Ryt?
    Really lovely can’t eait for the wkend


  4. Aaw, this is gr8, LLD and DOAD u guys did a job with this post:). Trying to rem the characters of DOAD,someone give me alil breakdown pls….


    • Zaheer Mohammed (he had a sister Aaliya and bro Waseem) married Yasmeen Raheeem 😀 (Yas had a bro Armaan) … Zayaan Bobat married Faatimah Akoojee 😀 (fatii had twin yusuf and baby bro Zain) .. Nuha Bobat Married Omar 😀 !! Uzair was Yasmeens first bf!!and a total sweetheart too 😀 !! … Zayaan and Nuha are siblings 😀 .. Ridwaan and haaj siblings 😀 .. Ismaeel no siblings 😀 ..So Uzair,Zayaan,Nuha,Ridwaan,Haaj, Ismaeel are the Bobat cuzzins 😀 !! Hope that helps 😀 OooO0oo0o Aara is their cuzzin 😀 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shukran Haaj, that helps, I’m following so many blogs and the characters get a lil confusing:) I rem nw hw much I wanted Yas to end up with Uzzi but hey she got her happily ever after and I sooooo hope Aara gets the same but with Zoheb.I knw lotsa ladies are all Aara and Nemo but Zoheb character is soooooo sexy……:)


      • Afwaaan ZeeA 😀 !!! Haaaai u on the wrong team again 😉 … I loooved Uzzzi but I Loved Zah for Yas 😛 and Now I looove Nem0 for Aara … My dua is there happily ever after inshaAlllah 😉 😀 😛 xoxo


  5. OMW!! Still can’t believe what ii read!!!!
    That’s was thee best surprise ever 😀 *dancing*cant believe UZAIR BOBAt is back and that too in LLD !!! Thank you Shazia for thee awesomest surprise 😀 *biig bear hugs*


  6. OMG totally awesome post my sisters being nagging me 2 read diary of a dubain looks like I’m just gona havta read it now lol,did hear bout uzair though*totally in suspense* don’t let us w8 toooo long*eyelashes*


  7. Omg omg omg!!! I’m sooooooo excited! I was literally jumping up and down. I loved this post mwah mwah mwah. Pls keep uzzi for as long as possible. Can’t w8 for next post.


  8. OH MY GOD!!!!! 😮 😀 read the post twice just to make sure I was reading correctly!!!
    UZAIR BOBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (**,) 😀 *happy dance* #MixedEmotions welcome back Uzzi 😀

    Gosh this post really woke me up lmao!! Literally 😛 😉 awesomest surprise! 😀 looking forward to a weekend of LLD posts with Uzzi, Ridwaan & Isma’eel!! 😀

    Jazakallah for an early post Shazia 😉 Jummah Mubarak to u too Shazia & Ms Dubain! 🙂 can’t wait for another awesome LLD post 😀


  9. Omg an absolutely fantastic post.
    Im sorry nemo and zoheb. U 2 going to have to take a back seat for a while u 2 have aara so confused.
    Who knows it might just bd aara and uzair


  10. Ohhhh myyyy freaken freaken freakenly FREAKEN godddddddddddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bobats are back !!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 !!!! BE§T post everrrrrrrrr !!! I miss Uziiiii !!!!! Woooowwwwww …. Aara is related to the BOBATS !!!! Uzair Bobat …. The hottie every girl dies for !!!!! Lucky girl !!!! Aaraaaaaaa …. Gotta introduce me to Uzi 😉 ​ℓ☺ℓ . He’s even better than both Nemo and Zoheb (no offense guys :p) . AMAZING post :g . Thank you sooooo so so soooooo much Ms Authorness and Miss Dubain 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  11. Let me get this right U-Z-A-I-R B-O-B-A-T is back! Oh em gee!!! Uzair is back!!! Uzair Bobat is backkkkkkkkkk. I can’t believe it! Like UZAIR is BACK! OMW.. This feels like a dream. Uzair pleaseeeee don’t like Zoheb;) I can’t wait for HaAj’s comment today;) Lol


  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its the bobats!!!!! Whooop whoop my uzzi duzzi is still alive!!! Love the awsum suprise…miss you ms dubain


  13. Wow wat a surprise..uzaaaiiiirrrr is bak.happy dance
    Great post
    Altho I hope uzair ,ridwan n ismael only stay for a lil wyl n nt join th oredy perfect group of frends..theyr jus perfect th way they are 8 of them


  14. Love love love love it.. makes me sad that D0AD ended though. Uzair was way tooo amazing. @dubain01 see this shows how much everyone missed uzair etc. Maybe you should start posting again *wink*


  15. UzZZzZzZzZzZzzzZzZziiiiiiiiii *jumping up and down and screaming*!! Omw this was a helllllova awesome surprise!! My heart started beating fast when I read Uzair Bobat 😛 omw … And it so happen that wen I read put his fingers thrugh his hair .. I thort of uzzi bt didn’t expect it to be him *shocked* *love struck*!! I loooove the post and ofcz UzzzzzZzZiiii 😀 !! It jus rekindled the love we have for Uzzzzzi 😀 !! Lmao Ridwaan and Ismaeel is also here “dancing”!! Aara enjoy ur tym with Uzzzi and forget ur Nem0 and Zoheb drama 😀 !! I’m super excited for the weeekend posts 😀 !! TanXx shazia and Miss D 😛 I absoluty loved it 😀 !! I mEan guyz Uzzzi is back 😀 !! UZziiz WuzZziii “dancing face”!! I hope no monkey bums are borthering his soul 😀 !! I missssed uZzi aloot 😀 !! Lmao jus mind me … I’m jus too excited “beeeg smiles” xoxo


  16. I think I’ve gone knto shock!! I read the post over ten times n I’m still not over the fact that UZAIR BOBAT IS BACKKK!! I’ve got a goofy grin plastered over my face, can’t believe a fictional character made me soo happy!! U never cease to amaze us! Seriously can’t wait for the next post!!!
    keep up the good work…


  17. Uuuzzii Bobat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart just skips a beat when I hear that name! #ifellinlovewithafictionalcharacterlol! Omg omg I’m sooooooo excited now lol! #uzairbobat ❤ ❤


  18. Uuuzzii Bobat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart just skips a beat when I hear that name! #ifellinlovewithafictionalcharacterlol! Omg omg I’m sooooooo excited now lol! #uzairbobat ❤ <3! Best post ever! But now I miss DOAD again! 😦


  19. Whaaaaaaaaaaat a surprise………aaaaaaah…….I wana scream I’m so excited… how I used to feel everytym I seen a new post from DOAD……..yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!this is gona be soooooooo coool…this cape town trip just couldn’t get any better…well maybe it could if yasmin also flies down from dubaiiiiii…lol


  20. I was going to ask what’s wrong with these authors all using the same names n surnames until I read a lil further…. 😀

    Welcome UZZZZZZI…… *dancing face*

    Liked by 1 person

  21. OMWwwWwWWWWw!!!!!yaYAyyAaaayy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*words can’t explain* #can’t watch hahaha GREATTtt!!!!! LooOoVVvEeee

    Just a silent reader, only comment when like I reAalllly LooouuuuurrrVE it haha
    KEeePp IT UuUuPpp!!!!!!!!
    ,N miSsS DubAin we still lOoVE U!!!*crying. Wish we could get another saga*sniff sniff snifff
    Lotsa love to all u AWESOME bloggers/authors


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