Part 77-Aara and Uzair Heart 2 Heart

A sunrise with Uzair! After what seemed like eons! Just me and Uzzi on Clifton Beach, sitting next to each other…watching the waves crash onto the shore as we dug our toes into the sea sand…it was sooooo good to see him in the flesh and not over a once in a blue moon skype convo! We had a lot of catching up to do…the lot of us had barely slept last night and Uzzi and I decided to head down to the beach for a stroll after fajr…

Me: you were so vague in your emails Uzzi…the one minute you’re so happy and the next you’re off to Africa to find yourself…how did you ever do did you know what to do?

Uzair: (shrugging his shoulders) Life happened Aaroo. Believe me I’ve been on one helluva emotional roller coaster

I felt so guilty! We kept in touch but clearly not enough….Uzair my most beloved cousin and confidante…why did life take us so far away from each other…

Uzair: (Sighing) you remember yasmeen? The first one. She pushed me to do something I would never do! (Chuckling to himself) I mean look at me, just last week I was in some village helping strangers. And aara, I was happy. It was a jump I can tell you that…. But why you asking me this (nudging her shoulder)

Me: because I think I need to follow you to one of those villages! (Laughing) seriously though Uzzi…I feel as though I’m at a crossroads in my life…I’m at a place that I really don’t want to be in…

Uzair: (laughing) Eh Aaroo, you wont survive five minutes in that place! No wifi no nothing! (looking at her quizzically) Now tell me…. why exactly do you not want to be at this crossroad? What have you been hiding from me Missy (tickling her sides)

Me: (jumping like a grasshopper) no man Uzzi you know I’m like extra extra ticklish! (Sighing) two words…or two names rather…Zoheb and Nemo…Zoheb has been very upfront…he wants more than just friendship and I really like him…Nemo on the other hand…Uz I’m being honest…I can see what he’s trying to say and do…and there is a chance that I may be wrong but I doubt it….Zoheb is like a breath of fresh air…he’s everything I could ever want…and Nemo…Nemo is my best friend…and….my first love…

Uzair: Talk about boy problems. (running his fingers through his hair)  Your first love versus a guy who just walked into your life… (tilting his head to the side) Tell me something,Naeem or your Nemo rather, care to explain what you’ve been hiding? (raising an eyebrow) I thought we never kept any secrets 

Me: where do I start Uzair…the past few years have been anything but easy….maybe its true that a guy and girl can’t only be just friends…ok rephrase…a single guy and a single girl can’t just be friends…and no (linking my arm in his) no secrets….it was puppy love…and then when we came to campus I realised it was indeed much more..except…except Nemo didn’t seem to reciprocate my feelings…I never told him anything…I remained a friend…I have been to hell and back for him and with him…there was a time when he actually stopped talking to me….(And I proceeded to tell Uzair what went down between Nemo and I and how he ended up back in Durban and how Riza and I brought him back) and ever since then…we have been rebuilding our friendship but it hasn’t been awkward at all..I made myself understand that what I felt for him was probably just a phase and I drowned myself in studies and then work…it’s just…recently…recently he’s been doing things and saying things that’s making me question my heart…

Uzair: I second that sista! No single guy and girl can ever be ‘just friends’. Awww Aaroo, I could’ve nursed your heart for you! And NO! Looking at what you did for him, there is no way in hell that was just puppy love! You loved him Aara, maybe you still doo… But then think, is he the same Naeem you loved all those years ago? Will you ever be able to love him in that way again?  (his eyes widening) Now it makes sense! THIS is why you were always reluctant to see other guys! He broke your heart by never realising you loved him. Oooh Aara (squeezing her hand) And these ‘things’ he tells you, what does your heart tell you?

Me: (hands on my head) I don’t know Uzzi…like just the other day when we bungeed off Bloukrans…he told me he would want to jump with me for the rest of his life!!! What is that supposed to mean??
He’s been acting very possessive ever since Zoheb has come in the picture..and like last night he had this hurt look on his face and it really broke me….will I ever be able to fall in love with him again…I don’t know…I don’t know…a part of me feels as though we are meant to be together and I should forget the past and just try…a part of me wants to move on without him…AND a part of me is wondering if I’m reading too much into his signals because I cannot possibly set myself up for disappointment again urrrrgggh why does it have to be so bloody complicated!

Uzair: Shhhh (taking her hands off her head) Calm down Aara. The male species can be very hard to read (wink) And as for what Naeem said, he decides to be a romantic while you two are dangling from a bridge. Not his best move (trying not to smile) And nobody likes a jealous cat, no no no! Jealousy is the worst thing a guy could have especially when you’re not even his. I can see this attention from Nemo…. it seems to be overwhelming for you. (looking at her quizzically) You’re obviously confused and believe me, speaking from experience, once you experience a heartbreak you don’t EVER want to experience it again. (taking a deep breath in and out) So here’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to tell me about this Zoheb guy. He seems nice and from what I saw last night…uhm…and not forgetting the dancing on the feet thing!

Me: my brother from another mother (laughing and pulling Uzair’s cheeks) sorry I just found the whole Nemo dangling from a bridge and your take on it highly funny!
Zoheb…. doesn’t overwhelm me to a point where I don’t know what to do…instead…picture a butterfly…flying around freely..that’s what I feel like with Zoheb….I didn’t tell you (hands up and down )he kissed my hand! Caught me totally offguard…we’ve had some really sweet moments…and its a plus that he’s sinfully gorgeous! (Covering my eyes)
But but but….what if wake up ten years later and realise that I’m not waking up next to the love of my life? What would you do, if Yasmeen were to come back into your life? After what…3 years…

Uzair: (his eyes widening) Yoohh you bringing Yasmeen into this (smirking winking and running his fingers through his hair) to be honest, I don’t know what I’d do. Thing is Aara, we made our choices a long time ago. The minute she picked Zaheer I knew she would always love him more. She might love me, but it would be Zaheer. Always. I still love her and care for her but… (Swallowing) but I know for sure, she wont come back to me. And that’s what you need to be sure of. You need to know who you can picture spending the rest of your life with. This Zoheb guy I get what you mean, he’s new to you. You’re scared one day you’ll wake up and you’ll just stop loving him. But then you need to find true love Aara. You need to find someone you know that you will love till the day you die. Someone who will be there for you, always. Someone who will love you for who you are, with all your flaws. That’s true love aara, there’s no second guessing when it comes to true love. When it happens it happens. You’ll feel all warm on the inside because that special someone makes you feel loved and you’ll know… You’ll just know that that is the person you want to spend your life with. That their face is what you want to wake up to every morning. And hey, no ones asking you to have the answers now. (Draping an arm around her shoulder) So don’t freak out….
But what I suggest you do is just… Breathe. 3 deep breaths Aara. In out and clear your mind.
Sorry, the seaside brings out my romantic side (wink) what can I say, I was born to be Romeo

Me: (totally gobsmacked)now you see why I need you in my life! I can’t have you going off to another village anytime soon( arm around Uzair’s neck)
My seaside Romeo( imitating Uzair by running my fingers through my hair)that has got to be theeee most amazing piece of advice ever…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you or make you remember something you didn’t want to by asking about Yasmeen…she’s not married to Zaheer so you know…*winking* sorry…and you’re right…true love is the love that’s for keeps…to be honest even though my head is somewhat clear now I will still have that confusion with both of them around me…but perhaps I should enjoy the attention (laughing) and just take it one step at a time…the only thing is..I will totally run away if any one of them has to like propose right now! I’m just going to be me me me…I love you bro..what would I ever do without you

Uzair: well… You’d die without me kiddo (ruffling her hair) love you too Aaroo!
And its fine. Yasmeen and I… I like how we left things between us. We friends.
Eh, I’m with you sista! Now isn’t the time to be getting married, well for me I don’t think so. We can be single pringles for a little while longer (wink) and if you feel you can’t think clearly around them, forget that they exist! Just have a good time man! You in Cape Town! Live it up while you can Aara. And DEFINITELY enjoy the attention you getting from Z and N. You can just boss them around. Eish I feel sorry for them already (nudging her shoulder)

Me: (punching Uzair playfully) very funny (sticking my tongue out at him)….yesssss I’m in Cape Town woohooo and so are you :-p
Since you came back for me *batting my eyelashes* what say we put all this emotional drama aside and paint the town red,yellow,blue and green?

Uzair: I say hell yeah! But before we go act like loonies in public, I think I deserve some ice cream after listening to aaaaaall those boy stories (wink)

Me: ice cream now???? you can have two ice creams how’s that? (Grinning like an idiot) Uzair…no matter what happens and where ever we go in this world..or wherever you go in this world rather :-p .always remember that I will always be there for you…however, whenever….relationships are like threads of cotton…cut it through time and distance…but they can always be rejoined…like knots…and this is our knot today*hugging him*

Uzair: (hugging Aara) That nearly brought tears to my eyes doll! But I’m a guy and big boys don’t cry (sidewards smile) its like a universal law and I’d be breakin it if I cried in front of you. (Looking at Aara) I’m glad we did this Aaroo. Who knows when I’m next going to see you… Come. My ice cream awaits (smiling like a 5 year old)

And I guess life takes you away from those close to you…to bring them back when you need them the most…and with it create memories that stay forever etched in your heart,mind and soul…

Author’s Note:

ℓ☺ℓ okay I didn’t anticipate that kind of a reaction when I put up the poll! You guys rock-ALL of YOU!

Please note: Uzair is just a guest appearance…a surprise treat for u readers…his role in LLD is not permanent…

39 thoughts on “Part 77-Aara and Uzair Heart 2 Heart

  1. Uzii Bobat to the rescue!!! I knew it!! I knew that Nemo was her first love.. Cmon Aara, u know you love Nemo deep down.. Zoheb… well he just disgusts me.. Thanks Miss author!!
    love n hugs…


  2. I knew it! I knew it! I just knew it! Nemo is Aara’s first and only love *dancing* Did you hear that Zoheb??? Good now is the time for you to DISAPPEAR! Go try your luck elsewhere dude. Good luck in your future life. We bid you farewell from LLD 😀 Can’t really say you were my favorite character. Please make me maaf for backbiting about you 😉 #Aara&Nemo ❤ ❤


    • @SM enjoying Nemo and Aara…welllll soon soon we gonna go deeper into their “story” I can’t believe we are almost two seasons down and we haven’t even properly scratched the surface yet…
      And we will give them a backseat for a lil while what say:-p got sum Arshoo and Zainab action coming up and not forgetting Riza and Laeeka’s “masaledaar” engagement!

      I for one need a lil break …*yawn* I’ve spoilt u guys with posts every day for the past week + a bonus post AND not forgetting the deliciously charming Uzair Bobat:))))

      So ppl plz don’t shoot me when u don’t see a post tomorrow…I’m flying high on sinutab and medifed -i think I shud pass some onto Zoheb and Nemo and knock em out for a bit too:-p


      • Yeah you do deserve a break though its heartbreaking to admit that *tear* Looking foward to some Arshoo and Zainab action 😀 Yeah Yeah you should give Zoheb an overdose that’ll put him to rest for a decade 😉 By the time he awakes he’ll find Nemo and Aara married with 2 kids 😀


  3. That was sooo sweeeetttt!

    Zoheib makes ur insides warm and flip flop. Neemo makes u feel like he’s helpless without u. Don’t think of him.
    Close ur eyes and ul c #dimples
    Hªª hªª hªª


  4. Nemo’s her 1st Love??!!!! Eish…but he only decides now dat he loves Aara cos he jealous of Zoheb. Love for sum1 based on jealousy is not good. Aara should move on.
    Can’t wait 4 nex post!


  5. That was such a lovely conversation with Mr.Bobat … if nemo hurt aara while they were so close wat guarantee does she have dat it won’t happen again… anyways Shazia deserves a break-but dnt forget us:) looking forward to zainub &mil bonding


  6. UzzzzI is like…..well….uzzi… words to dicribe his cuteness…he’s like the sweetest guy unnder the sun….

    I really hope those votes shoot sjy rocket for nemo and aara…..

    Missing miss dubain…..wish she could just come back 😥


  7. Omg!!!!nemos aaras first love..whoa!!!ms fathima khan nemo is not jealous..he jst realised that he has feelings for aara..n wen u see the person u love wif some1 else that’s when u realise how mch u love them n what u losing..n ms rums back then nemo was immature n we don’t know the whole story the reason y he dubain didn’t really like ur ending yasmeen n uzair shudv ended up 2gthr..he was her 1st love n she his..


  8. Wish I had a cousin like uzair or maybe even a better half.
    Miss author u really are an excellent writer keep up the goid writing.


  9. The words of the infamous Uzair Bobat ………
    ” That nearly brought tears to my eyes doll! But I’m a guy and big boys don’t cry ”

    Sooo … Nemo cries like a baby !!!!! He aint a big boy (stik out tongue)

    I REST MY CASE !!!
    Zoheb all the way …… Flip flop flip flop

    =))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_‎​​


    • Lmao I find his crying cute 😛 … Hah uh Nabi (s.a.w) cried so guyz can cry (stick tongue at u) … its shows the softness of his heart 😀 !! Lol #NemoAndAara♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ … lol Zoheb isn’t gonna be romantic for the rest of his life =)) … he will end up being lyk Arshad 😛 but Nem0 will stay the same forever #Craziness #Awesomeness #Nem0ness 😛 xoxo


    • Cryin over spilt milk !!! Booohooohooo !!!!!!!

      Too late , he hurt her bad ….. She can’t trust him wid her heart now !!!!!
      N no hard feelings plz – to U Fan n all Nemo lovers – its just a story – all in good humour !!!
      Hugs to u all !!!!!!
      AARA and ZOHEB forever !!!!!!


  10. Awwww Nem0 was Aaras first Love *dancing on the moon* and ofcz gonna be last inshaAlllah 😀 *love struck*!! Uzziii I looooove uUu *big hugs*!! TanXx for getting it out of Aara 😛 and ofcz Nem0 and her did thee perfect crime …. they stole each others hearts 😀 !! Oooh Nem0 isnt jealous … hes protective 😛 … aNd its cute *batting eyes*! She still loves Nem0 … its just that she’s not 100% sure that he really loves her!! So Nem0 … *whispering in his ear* … u gotta give Aara thee surprise aNd do what she told Arshad she wud love to have as a surprise 😀 !! C’mon I’ll help u plan it 😉 !! Lol Uzzii =)) Nem0 cries too and thats hellova cute 😛 i cry wen he cries x_x !! I really wanna know the 2 yrs ago story *thinking and thinking*!! I mean Nem0 and Aara cried coz they dnt want that to ever happen again *side smile*!! Ooh this whole trip is bringing back the old Nem0 that Aara loves *smile*!! Aarooo *putting my hand through my hair* Nem0 is the peanut tp ur butter … the sugar to ur tea … the ice to ur cream … the shine to ur sun … the lyt to ur darkness … the chutney to ur samoosa … the beat to ur heart … the love of ur life *love struck* … uz are best friends … first loves … soulmates … not a match made in heaven but a match made for heaven 😛 !! Yipz Aara uz are meant to be and now on this journey Nem0 is gonna find himself … and uu will be ready to love him with all ur heart yet again esp after the surprise Nem0 is gonna do for u 😉 !! #Nemo&Aara♥ #Always&Forever♡ #World&Jannat♥ 😛 =)) #Hope&Duas♥ #iLovedit♡
    Erm I went back to read Blue rains *crying* … is it Aaras diary or is it Nem0s *thinking hard and tearing*!! Shazia I just love ur blog esp My Nemo 😛 … and u definitely deserve a break & u will be missed alot xoxo


    • @haaj ur comments always give me goosebumps and I love it! ℓ☺ℓ I actually wait for it:-p
      The 2 yrs ago story will come إن شاء الله in season 3 or 4…sorry long wait there
      Blue Rain as well…somewhere around there
      One thing is for sure tho…we’ve seen thus far the cute/jealous:protective side of Nemo..more jealous tho :-p but we will soon be seeing another side
      Also, if Zoheb wasn’t in the picture, the intensity of Nemo’s feelings wouldn’t be the same. Rem, Aara was always there and even tho he discovered his feelings for her well before Zoheb entered…Zoheb being there has just created a level of urgency and desperation for Nemo who has realised that what he loves the most might just slip thru his fingers. He’s in panic mode. He feels he’s losing her. He’s acting on fear more than impulse. He’s never had to feel threatened about Aara before and he can see that she has started having a soft spot for Zoheb. And Zoheb is such a cuty we don’t blame her. Everything Zoheb is doing for what she wished Nemo wud have done for her but never did. Aara is headstrong and mature but Nemo is her weak spot and for him,as sum1 pointed out earlier, Aara is the only consistent thing in his life.
      It will certainly be interesting to watch how all of it plays out:)

      Ps: I find Nemo crying verrrry cute as well :-p

      Won’t be gone for too long إن شاء الله so don’t miss me too much, probably just a day or two

      Much Love


      • Wooopies lol tanx 😉 …. its loong but will be worth the wait for sure 😀 I’ll just wait and see *excited face*!! Yeaah so true … that’s why I dnt hate Zoheb … I thank him for coming into the group coz now Nem0s love for Aara is more! Eish I wanna boot Nemo for breaking Aara’s heart back than … but past is past -_- .. and I still have hope for Nem0 and Aara♥!! They meant to be♡!! Zoheb must get back with his first love 😀 !! I dnt want him to get attached to Aara and be heart broken… And now Nemo must learn from Zoheb those things and do it for Aara coz its never to late 😉 bt hey Nemo was always at Aaras service 😉 he was her maid also 😛 … erm wen u say uda side to Nemo … plz dnt say a bad syd *hide* but Im lyk Aara … I’ll always love Nemo 😛 !! Ooh at least we will get some posts this holiday 😀 !! This story gets more and more interesting and makes u think and think 😉 uu just gotta love it 😀 !! #Nemo&Aara♥♡♥ Xoxo


  11. Please miss authoress. ..zoheb has to be with aara…. im getting a little worried now after ur comment. That ur gonna make nemo and aara end up together. I personally do not agree that best freibds always make best partners. Not when theyve been issies in the past….. coz then theres the insecurity. And….aara knows of nemos past…. alll the girls who he was cosy with….


    • salaams& good morning to u faheema….

      hey I never said nemo n aara r going to end up together…but their story will come soon…and then u can see…
      sumtyms best friends do make the best partners…and nemo and aara they rnt like bro n sis etc….its better to weigh things out pros aside cons aside…
      nemo or zoheb–cant say yet…still looong way to go

      so don’t stress- yet :-p *hugz*


      • Its cute how we all stressing for a blog =)) … last nyt I cudnt even fall asleep coz I was stressing that Nemo needs to win and be happily ever after with Aara =)) !! #Hope 😀


      • hope hope and more hope *wink*

        u know, id just like to bring something to everyone’s attention. something that I was thinking about today actually.

        nemo and zoheb have very similar pasts, even zoheb’s family doesn’t care much about him(zoheb mentioned this to aara before) yet,look at how differently the have turned out….point to ponder on


      • Its true … but I think how things happen is what has a effect on the prsn and hw they turn out to be 😀 … and it depends on the readers personality thats how ull choose between them 😀 !! Btw I dnt lyk Zohebs name =)) and the cute thing of him is he gets flip flops for Aara =)) but nemo is jus everything of him is cute 😀 =)) !! and he’s awwable syd is gonna show one day soon 😉 !!


  12. Aaawww author, I agree wit ur comment Hug hug hug, n I hav hope 4us Nemo fans!! I agree nemo n Aara aren’t like bro n sis. They best frends n in love, sumtyms u don’t realise ur true feelings 4 a person until it mite b too late…. Hopefully its not too late 4 nemo, “eyelashes”. U gotta feel sorry 4 nemo, his parents left him, his siblings left him n the only person who truly luvs him n cares 4him (Aara) can’t also leave… It will jus break him, uuhhmm n break us also. “Cryin face”. They luv n ce 4 each other, n well mayb he md mistakes but thts life, we all mk the most stupid mistakes sumtyms. But tht doesn’t mk u bad? N its never 2 late 2 rectify ur wrongs. “Wink”


  13. Uzzi is tooo gud. Glad Aara has him 2 talk 2.
    I still say Zoheb & Aara all da way. Can’t wait 2 hear about Arshad, Zainab, Riza & Laeeka’s lives. Njoy ur well deservd break sister S.


    • they are, this is 3 yrs after uzair n yas broke up. at this point in time in lld yas n zah r studying in London. at the end of doad yas n zah were shown as married. so u can fill in the blanks:)


  14. Shazia i love ur thoughs your ideas & how u type it out… Nemo and Zoheb are amazing in there own way-as u say they both have similar past & family structures… i dnt thnk theres a right or wrong choice, it’s just a matter of what type of guy u would prefer…


  15. Btw Haaj…. i love t name Zoheb..infact i like names starting with Z(i have my reasons*wink*)… i totally agree with u, it does dependon a readers personality…wat i have noticed, is more teenagers may take a liking 2Nemo(b4 some1 attacts me;) i knw not all nemo fans r teenagers, but most r:))))) it’s good 2c &hear how t youth thnk….well done 2our author*mwah*


    • I like aloot of names with a Z 😛 bt zoheb … I dnw hw to pronounce his name even *covers face*! Lol I know alot of ppl that team Nemo and are not teenagers =)) !! Maybe u guyz find him immature but he will become mature in due time 😛 !! For now his lyk a boss 😀 !! Xoxo


      • Lol u tooo cutee =))) …I’m sitting and saying it and hoping i’m saying it ryt 😀 !! Maybe u can send a vn saying it 😛 !! YipzZ Nemo Is lyka bosss 😀 !! Lol I jus remembered now that I dreamt of lld =)) I woke up laughing at myself this morning =)) !! I take blogs to a different level 😛 … in my dreams too =)) !! #imofficallymad *hide*!!


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